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"Try being a little kid whose mother's mood swings end up in bruises. Or the teen who's pimped out by the person who is supposed to protect her. Now I can protect other little girls from that. I can protect a lot of people from a lot of bad things. I am this way because you made me this way."
―Trish Walker to Dorothy Walker[src]

Patricia "Trish" Walker is a former model and child TV star, and former successful radio talk show host, and the adoptive sister of Jessica Jones. By overcoming her past as an abused child star that led to a drug addiction, Walker became instrumental in Jones' quest to stop Kilgrave, while also engaging in a failed relationship with Will Simpson.

Walker became envious of her sister having powers and putting them to waste. Following Simpson's death, she began using his Combat Enhancer Inhaler to avoid feeling powerless. When the inhaler stopped working, Walker turned to Karl Malus, who gave her sister powers in the first place.

After receiving powers from an experimental surgery, Walker became a vigilante known as Hellcat, helping Jones to track down villains, but eventually lost her way, becoming a killer herself. Walker was finally stopped by Jones and arrested, being imprisoned in the Raft.


Early Life

Home Abuse

"My mom was bleeding, he had hit her head into the wall. And that's when I decided he had to go. I touched my mom's blood smeared it all over my face, my T-shirt and I ran across to the neighbor, Mrs. Levin, and I told her my dad had hit me. You know, Mom never contradicted me. I think it's when she first realized I could act. My dad was arrested. I never saw him again."
―Trish Walker to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

When Trish was seven, she lived with her father and her mother Dorothy. They were happy when he was sober, but when he got drunk; he got aggressive. He never physically hurt Trish, but instead he beat Dorothy. But she was too proud to call the police. One day, Trish came home and he was screaming at her, and then she heard a thump.

She went upstairs, and Dorothy was bleeding. He had hit her head into the wall. So Trish decided he had to go. She touched Dorothy's blood, smeared it all over her face, her T-shirt, and ran to the neighbor, Mrs. Levin, and told her that her father had beaten her. Her father was arrested and Dorothy never contradicted her. After that, she never saw him again.[19]

Rise to Fame

"Highest paid child star in television history? That's a pretty charmed life."
Will Simpson to Trish Walker[src]

Patricia and her mother Dorothy Walker lived in a one bedroom apartment before Trish became a star.[4] Due to their financial pressure, Dorothy put intense pressure on Walker to land the lead role of an upcoming show "That's Our Girl", Vicki. Her mother came to the idea of donning a red wig instead of going in with her natural blonde, despite the casting call instructions, insisting it would increase her chances as one of the producers of the show also had red hair. Trish was unable to land the lead role, however, but managed to secure the role of the best friend.

Unsatisfied, Dorothy took advantage of the actresses being too sick to attend a table read to demonstrate her talents and was offered the lead role in her stead. Eventually, the network allowed the name to be altered from "That's Our Girl" to "It's Patsy". Though she had fans that practically worshiped her with gifts,[20] was the highest-paid child star in television history,[6] and even had a popular toy line [20] and comic book, [2] Walker hated that time of her life, wishing even into adulthood that she could be a superhero.[6] It did not help that Dorothy was controlling and abusive toward her daughter.[4]

Getting a Sister

The Walkers meet Jessica Jones

"If you tell anybody, I'm gonna tell everybody that you're a pathetic victim of child abuse. They'll make a Lifetime movie about it. "Stolen Childhood: The Patsy Walker Story". I'd be saving you."
Jessica Jones[src]

Dorothy's meddling and Walker's difficulties with fame led to erratic behavior.[5] Becoming a drug addict,[4] and allegedly causing a fire in a nightclub. For damage control, Dorothy decided to adopt one of Patsy's classmates, Jessica Jones, after Jones had lost her entire family in a car crash.

Trish discovers her adopted sister has powers

During an argument, Dorothy hit Patsy in the arm with a People's Choice Award. Walker entered the bathroom where Jones was unpacking and discovered that Jessica had super-strength. They made a deal she wouldn't reveal Jones' powers, and Jones would not make Walker's troubled life public. One day, Dorothy tried to force Trish into vomiting, feeling her daughter had gained weight. Jessica came to Trish's rescue by punching Dorothy into a wall.[5]

Losing Control

Want Your Cray-Cray

Patsy sings Cray Cray

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. Because I was high. Because I'm an addict."
"Step one. Eleven more to go."
―Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

As a young adult, Walker became estranged from Dorothy. Given the opportunity to join Jessica in college, she instead accepted a record deal and tried to reinvent herself as the pop singer Trish, signing on with Hollywood Records. Still getting frequently drunk and using drugs, she started to drift apart from her adoptive sister, only realizing how bad things had become when Jessica assaulted a drug dealer and club owner with whom Trish was about to have a sexual encounter. Trish decided to enter rehab soon after, canceling the planned concert tour and leading to lawsuits from over 100 venues.[21]

