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"Where is he?! Where is he?!"
"No! Underneath Troika restaurant! Eleventh and 44th!"
Masked Man and Semyon[src]

Troika Restaurant was a front cover business for the Russian Mafia.


Rescue of the Kidnapped Boy

Members of the Russian Mafia lead by Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov took a boy kidnapped in the streets of Hell's Kitchen to the basement of Troika Restaurant, waiting for the opportunity to sell the children. The boy desperatedly wanted to return home with his father, but none of the Russians took pity on him.

Masked Man, having obtained the location of the boy from Semyon, one of the Russians, arrived at Troika Restaurant and ambushed the men inside, defeating each and every one of them despite having been heavily injured before.

The man fought at least eight Russians, using their firearms as blunt weapons, and using the narrow quarters provided by the hallway to his advantage. Two of them managed to momentarily surround him, but the man was able to shake them off. It took him longer than expected, as the man was exhausted while fighting the Russians, but he managed to knock all of them unconscious.


Once they were all defeated, the man removed his mask and entered the room where the boy had been imprisoned, asking him not to be scared, and promising him to take him home to see his father.[1]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

Suicide Bombing

One of Madame Gao's drug runners arrived at Troika Restaurant, carrying instead of drugs, a bomb on his backpack and detonator on his hand. A large explosion destroyed the restaurant along with many other Russian Hideouts.[2]