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"It doesn't get any worse than that."
"Oh, yeah, it does."
Stacey Yorkes and Dale Yorkes[src]

Tsunami is the eighth episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


PRIDE tries desperately to clean up their latest mess without involving Jonah. But can they handle this on their own?


Called by an emergency text indicating the simple word "TSUNAMI" Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder arrive in the Stein Mansion, where Victor Stein was shot by his wife Janet to protect their son Chase. The Wilders discover that Tina and Robert Minoru are already here and are updated with the situation. Janet takes Chase upstairs while the other members of PRIDE remain with Victor.

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While the PRIDE struggles about what to do without involving Jonah, Dale and Stacey Yorkes leave Molly Hernandez in Graciela Aguirre's residence. Although the situation is already bad because of Hernandez's anger for feeling abandoned, the Yorkeses receive the message ordering them to come to the Stein Mansion.

Chase and Janet discuss Victor's recent anger spike and Chase fears that his father could die. Janet then welcomes Dale and Stacey and they join the other members of PRIDE in the garage. While the Yorkeses try to save Victor's life, a distressed Chase tries to reach out his friends for comfort. As Gert Yorkes does not respond, Chase calls Karolina Dean and informs her about what happened to her father, but he quickly hangs up as he does not want to involve her.

Leslie Dean comes to see her daughter and they briefly discuss about Frank Dean. Leslie reassures her daughter and leaves her room. Karolina calls Nico Minoru and leaves a message to keep her posted about what happened to Chase and his father, unaware that Leslie, who was kept uninformed because of her proximity with Jonah, is eavesdropping. Karolina then calls Gert, who is working on her connection with Old Lace. They decide to head to the Stein Mansion. Gert discovers that Chase called her first, much to her delight.

Leslie arrives in the Stein Mansion as Dale announces that Victor is in a coma. Leslie decides to call Frank so he can heal Victor with his Healing Gloves. However, the things do not go as expected as Victor dies despite the use of the gloves.

As Karolina, Gert and Old Lace arrive to the mansion, they see Jonah's car arriving, as Jonah was called by Tina. Jonah offers to use the Dematerialization Boxes to revive Victor. However, this means that they have to sacrifice someone. Tensions erupt within the PRIDE as to who should be sacrificed. Jonah tells that Janet should be sacrificed, but she objects. As the argument goes more serious, Jonah declares that the sacrifice will be either Janet or Chase. However, Janet's love Robert decides to sacrifice himself. Tina, refusing to lose her husband, destroys a Box with the Staff of One.

Karolina and Gert breaks into the Stein Mansion as Chase attempts to return into the garage despite Frank's protests. While Karolina convinces Chase to return to his bedroom where he encounters Gert and Old Lace, Karolina decides to trust her father and tells him everything the Runaways discovered about the PRIDE's activities.

Victor's body is kept in the remaining Dematerialization Box and taken away. Janet goes to her son and tells that his father will be kept by PRIDE so he can be healed.

Meanwhile, Alex Wilder and Nico argue over the death of Amy Minoru, as Alex revealed that he might have information explaining her death. Indeed, Amy hacked into the servers of Wizard, which was discovered by her mother Tina. Alex apologizes to Nico for having not disclosed this information earlier. Nico still feels that something is not right about Amy's pretended suicide and decides to find Amy's phone and laptop.


Nico searches through Amy's bedroom. She finds Amy's phone, which needs to be recharged. Nico returns to Alex and informs him about her discovery. In return, Alex tells Nico that he decrypted and watched the video tape with PRIDE's first sacrifice. Nico and Alex are joined by Karolina, Chase and Gert. However, out of fear that his father could die, Chase refuses to disclose the evidence gathered against their parents and smashes Alex's computer, leading to the loss of the incriminating video.

Aguirre reveals to Hernandez that her parents left a letter for their daughter. Hernandez finds a note and a key, but does not immediately understand the message. She figures it out later in the night and sneaks out to the nearby train station, where she opens a safe containing a VHS tape.

A final flashback shows the last message received by Amy, indicating that "he" found out. As Amy rushes to run away, a dark silhouette arrives in her room.


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