Patsy Becomes Trish

Walker tells Jessica Jones to be a hero

"I don't get you. You have money, looks, a radio show, creepy if not adoring fans, and you're a freaking household name. What more do you want?"
"To save the world, of course."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Walker managed to leave the drugs behind,[22] and later became the host of an acclaimed radio talk show Trish Talk on WNEX Station.[6] She still encouraged Jessica to use her powers to be a hero.[1] Walker had a suit and mask created and suggested that Jones use the moniker "Jewel;" looking at the tight-fitting outfit, Jones scoffed at the idea, saying her name would be "camel-toe" if she wore that. Walker told Jones that, though she was rich and had a talk show, she envied Jones and wished she had powers.[6]

Kilgrave Returns

Helping Jessica Jones

Walker has a meeting with Zack and Nicole

"You could've used the door."
―Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

For six months after the supposed death of Kilgrave, Walker had not heard a word from Jessica Jones, making her feel shut out. To make sure Jessica hadn't died, Walker kept tabs on her. Discovering that Jones had become a private investigator. While in her apartment, Walker discussed with Zack and Nicole about future editions of Trish Talk and booking Madeleine Albright or Channing Tatum. As Walker noticed Jones climbing on the balcony, she sent both Zack and Nicole away, saying she'd continue the meeting at the station.

Walker is approached by Jessica Jones

Walker then opened the balcony door to see what her long-absent friend wanted. Walker told Jones that she could have used the front door, but since Jones was not sure if Walker would open the door, and since it was something important to a case, Jones had decided that this was the better option. After discussing how Walker knew that Jones became a private investigator, Jones asked for money. This surprised Walker since she had not seen Jones in six months. Just in time Walker stopped Jones from climbing down again and asked what was so important.

Jones tells Walker about Kilgrave's return

Jones told her that Kilgrave was back in action and that she wanted enough money to get away him. Walker dismissed Jones' request, telling her that Kilgrave was dead and that this was a symptom of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she suffered from. This frustrated Jones, who told her about Hope Shlottman's case, and how it all was the same as what happened to her. Walker wanted to call the police at first, but Jones stopped her from doing so. She then tried to convince Jones to save Shlottman. When that failed, Walker finally conceded and gave Jones an envelope of cash.[1]

For Your Protection

Walker tries to get Jones to quit ignoring her

"I'm life-threatening, Trish. Steer clear of me."
"I don't do that."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

The next day, Walker had a driver take her to Jessica Jones' Apartment Building where she saw Jessica Jones walking toward the building; Walker approached Jones, but Jones continued as if she had not seen her. Walker asked if she deserved to be ignored, especially after she gave so much money the night earlier. Jones acquiesced.

Walker is told about Kilgrave's survival

Entering the Alias Investigations Office for the first time, Walker spoke hesitantly, deciding to say that the place looked nice, despite seeing a broken window covered with cardboard and a door without a lock that was falling off its hinges. Jones was not fooled, telling Walker that she knew her true opinion by the tone of voice. Jones handed Walker her money and asked her to forget about her because she did not want Walker hurt by Kilgrave. Walker suggested that Jones move to her place since it would be safer than there; Jones scoffed at the idea that any place was safe from Kilgrave. Hearing that, Walker asked Jones what she would do should she and Kilgrave meet again; she did not get a response.

Walker gets a call about Jones breaking the repairman's leg

Walker called a repairman to fix Jones' door and had a glass company make another office window for Alias Investigations. However, she failed to inform Jones and, while in a meeting with Zack at WNEX Station, Walker received a phone call telling her that Jones had broken the repairman's leg. She told Jones that she would pay for the medical expenses. Executives entered the office and Zack told Walker to cover her bruised arms, which she quickly did with a suit jacket.

Walker learns self-defense with trainer

Later, Walker was with her personal trainer, learning how to avoid being shot in a brawl, when she decided to take a break and get a glass of water. During her break, she received a call from Jones. Jones said that the official logo on the new window was different from the original; Walker quipped that her new design was better, even though she'd never seen the old one. Jones teased her about how she resembled her mother; Walker took offense. She then cut the conversation short when Jones agreed for them to do lunch as blood dripped from her nose into her glass of water. Walker returned to her personal trainer and demanded more training and an increased regimen.[23]

The Interview

Walker interviews Hope Shlottman over the phone

Jessica Jones went to Walker hoping that she could take some blame off Hope Shlottman by featuring her on Trish Talk, and asking about any doctors Walker knew so she could get the anesthetics that could hinder Kilgrave's powers. Walker eventually accepted and talked with Shlottman over the phone.

Walker unknowingly interviews Kilgrave

During the interview, Shlottman described how she tried hard to resist Kilgrave's command to kill her parents, but ultimately his directive prevailed. She revealed that she loved her parents and, though she was remorseful for what she did, she did not believe it was her fault. Jeri Hogarth then spoke as if Shlottman was insane, so Walker defended her, insulting Kilgrave in the process. When Walker began taking phone calls, Kilgrave himself called and asked Walker the wisdom in insulting him if he truly had mind-control powers. Shlottman screamed and rattled her chains upon hearing her tormentor's voice. Jones was quick to figure out who the voice belonged to and cut off the power to the show; she then grabbed Walker and exited the building. As they proceeded down the lobby, someone approached Walker from behind. She instinctively slammed the man to the ground in fear that he had been sent by Kilgrave. The man turned out a fan who wanted Walker's autograph; they left, Walker apologizing as she went.[2]

Kilgrave Attacks Trish

At her apartment, a police officer named Will Simpson knocked on her door, asking to speak with her about attacking her fan. Afraid that he was under Kilgrave's control, she initially refused to speak to him. However, when Simpson politely threatened her with making her questioning public, Walker asked to see identification; when he provided it, she opened the door.

