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"You always did have good taste. Expensive, but good."
Dorothy Walker to Trish Walker[src]

Trish Walker's Apartment is the former home of Trish Walker. Outfitted with security guards, steel-reinforced doors, various security cameras and bulletproof windows, it served as a safe haven for Walker, although she sold it after gaining superhuman abilities.



Trish Walker tried to talk her friend and adopted sister Jessica Jones into becoming a costumed superhero after she saved a little girl from being run over by a taxi. Jones told her that the costume she picked could only serve as a Halloween costume. Walker explained that once it got some upgrades, it would be light-weight, highly durable fabric, waterproof, flame resistant and it would hide her identity. Jones then mocked the name Walker had come up with: Jewel, stating that it was a stripper's name. Walker then asked if she really wanted to become a hero, to which Jones responded with "We'll see".[1]

A Self-Styled Fortress

"Okay, is this why you have the video surveillance and the steel-reinforced door?"
"And bulletproof windows, a safe room. I made some upgrades."
"You– What you made is a fortress."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

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Booking Madeleine Albright

One evening Trish Walker, Zack and Nicole used Walker's apartment to discuss Trish Talk. While Zack and Walker discussed having Madeleine Albright as a guest on the show Nicole made notes and ate snacks from the table. During their discussion Walker noticed Jessica Jones climb on the balcony of the apartment and she sent both Zack and Nicole away, saying that is is late. They then agree to pick it up at the station. Before Zack and Nicole left the apartment Zack was given some files.[2]

Return of an Old Friend

While Trish Walker, Zack and Nicole were inside the apartment discussing Trish Talk Jessica Jones began to climb the side of the apartment building. She eventually reached the balcony of Walker her apartment. Walker, who had noticed her and had send her guests away, open the door to the balcony to see what Jones, who she had not seen for six months, wanted. After opening Walker told Jones that she could have used the front door, but since Jones was not sure if Walker would open and since it was something important for a case Jones had decided that this was the better option.

After discussing how Walker knew that Jones became a private investigator Jones asked for money. This surprised Walker, since she had not seen Jones in six months. Before Jones, who noticed that this was a bad idea, was able to climb down the balcony again Walked stopped her and asked what was so important. Jones stated that he is back. Jones and Walker discussed Jones her idea that Kilgrave was back and action. To make sure that Jones would avoid him she wanted money. Walker at first declined this request, citing that Kilgrave is dead and that this could be her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, instead of his real return. This frustrated Jones who told her about Hope Shlottman's case and how it all was the same as what happened to her.

Walker first tried to push Jones into saving the girl but eventually gave Jones the money, after which Jones left the apartment.[2]

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Attack on Trish Walker

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Seeking Answers

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Making Amends

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"Are her security door codes still the same?"
"She doesn't have a security door at her new place."
"She moved?"
"She sold her condo and everything else she owned."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

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