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"For an angel went down into the pool and troubled the water; whoever then first stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."

Trouble the Water is the third episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


As Pilgrim's past comes into focus, Frank and Rachel find themselves in police custody, where they're anything but safe.


Waiting outside of the Larkville County Sheriff Station, John Pilgrim remembers his mission from Anderson and Eliza Schultz who are paying for his wife's medical treatment.

At the station, Roy Hardin questions Amy Bendix's previous statements, as Larkville Police Department finds her multiple fake identities and aliases. Thinking that she could hide something, Hardin asks Bendix to tell him the truth, but she refuses, still insisting that she is the victim. Hardin threatens to throw her in the cell with Marlena Olin and Bendix she wants to kill her and Frank Castle was defending her.

Hardin informs Olin that he discovered her true agenda but notices that the police did not find anything about Castle. As Hardin decides to keep them at the station, Olin says that he is better to let her go. Castle confirms it, noting that her mercenaries will kill everybody in the station, however, Hardin simply ignores both of them.

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Krista Dumont questions Billy Russo about his sleep issues once again but annoyed Russo shouts at her, triggering the attention of guards. Dumont suggests that Russo is nervous because he needs some sleep. Russo then attacks the guards and defeats both of them before forcing Dumont to help him escape from the Sacred Saints Hospital. Dumont escorts Russo through the hallways, avoiding all guards but decides not to call anyone for help. She begs Russo to accept her help, however, he gives her his mask and runs away.

Coerсed by Pilgrim, Ferrara attempts to hand over Castle, Bendix, and Olin from Hardin. However, Hardin refuses, as they were not charged yet and the police are not allowed to hand them without permission. As Ferrara fails to convince Hardin, Pilgrim threatens him that there will be consequences of his decision and leaves the station. Outside, Pilgrim orders his men to cut off the building from power. Larkville Police Department officers prepare for the attack, while mercenaries are surrounding the station.


Learning about Russo's escape, Dinah Madani arrives at the hospital where she states that Russo planned his escape. However, Dumont insisted that his actions were caused by the mental breakdown and everything she said about his state was true. Madani attempts to question Dumont about Russo before Brett Mahoney demands her to leave. Mahoney reminds her that Homeland Securuiy agreed to hand the case to NYPD and Madani is not allowed to be associated with Russo's case. Leaving the room, Madani decides to involve Castle to the situation with Russo.

Hardin demands Castle to tell him everything he knows about the situation. Castle tells him about his encounters with Olin's mercenaries at Lola's Roadhouse and the Tides Motel, much to Hardin's disbelief. Castle tries to convince Hardin to hand him over to mercenaries or everybody in the station will die, however, Ken Ogden proposes to take vehicles to drive away from the station and call for assistance. Hardin agrees with Ogden and orders him to contact the state police.

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However, Pilgrim shots Ogden in the chest before he could leave the perimeter. Hardin takes wounded Ogden back to the station and encounters Pilgrim who gives him the ultimatum: turn the convicts to Pilgrim or his mercenaries will kill Ogden and every single of them. Hardin orders his men to treat Ogden and prepare for an attack. Moments later, Marlena Olin's Crew open fire on the station with weak resistance from the police's side. Mercenaries releases Olin from her cell, however, Castle manages to kill several hostiles.


Pilgrim suddenly kills Olin, as she was too unreliable and could expose his mission once again. He orders mercenaries to burn down the station, however, Castle proceeds to eliminate the whole group of hostiles. Pilgrim takes his aim on Castle, ready to kill him before Homeland Security intervenes and Pilgrim decides to retreat.

With Homeland Security's assistance, the Larkville Police Department deals with the aftermath of the attack with Ogden, taken away by paramedics. Madani informs Castle that Russo escapes from the custody and she needs Castle to put him down once and for all. As Hardin returns Castle his things, as well as film canisters, Castle agrees to help Madani, only if they will take Bendix with them. Madani accepts Castle's conditions and three of them leaves Ohio and returns to New York City.


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  • The title of the episode is a reference to Bible scripture, John 5:4.


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Wade in the Water
  • Flashback to a choir singing as a Potter speaks to a congregation.
Billy Escapes Tyler Bates
Station Assault Tyler Bates


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