Walker's suspicion turned out to be correct, as Simpson attacked her as soon as she opened the door. He chased her into her apartment. She was able to defend herself for a time, using her Krav Maga skills, but the enthralled Simpson proved to be too much for her; he got her in a chokehold, which she was unable to free herself from. She was only saved when Jones came to her rescue, shoving Simpson off of her. Jones fought off Simpson and secretly injected Walker with sufentanil. The drug, meant for anesthesia, created the illusion that Walker was dead. Believing that his mission was done, Simpson departed shortly after. Walker maintained only minor injuries from the incident.[2]

Will Simpson's Guilt

Walker calling up Jessica Jones for her help

Walker awoke to a noise outside her door; Will Simpson had returned with another officer, and Simpson was attempting to knock down her apartment door. Walker, scared, called Jessica Jones and relayed to her the situation. Jones told Walker to hide in the safe room and await her arrival.

Walker confronts Will Simpson for his attack

Upon Jones' arrival, they watched as Simpson rammed the door, hoping to get to the body of Walker; Jones then realized that Simpson was still under the impression that he killed her. The two revealed to Simpson that she had survived Simpson's attack, but, after seeing Walker's scars, he began to feel ashamed. When Jones called Walker "dramatic", Walker became offended.

Walker publicly apologizes to Kilgrave on air

Jones had Walker leave the apartment and go to the WNEX and have a show; on "Trish Talk," Walker publicly apologized to Kilgrave for her insults during the Hope Shlottman interview. Jones knew that Kilgrave would be listening and hoped that this display would stop him from having Walker attacked.

Walker and Jessica Jones discuss Kilgrave

Walker hated doing it and told Jones such after she did it. In the middle of their conversation, Jones suddenly ran toward a man taking photographs but stopped when she saw that she was not the intended subject. Jones then revealed to Walker that Kilgrave had someone following her.

Walker listening to Will Simpson's apologises

Later, Simpson, with a box, returned to Walker's apartment and asked for entry; he was adamantly denied. Walker listened as Simpson told her that he had something personal that he wanted to present to her. She told him to place it by her door but for him to distance himself as she opened the door to retrieve it. She discovered that Simpson has given her an illegal gun for her protection. She aimed it at her intercom system as he spoke.

Walker decides she will forgive Will Simpson

Eventually, the two talked about their past with the locked door between them. Walker, feeling comfortable somewhat, allowed Simpson to enter, but she held her gun at the ready.[20] Walker and Simpson then spent the night together.[6]

Putting on Her Cape

Hunting down Kilgrave

The next morning, Walker was awakened by the cunnilingus of Will Simpson. Suddenly, Jessica Jones pounded on the door since Walker refused to answer her phone. When Jones entered Trish Walker's Apartment, she told Walker how she had been following Malcolm Ducasse and that Kilgrave would be hard to tranquilize. Walker frowned when Simpson appeared in his underwear and joined the conversation. Trish would be the driver in a plan to capture Kilgrave. While she, Jessica and Simpson managed to abduct him in a restaurant and take him away in a van, paid bodyguards to follow the trio and manage to release their boss following a fight where Trish was knocked down with a taser shot.[6]

Cleaning Up A Mess

Walker tries to change Jessica Jones' mind

Walker refused to answer Jessica Jones' phone calls, wanting to have information on Kilgrave when they talked and not wanting to hear Jones say that the botched kidnapping was her fault. To that end, Walker went to a top-notch security agency and asked for a detail, pretending that an ex-lover was stalking her. Walker went to Jessica's apartment while Simpson checked on Kilgrave's whereabouts. At her apartment, Walker found only Jones' neighbor Malcolm Ducasse, who had called WNEX Station constantly asking to speak to Walker, to the point that he was thought to be a stalker. Ducasse said that Jones was out and was soon to make a life-changing mistake and that he called Walker to help prevent it.

Walker became impatient as Ducasse kept hinting, but not saying what was occurring. Walker and Ducasse walked towards Jones' bedroom door which was ajar. Ducasse warned her not to scream upon entry; Walker rolled her eyes and told him she would not. Ducasse revealed to her the bloody body of Ruben, who was forced to commit suicide by Kilgrave; Walker screamed in fright. Walker then reached into her purse, pulled out her gun, and aimed it at Ducasse, asking him what he had done.

Ducasse explained the situation. She then cleaned the bedroom of blood while Ducasse disposed of the body. Walker had just finished cleaning Ruben's blood when Jessica Jones entered the Alias Investigations Office; she told Walker that she had been trying to contact her and was surprised that she was there. Walker tried talking Jones out of her plan to evade Kilgrave by getting imprisoned in a Supermax, but Jones still felt afraid of what Kilgrave could do and asked where Malcolm was.[22]

Kilgrave's Captivity

Seeing both Will Simpson taking a leave of absence and Jessica Jones not being imprisoned in the precinct where she would perform her plan, Walker called Jones. She answered while under Kilgrave's captivity in her old family home, telling Walker that things were under control and that she would keep in touch.

