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"Some mornings, the Triskelion looks so beautiful."
Grant Ward to Skye[src]

The Triskelion was a virtual recreation of the real-world S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters of the same name that serves as the headquarters for HYDRA inside the Framework.


HYDRA's Conquest

HYDRA Statue

The Triskelion under HYDRA's control

In the Framework, HYDRA gained control over the entire world and labeled S.H.I.E.L.D. as a terrorist organization. While taking over, HYDRA settled its headquarters in the Triskelion. Thus, the Triskelion became the main base of operations for HYDRA, where numerous operatives worked and prisoners were taken, interrogated and experimented on. HYDRA's top officers, including Madame Hydra, The Doctor, Melinda May and Alistair Fitz all worked at the Triskelion, as well as other agents like Skye or Grant Ward.[1]

Subversives Prison

Inhuman testing machine

Vijay Nadeer is tortured by The Doctor

Many Inhumans captured by HYDRA were notably detained in the Triskelion. There, the ruthless officer known as The Doctor performed experiments in order to assess their powers without triggering Terrigenesis. These experiments were torturous and often, if not invariably, fatal, and Inhumans would become terrified at the prospect of being transferred to The Doctor's custody. Lincoln Campbell, Gordon and Vijay Nadeer were among The Doctor's victims.[1]

Fitz Torture Quake

Daisy Johnson is imprisoned in the Triskelion

Alphonso Mackenzie and his daughter Hope were also brought to the Triskelion for interrogation. Melinda May forced Mackenzie to cooperate with HYDRA in the arrest of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson, who was imprisoned in the Triskelion's cells, where she would be tortured both physically and mentally by the Doctor[2] and Madame Hydra.

Holden Radcliffe was also imprisoned in the Triskelion, in the cell adjacent to Johnson's, following his arrest. He and Johnson communicated through the vents, enabling Johnson to know the coordinates of a backdoor for exiting the Framework.[3]

Escape from the Triskelion

"We've received word of a terrorist attack at the Triskelion. Sources say that an Inhuman made an attempt on Madame Hydra's life."
Sunil Bakshi[src]

Madame Hydra falls from the Triskelion

Melinda May eventually turned on HYDRA after she discovered they were indoctrinating children in the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center. She went to Daisy Johnson's cell and shattered a Terrigen Crystal, triggering Johnson's Terrigenesis. May and Johnson then made their way through the Triskelion, killing several HYDRA operatives in the process. Madame Hydra tried to stop them, but Johnson used her powers to throw her through a window, making her fall from a high floor of the Triskelion.


Sunil Bakshi meets The Doctor

Madame Hydra survived the fall but was severely wounded, forcing her to remain in bed in her Triskelion apartments. Sunil Bakshi came to the Triskelion following the escape and was ordered by The Doctor to disclose the identity of the fugitives and to call for a manhunt.

Fitz Interrogates Radcliffe

The Doctor interrogates Holden Radcliffe

Alistair Fitz tried to interrogate Holden Radcliffe to know what he and Johnson had been discussing, but Radcliffe refused to disclose any information. Nonetheless, Fitz discovered that they had been communicating through the vents in their cells.[4] Later, The Doctor also visited Radcliffe in his cell and offered him a way to achieve his dream of immortality through the Project Looking Glass he was working on in exchange for Radcliffe's cooperation.[5]

Completion of Project Looking Glass


The Doctor works on the Project Looking Glass

While his operatives tracked down the fugitives, The Doctor kept working on the Project Looking Glass which had the purpose of creating a full living body for Aida in the real world. The Doctor eventually completed the project and informed Madame Hydra of his success while she was resting in her apartments after her fall.[4]

The Doctor then left the Triskelion with Holden Radcliffe to find the S.H.I.E.L.D. fugitives and kill them once and for all. While he was away, Madame Hydra ordered the Project Looking Glass equipment to be brought to her apartments so that she could initiate the synthesis of her new body.[5]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rebellion

With HYDRA facing several defeats, S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to openly call for a rebellion against the organization[4]. Rebels soon assaulted the Triskelion while Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who had plugged herself to the Framework to rescue Alphonso Mackenzie, woke up in the Framework only to found herself strapped to a chair in the Triskelion's labs.[6] She was rescued by Holden Radcliffe, who took her to the Playground while the Triskelion was slowly being deleted.[7]


Like everything else in the Framework, the Triskelion was deleted when Aida initiated the Destruction of the Framework.[7]

Design and Capabilities

The Triskelion's outer design and location were the same then it's real-world counterpart. The main atrium featured a black statue representing the skull-headed octopus symbol of HYDRA. There was also a memorial for the victims of the Cambridge Incident in the corridors of the building.

The different floors of the Triskelion served many roles:



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