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"What if I told you there's a place where people have powers like us? The city of Attilan, and I can take you there."

Triton is an Inhuman and member of the Attilan Royal Family. He had been sent to Earth to rescue Inhumans, and was ambushed during an rescue attempt which had been orchestrated by Maximus. Triton eventually returned when Black Bolt called him and aided the Royal Family in defeating Maximus and taking the Inhumans from Attilan to the safety of the Earth.


Early Life


Triton underwent Terrigenesis and obtained the power to survive in aquatic conditions.[3]

Inhuman Uprising

Mission from the King

"My name's Triton, I've been looking for you. You're one of us."
"What are we?"
"We are Inhumans. I don't fully know why this has happened. You've been exposed to terrigen."
―Triton and Jane[src]

Triton attempts to take Jane back to Attilan

Receiving news about the Inhuman Outbreak, Black Bolt asked Triton to go to Earth to seek out the newly emerged Inhumans and bring them back to Attilan, keeping this mission quiet from the rest of the Royal Family. Taking Lockjaw, Triton arrived at Hawaii, where he found a young new Inhuman named Jane, who was been pursued by military forces that were actually revealed to be members of the Attilan Royal Guard. Triton calmed down the girl and told her about her heritage and Attilan.

Triton attempts to escape from the military

Before he was able to summon Lockjaw and take them to safety, the Attilan Royal Guards found the two, scaring the girl and causing her to run. As Triton tried to help her, Jane was shot down from behind by Hunter One and fell to the ground wounded and presumed dead. With the person he was sent to protect now dead, Triton attempted to escape from the military by headed towards the ocean, when he was shot in the stomach. Triton was able to make it to the ocean but due to his wound, he fell off the cliff and into the ocean.[3]

Coming Out of Hiding

Triton reunites with his family

"We set a meeting place in advance, should anything go wrong. Our King felt it best that Maximus believe that his plan was working."
"Why were we kept in the dark?"
"I'm sure he had his reasons."
―Triton, Crystal and Karnak[src]

While everybody but Black Bolt thought that Triton had died on Earth, he had actually been hiding all along to make Maximus think his coup d'état was going according to his plans. When Black Bolt decided to retaliate after reuniting with the Inhuman Royal Family and the death of Gorgon, he took his family to a beach where Triton revealed his survival, much to his relatives' surprise. After the reunion, Triton accompanied his family back to Attilan into the Royal Bunker where the Royal Family prepared for retaking the throne.

Triton overpowers Maximus

As the people of Attilan believed him to be dead, Triton decided not to show himself during the parley between Maximus and the Royal Family, going throughout the city to cause multiple malfunctions instead. Multiple systems within the city started to fail and Maximus figured out that his family was still in Attilan after the failure of the parley. Triton called Black Bolt and Medusa to inform them of the situation, then attacked Maximus' guards, taking them down one by one before facing Maximus himself. Although Maximus tried to fight back, Triton easily subdued him and brought him back to the Royal Bunker for interrogation. There, Maximus revealed that he had enacted a secret fail safe which would cause the protective dome surrounding Attilan to collapse if he did not stop it.[2]

Attilan's Demise

"Can you stop what Maximus did? No."
"Only Maximus can stop the dome from collapsing."
―Triton and Karnak[src]

Triton listened as Maximus detailed the fail safe, which involved having him scan his palm every hour in Attilan's control room. Triton claimed not to believe him but still considered cutting off Maximus' hand, although Maximus warned him that this would not work. Then, Triton decided to go with Maximus and Black Bolt through the city's tunnels to reach the control room while Crystal and Medusa would arrange for a potential Evacuation of Attilan. On their way, Triton called Maximus selfish for his actions, only to have Maximus retort that he wanted to take the Inhumans on Earth, where Triton's power could be fully exploited.

As they heard several Attilan Royal Guards arriving, Triton decided to stay behind and fight them. He easily killed the four guards. He then made his way to the Inhuman Royal Palace, where he was reunited with Karnak and the recently revived Gorgon, who he warned about the situation. The three of them reached the control room, where Karnak informed Triton that he could not undo Maximus' actions and that Attilan was in danger of being destroyed. They were joined by Black Bolt. As the others left, Triton stayed to guard the control room.

Triton along with the Inhuman Royal Family during the Evacuation of Attilan

Since Attilan was on the verge of collapse, Triton returned into the Royal Bunker, where Black Bolt ordered the royal family to be ready to evacuate Attilan. Triton then stood beside Medusa as she announced to the people of Attilan that they had to relocate on Earth. As the city was being evacuated, Triton joined his family in the palace's great hall, where they teleported to Earth thanks to Lockjaw.[4]

New Life on Earth

Triton and the Inhuman Royal Family start their new life on Earth

With Attilan on the verge of being destroyed, Triton joined the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family to be teleported on Earth by Lockjaw, where the Inhuman city was relocated. Triton stood by his relatives' side as Medusa delivered a speech in which she opened the new chapter of Attilan's history, ready to begin a new life on the world their ancestors had left.[4]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Inhuman Physiology: Triton is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis and gained superhuman powers. He has attributes such as strength, durability, endurance and healing factor superior to those of a normal human.
    • Amphibious Adaptation:

      Triton emerges from hiding within the ocean

      After undergoing Terrigenesis, Triton's body evolved to allow him to survive on land as well as in an underwater environment. He gained green skin, gills and a fin on his head.
      • Aquatic Respiration: Thanks to the gills on his neck, Triton is able to breathe underwater.
      • Speed Swimming: Triton is able to swim at speeds that exceed those of regular humans.


  • Master Martial Artist:

    Triton fighting Maximus' security personnel

    Triton is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, being able to defeat multiple royal guards on his own, and to fight Maximus, with the latter only landing two strikes, while Triton landed several in a short amount of time, eventually knocking him out. His fighting style is extremely acrobatic, using elements of Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Muay Thay and Krav Maga.
  • Knife Mastery: Triton is highly skilled at using knives in combat, being able to kill the multiple guards protecting Maximus using his twin blades in close quarters and as projectiles.
  • Master Acrobat: Triton is able to execute acrobatic maneuvers such as back flips with ease, incorporating them into his fighting style. He is also incredibly skilled in diving.



Other Equipment

  • Com-Link: Like the other members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Triton possesses a Com-Link which enables him to contact the rest of his family.






Appearances for Triton

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  • In the comics, Triton is the elder brother of Karnak. His transformation after the Terrigenesis granted him the ability to breathe underwater, but made him incapable of doing so on land. These severe changes persuade Triton's parents to not put Karnak through the Terrigenesis process as well.


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