Walker eventually found Simpson on the street as he recruited a new team, including Robinson and Ken, for another attack on Kilgrave. Simpson claimed that Kilgrave had gotten away, allowing them to live normal lives, but Walker insisted that they could not until Jones felt safe. Simpson expressed his fear of Walker getting hurt and insisted that they get out of Jones' way so she could deal with Kilgrave alone.

Days later, Jones came to Walker's Apartment. Kilgrave let her spend some time alone to contemplate the new partnership, and Jones wanted to know what Walker would do in the situation.[24]

Simpson wound up suffering a bomb attack and was rescued by Walker. She took him to Metro-General Hospital as he was to see Doctor Miklos Kozlov, despite Walker finding out he was not listed on the staff. After Simpson had a hospital bed and waited for Kozlov to arrive, he told Walker that she had to kill Kilgrave using a gun he gave her, especially as Simpson felt Jones would not do the deed. Once Kozlov and his nurses came, Walker was forced to leave.[25]

Kilgrave's Escape

Walker went to the hermetically-sealed room that was prepared to hold Kilgrave captive and prevented Jessica Jones from killing him in anger. Once Jones showed Walker about Kilgrave's origins, they decided that finding his parents would be the best way to glean a confession. Jones figured out that they were Albert and Louise Thompson, former scientists at the University of Manchester.

Walker attempts to shoot Kilgrave

Walker was present when the Thompsons entered Kilgrave's cell to try to speak to him, in order to glean a video confession or demonstration of his power usage. The plan went awry; Kilgrave commanded his mother to stab herself to death. Walker refused to watch the slaughter and fired her gun, shattering the protective glass and allowing Kilgrave to escape. After she shot him in the arm, he ordered Walker to put a bullet in her skull; luckily, her gun was empty when she attempted to shoot herself. Kilgrave then escaped with the help of Oscar Clemons.[25]

While Jones chased Kilgrave, Walker, still under Kilgrave's control, picked up bullets from the ground and bashed them against her head in an attempt to comply with the command. Jones managed to fulfill it by putting one shell inside Walker's mouth, technically putting a bullet in her skull, and then ordering her to spit it out.[26]

Kilgrave's Weakness

Making an Antidote

Jones told the others that she is immune to Kilgrave's power. Thompson revealed that the power is an airborne virus and that he thought that can be permanently cured. Walker accompanied Thompson to his hotel room to help create the antidote, while Jones left to find Kilgrave. That night, Simpson arrived at the hotel. Walker noted that Simpson's pupils were dilated, which he blamed on his medication. He introduced himself to Albert Thompson, who explained that he was working on the vaccine while fighting off Kilgrave's powers and that he was Kilgrave's father. Upon learning this, Simpson fell into a rage and attempted to attack Thompson, violently shoving Walker into a window in the process. He tried to apologize to her, but she ordered him to leave the room, locking the door as he left. She stole a vial of pills from her now ex-boyfriend's pocket. By morning, the vaccine was finished and Jessica arrived, warning that Kilgrave had captured Hope and would exchange her for his father.[26]

Rescuing Jessica

"Just had to be a hero, didn't you?"
"I learned it from you."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

After the hostage exchange at Niku, which ended with Hope Shlottman dead, while both Kilgrave and Albert Thompson disappeared, Walker picked up Jessica Jones near the restaurant. Walker stated she sympathized with Jones' plan to trade Thompson for Shlottman's safety, but Jones believes that Thompson is dead, so she and Walker check Riverbank Medical Center to see if his corpse is in the morgue, to get clues to the whereabouts of Kilgrave. There Walker uses her connections, booking a table at the restaurant Saterre, to get permission from clerk Maury Tuttlebaum. When that failed, Walker warned Jones of the effects of the human body without sleep.

The next day, Walker was forced to interrupt a broadcast of Trish Talk to talk to a visiting Will Simpson, who told her he was losing control due to the Combat Enhancers and quit the program trying to make amends. She made it clear she did not wish to speak to him, calling his actions violent and scary. Simpson explained that Miklos Kozlov's drugs made him angry and so he quit. Walker accepted his apology and Simpson asked where Jessica Jones was so he could apologize to her for asking Walker out for dinner. As he left, Jones then texted Walker asking to be picked up on the street. Jones was brought to Walker's apartment to treat injuries, as she had just been hit by a truck mistaking a bystander in a purple suit for Kilgrave.

Later that day, Walker called Jones angry that she had left despite being in a bad condition. Jones, who had returned to Riverbank, told Walker that Oscar Clemons was dead, with his body all burned up. Both arranged to meet at Jones' apartment. While leaving her apartment, Walker found Simpson. Walker told him to go home, so Simpson told her how much he liked her and wanted to make things right, blaming the events on bad medication again. When Simpson questioned if she was going out to help Jones, Walker became suspicious and Simpson explained he needed to stop Jones so he could kill Kilgrave for murdering his men.

