"Tell us how the Truncheon works, Kree."
"The Kree has a name. That only works when in my hand."
Sif and Vin-Tak[src]

The Truncheon is a Kree weapon able to erase and restore the memories of its target.


Vin-Tak brought the Truncheon to Earth with him when a signal from an activated Diviner made him decide to investigate who transformed; he believed that Inhumans were abominations that needed to be destroyed. Upon his arrival, Vin-Tak had a confrontation with Sif who wanted to know why he was on Earth; during the battle on a beach in Portugal, he used the Truncheon to deflect blows from her sword. By the battle's end, he used the Truncheon to give her amnesia.

Since the nitrogen tank he used to keep his blue skin pink was damaged in his fight with Sif, Vin-Tak went to a hospital to get more. He used the Truncheon to cause the reception nurse to forget his arrival. Finding Vin-Tak in the hospital in Faro, Bobbi Morse confronted him and he used the Truncheon to stop blows from her battle staves. He ultimately escaped when an earthquake occurred.

Carrying the weapon, Vin-Tak was apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D. in Chaves, Portugal as he sought to collect the other Diviners that were buried on Earth.

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Bobbi Morse examining the Truncheon

While Vin-Tak was being interviewed by Phil Coulson, Morse was commissioned to study the weapon. She posited that unless Vin-Tak was in contact with it, the Truncheon was an ordinary war-hammer. When Lance Hunter entered, desiring to give Morse a break from researching, she attempted to use the hammer on him to no effect. Morse told Hunter all she had learned about the weapon, including that it had the power to restore memories as well. As a sign of good faith toward Sif, Vin-Tak used it to restore her memories.


Vin-Tak fighting with the Truncheon

When he discovered that Skye was an Inhuman, Vin-Tak desired to kill her. Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie stopped his pursuit; after Vin-Tak dispatched Mackenzie, Morse challenged the Kree. He used the Truncheon to fight her blow for blow until Leo Fitz hit him with a blast from the Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun. Morse then used that opportunity to grab the Truncheon, and, keeping it in contact with his hand, removed Vin-Tak's recent memories.[1]


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