As they were speaking, two of Miklos Kozlov's soldiers, led by McManus, came to collect Simpson, claiming that the doctor was worried about him and they recommended that Walker leave before things got messy. Simpson made it clear that he was not coming back to the program but McManus insisted that they would not leave without him. Instead, Simpson told Walker to return home before swallowing two Combat Enhancers and claiming he could handle things; he then drew his gun and shot both men down while Walker watched in horror. Walker was then locked in her safe room, hearing as Simpson dragged the bodies inside and answered her phone when Jones called Walker; after Simpson left to meet Jones, Walker picked up a dumbbell and started breaking the door hinges to let herself free.

Walker barely survives in the ambulance

Simpson had kept Jones in a chokehold until Walker arrived, hitting his head with a fire extinguisher. The women lock themselves in the bathroom to temporarily avoid Simpson's advancements. Knowing Jones was not strong enough yet to beat him, Walker decided to take one of Simpson's Combat Enhancers, much to both Simpson's and Jones' dismay. Her strength increased, Walker began to pummel Simpson, for a while, though was ultimate, not a match for him. Her attack, however, gave Jones the window she needed to rush Simpson, throw him across the kitchen, slamming his head into the cabinets, and slam the refrigerator on top of him, finally subduing him. Walker felt empowered after the fight and wondered if that was the way that Jones felt all the time. Suddenly, she lost the ability to breathe and collapsed. Jones started performing CPR as she awaited an ambulance. In the ride to the hospital, an EMT was able to save Walker's life by giving her an injection that countered the drugs.[5]

Defeating Kilgrave

While Walker was in the hospital, recovering from her near-death experience, her mother visited her. Walker acted cold toward her, resentful of her after her abusive childhood. Dorothy claimed that she was an avid listener of Trish Talk and admitted to being a terrible mother. The conversation went nowhere and Dorothy left to shout at a few nurses to lift her spirits.

Later that day, Trish was visited in her apartment by her mother, who brought a file from IGH, after overhearing her say the name. Trish thought she wanted something from her, but Dorothy claimed she wanted a relationship as mother and daughter. She revealed that the file was, in fact, Jessica's medical bill, which might explain her powers. At first, her act of kindness felt sincere, until she suggested that Trish help endorse a client's bottled water product. Trish saw through the manipulation and asked her to get out.[4]

Walker and Jones plan to stop Kilgrave

After Jessica got a lead on Kilgrave's location, Trish drove her to Justin Boden's apartment building, and the two set up on a safe word that would note Jessica was not brainwashed by Kilgrave: "I love you." Once Trish received a text reading "Penthouse. I love you.", she went to see Jessica in Boden's apartment, where they figure out Kilgrave is planning on getting Jessica at the ferry terminal where Boden's yacht is located.

Kilgrave seduces Walker to taunt Jessica Jones

That night, Trish goes into the terminal dressed as Jessica and wearing headphones to avoid Kilgrave's enthrallment, to distract Kilgrave and the policemen he controlled as Jessica entered through the upper floors. Trish ran outside as the cops attempted to shoot Jessica, and eventually reunited with her adopted sister. On the way to the yacht, Kilgrave used a group of innocent people to block Jessica's path, ordering the people to kill each other, forcing Jones and Walker to try to protect them. Kilgrave roars with all this might, ordering everyone to stop, which they did, including Trish. As Kilgrave, and as he figured out Trish was the only person Jessica only cared for, he ordered Trish to come over to him and claims that he has chosen the wrong sister to love, promising he would rape her continually for the rest of her life and make her his slave while she died inside. Kilgrave promises that if either of them ever saw Jones again, he would make Walker cut her own throat. He then forced Walker to kiss him passionately. Seeing that Jessica has still not move from her spot, Kilgrave becomes convinced that his powers can control her again. He approachers her, orders her to smile and tell her she loves him. Jessica says "I love you" to Trish, showing she was still in control. Jones then grabs Kilgrave's face and snaps his neck, killing him instantly and dropping his body to the ground.

Trish later picked up Jessica from prison after Hogarth cleared her from the murder charges, and as she cleaned up her apartment, received from a courier the IGH file that Dorothy had separated.[27]

Back to Work

Discussing Luke Cage

"If you're just joining us, this is Trish Talk and we are discussing the recent events that have the residents of Harlem confused, and some even frightened. [...] We are witnessing a massive shift in the boundaries of possibility. But what is scary to some inspires hope in others. I, for one, would like to thank Luke Cage for all the work he's doing in Harlem. Those of us below 110th see the good work he's doing and we hope he's doing well."
―Trish Walker[src]

Walker hosted a Trish Talk show where she discussed the newly emerged figure of Luke Cage, who was garnering media attention for his crusade against crime in Harlem. Having personally met Cage and knowing he was a good man, Walker campaigned in his favor during the talk show.[28]

Threatened by the Hand

Walker tries to convince Jessica Jones to speak out

"What about the ones you still love? What will become of them once you are gone? Who else must die because of you?"
"What are you talking about?"
"The nurse. The woman on the radio. They'll come for them next. How many mice must drown with you?"
Sowande and Luke Cage[src]

As Trish's car was about to be towed away, Jessica released it from the hook. As both walked, Trish again was unsuccessful in convincing Jessica to engage in superheroics again.[29] The following day, Trish had problems in arriving at her job due to the damage caused by an earthquake. On the radio, Trish's superiors cut off a call from a geologist who claimed that was not a regular seismic event - foreshadowing how it was later revealed to be the work of the Hand.[30] Trish was among the acquaintances of Jessica and three other heroes who were garnered by Misty Knight in a police station for their own safety.[7]

Walker and Karen Page discuss the Hand

Walker revealed to Karen Page that the Hand came after her too. Jessica Jones had been telling her about them, but Walker didn’t realize it was so bad. Page revealed that she was also taken. They took hostages and she watched one of them die. At her radio station, Walker tried to expose that the earthquake was a cover up for something else, but her boss shut it down. She suspected that the Hand squashed the story. She then asked about Matt. Page replied that he’s a good friend, but it’s complicated. Walker told Page that Jones is also a good friend and always reliable when it comes down to it. Ducasses interrupted to reveal that he just heard a dispatcher call for all available units to Hell’s Kitchen, which was the epicenter of everything.

The following day, on her talk show, Walker revealed that the Mayor’s offices confirmed that unpermitted construction around Midland Circle is to blame. Also, the explosion settled the ground again. Jones then arrived unexpectedly. Walker again attempted to convince Jones to come out and speak, but Jones refused.[31]

Investigating IGH

It's Patsy!

Walker singing at a kid's birthday party

"Where did you get that file?"
"A hospital security guard who's a fan. I just sang at his kid's birthday party. Yeah, it was a low moment. But this was worth it."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

After dressing and performing at a young girl's birthday party as Patsy, Walker spoke with Kyle and Ash, whom both expressed elation for the performance. She reminded Kyle of their prior agreement, to which he gave her copied hospital files. When she questioned him on the rest of the files, she was informed that it was all he could find before she walked out of the house, calling Jessica Jones to meet at their spot.

Walker talking to Jessica Jones about her past

Walker meets Jones in a private auditorium while being stalked by an unknown figure. Jones talks about the annoying clientele she's been getting lately after what happened with Kilgrave, as people now view her as some sort of vigilante, and that Walker is escalating the situation by discussing it on Trish Talk. Walker says she should face what happened and pulls out the file. She says Jones was not assigned a hospital bed until 20 days after her family's car accident, and speculates it is due to IGH experimenting on her. Walker encourages her to investigate IGH more, as knowing what IGH did to her might help her.[32]

A Familiar Face

Walker and Griffin Sinclair talking about their jobs

"You okay, babe?"
"Yeah, I, um, I thought I saw someone I knew."
Griffin Sinclair and Trish Walker[src]

Walker and Griffin Sinclair were leaving an event, the two conversing about their respective jobs as journalists. Reaching the base of the stairs, Walker was briefly left alone by Sinclair; glancing outside to the paparazzi, she noticed a familiar face staring at her from outside, prompting her to approach the spinning doors until she was stopped. Upon looking back, the face had disappeared, and the two continued the remainder of their evening.[32]

Simpson's Unpleasant Return

Walker having brunch with her mother

"What is this?"
"I've got this under control."
"Clearly. You shot him?"
"He was following me."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Walker having brunch with her mother and Sinclair. Sinclair leaves early, while a mysterious figure watches Walker from across the street. They discuss her show and its fading popularity. Walker asks her mother for the address of Max Tatum, a film director from her past, and her mother reluctantly gives her the address. After the brunch, Walker is walked to her car by her mother, and ignores a call from Jones. Walker's mother notices and makes a comment about how Walker doesn't want Jones to find out they're back in touch. Walker ignores the topic and says goodbye, getting back in her car. The person stalking her is revealed to be Simpson.

Walker approaches Tatum

Walker would ask Malcolm Ducasse to help her with the investigation. Walker and Ducasse arrive at a filming location in Brooklyn, and Walker gives Ducasse a fake ID, saying to pretend that he is a production assistant. Walker tells Ducasse that he will hear some things about her that she doesn't want to talk about afterwards, and Ducasse asks if what they are doing is dangerous, to which she replies, not physically. Walker approaches Tatum, the director of the movie being filmed, who says to wait in his trailer so they can talk in private.

Walker confronting Max Tatum about the past

Walker is back at Tatum's trailer and asks for his clout at Metro-General Hospital, not telling him that she is doing research into its involvement in Jessica's experimentation. She threatens to go public about his sexual advances toward her when she filmed a movie he directed when she was fifteen, all the while Ducasse is recording their conversation on his phone in the other room. Tatum defends himself, saying she wanted it, and accuses her of blackmail. Walker gives him forty-eight hours to give her what she wants, and they both leave the trailer.

Walker and Jessica Jones finding Will Simpson

Walker is then confronted by Simpson, when Jones arrives Walker has tied up Simpson. Walker shows Jones some drugs she found on him, commenting on how they are like the pills he took before, as they keep him from feeling pain. Jones accuses him of killing Whizzer and Dr. Kozlov, but he denies, saying the new drugs he is taking permits him from losing control like before, and that he only wants to protect Walker from IGH.

Simpson tells the two IGH sent someone to stop Walker's investigation into them. He says that he is the only one who knows about what Kozlov was involved in because he was trapped in an IGH clinic, where Jones herself was experimented on, by someone other than Kozlov. He says he overheard a conversation between Kozlov and the other person about wanting Walker out of the way. Walker asks why she is still alive if they want her dead, and Jones suggests it is because perhaps Simpson has been protecting her.

Walker and Jessica Jones finding Will Simpson dead

The lights suddenly go out, and Simpson warns them that the assailant is here. He tells Jones to take Walker and run. Jones unties his bonds, and Walker gives Simpson her gun, and he struggles to run with his limp in the opposite direction of Walker and Jones. The two women hurry towards an exit and hear Simpson shouting far away. They run into a shadowy figure, who leaps into the air above them, and exits through a stage door behind them. Jones remarks that they weren't after Walker. They run and find Simpson dead on the floor with his neck snapped.[8]

Meeting Inez Green

Walker and Jessica Jones meeting Sally

"I'll flush her out. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, zap her."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]

Walker would meet up with Jessica up at the wig place. Trish has to pay the owner, Sally, three hundred dollars to give them info on the woman when the owner confirms the woman as a customer of her store. Sally tells them the woman comes in alone, pays in cash, and lost all her hair, probably to chemotherapy. Jessica speculates that she probably had cancer and IGH saved her. She also says that if they found her though Metro-General, IGH is probably paying her medical bills, so they need her hospital records.

Walker and Jessica Jones blackmailing Max Tatum

Trish shows Jessica the video Malcolm took of her and Tatum, saying they could use it as leverage against him, and use his clearance at the hospital to get the records. Jessica points out that her threats won't hold much water as Trish gave Max two days and it's been three. Planning on blackmailing him more, Trish and Jessica head off to his movie set. Trish and Jessica would show a young actress currently starring in Max's film the video about being sexually assaulted by Max, which she quits, much to Max's dismay. The two confront him at his car, and after Jessica threatens him a little with her powers, he agrees to give them his clearance at Metro-General.

Walker and Jessica Jones finding Inez Green

Trish and Jessica would ask around the neighborhood for Inez Green where a man tells them which building Inez lives in. Jones would head upstairs while Trish waits downstairs with the taser to ambush her. Jones would get attacked by Inez from behind, but is able to defend herself. Trish, hearing her shouts, takes the drugs Simpson was on and runs upstairs with the taser and knocks Green out. They discover she isn't the woman they are looking for.

Walker would head back to Jessica's apartment with Inez Green in the backseat. Jessica gets out of the car to find the police outside her building. Malcolm tells her to run, as they think she killed him, but the police see her and arrest her for the murder of Cheng's friend.[33]

Arrest of Jessica Jones

"Hey! Let her go!"
"Step back!"
"Like hell I will."
―Trish Walker and Ruth Sunday[src]

Returning to Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, the women took notice of the police that surrounded the entrance, Walker told by Jessica Jones to stay behind with Inez Green. Walker followed instructions, but upon seeing her adoptive sister arrested by Eddy Costa and under the influence of the Combat Enhancer Inhaler, she left the vehicle and expressed aggression, shoving Ruth Sunday and getting herself arrested.[33]

Proposal Party

"So, I brought our friends and family together because, well, I want you to feel pressured. And because your answer means too much to me to leave any wiggle room. Fortunately, we only have to do this part once. I ask, you answer. [...] What do you say, Trish Walker? I'm asking you to marry me."
Griffin Sinclair to Trish Walker[src]

Bailed from jail by her mother, Walker woke with the side-effects of the Combat Enhancer Inhaler. Though the two conversed, she was informed that she slept for 26 hours and that Dorothy already reported to the WNEX Station that she would not make her next Trish Talk.[34]

Quitting Trish Talk

Walker quits her show on Trish Talk

"Wake up people! Face the truth. Bad shit happens every day and every single goddamn person has the power to do something about it. So do something! I'm going to. Starting with throwing off the covers and getting the hell off this shitty show. I quit."
―Trish Walker[src]

While interviewing author and nutritionist of the book Gluten Freedom: Going Against the Grain, Lila Yale, for her radio show, Walker had a breakdown. She discussed how unimportant most things are in comparison to such vile crimes and actions such as war, sex trafficking, and illegal human research on kids. Walker even called her own show out for being part of the problem, admitting that even she had been spouting bullshit. She demanded action in a world where bad was constantly occurring. She would be the one to take action, which she started by quitting Trish Talk.[35]

Experimental Procedures

Walker holds Karl Malus at gunpoint

"Trish wants Karl to operate on her."
"His experiments have killed people. She'd never trust him."
"She has to if she wants to be like me."
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

With help from Ducasse, Walker tracked down Karl Malus to a hotel in order to gain powers of her own through the same experimental procedures Jones endured. After locking Ducasse in her trunk, who was an unknowing participant, Walker kidnapped Malus at gunpoint. She drove him to a storage facility, where he gathered his equipment and research for the procedure. She then accused his life's work of only hurting people as the science was never harnessed and perfected, meaning he failed. However, Walker wanted to present him with an opportunity to succeed. During their second stop, Ducasse managed to free himself from the trunk. When he did, Walker pulled her gun and demanded he stay back. She and Malus then got in the car, just barely escaping Jones.

Walker undergoes the risky procedure

Walker and Malus drive to an industrial lab. The same lab where all the previous experiments were conducted. Malus explained that Jones took 20 days, but she was near death, and he's been honing the procedure ever since. Jones and Alisa's abilities were rare side effects, related to their specific DNA. He was never able to decode it. The vaccine is a live virus. Its DNA can unlock Walker's, but it could also kill her. Walker claimed that she wanted to help people who can't help themselves, thus she needs powers. And so, Malus granted her that. The procedure began stable enough, but soon after Jones arrived, demanding to be let in, Walker's body began to fail. Jones stopped Malus and the machine, saving Walker in the process. Jones then took her to the hospital, where recovery didn't seem all too likely.[10]

Hunted by Alisa Jones

Walker lays down unconscious

"I think she might go after Trish."
"It makes sense. In her mind, Trish's investigation ruined her life. Forced her to kill all of those people to protect him. She probably thinks that Trish is also responsible for Karl's death."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Still unconscious in the hospital after Karl Malus' failed experimental procedure, Walker found herself the latest target of Alisa Jones' wrath, following Malus' death, forcing Jones to protect her. Jones entered Walker’s hospital room just as Alisa climbed through the window. Alisa blamed Walker for having taken everything from her, though Jones insisted that this wasn't true. She tried to convince Alisa that this was merely a story she made up in her head, all the while, Jones pulled out a syringe, hoping to subdue Alisa with a tranquilizer. Jones failed to inject her mother with the drugs. Instead, Alisa overpowered her and used Jones’ own body to suffocate Walker in her coma. Jones managed to keep Alisa at bay long enough to get through to her mother after pleading with her to stop. Detectives Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday then barged into the room, guns drawn. Alisa attempted to make a break for the window, but is shot in the leg. When Sunday approached to arrest her, Alisa grabbed her and pulled Sunday out the multiple story high window along with her, though Detective Sunday alone hit the ground, as Alisa is nowhere to be seen.[36]

Awakening from a Coma

Walker tells Jessica Jones to kill Alisa Jones

"You don't deserve powers. All you do is piss them away when you could be out there helping people."
"You know what? I am tired of being the focus of your ridiculous insecurity. I didn't ask for any of this. Not these powers and not your goddamn judgment."
―Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Walker awakened from her coma with Jessica Jones at her side, as she immediately called her sister an asshole upon seeing her, blaming her for stopping the procedure. Jones then explained that the reason Walker woke up in the morgue rather than in a hospital room is because Alisa Jones broke out of jail and attempted to kill her. She then learned from Jones that Karl Malus was dead, which devastated Walker as he was her only chance at gaining powers.

She again displayed aggression directed towards Jones for stopping the procedure, though Jones argued that it could have either killed Walker or turned her into a monster like Alisa. Although, there was a third option, Walker could have ended up like Jones, as she pointed out. Walker did not believe that Jones deserved her powers, as she wasted them away rather than using them to save people. Jones then got a call from her mother, with whom she arranged to meeting at Walker's apartment. Walker informed Jones that it had to be her to put Alisa down, as she was the only one who was powerful enough.[36]

Assassination of Alisa Jones

Walker shoots Alisa Jones in the head

"You killed her!"
"Before she could kill you! The police would've shot you both. I had to. I had to save you."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

After her mother had encouraged Jessica to be a hero, she was shot in the head by an unknowing Trish. After peeking down and realizing her mother's killer, Jessica jumped down to confront Trish, pushing her several feet back. When Jessica picked up the gun, Trish told her that killing her mother was the only way to resolve the problem Alisa had made. Upon hearing sounds of a police siren, Jessica told Trish to leave, and so she fled.[11]

Life as a Vigilante


"I lost the only family I had. Again."
"It was always gonna end that way."
"It didn't have to be you. I look at you now and all I see is the person who killed my mother."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

After admitting to various attempts of contacting Jessica through calling, texting and email, Trish tried to convince Jessica that her doing was correct, only to be called out as a hero who murdered. Trish responded that she no longer knew who she was except she was Jessica's sister. Jessica then disowned Trish before slamming her door on Trish's face, after telling Trish that she didn't have to be the one doing justice and killing Alisa.[11]

Sudden Powers

Walker catches her phone with her foot

"I've wished for this so hard, but I never thought it would happen. But it has. Now, all I want is to share it with you. But I took something from you. I can't change that. And you need time. I can't hurry that. I'll be ready when you are."
―Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]

Following Jessica Jones' dismissal of her, Walker continued her way to the elevator. During her wait for the elevator, she received a message from Dorothy Walker, asking if she wanted to have dinner together that night. As the elevator door opened, a careless woman handling a moving cart bumped into Walker and knocked her phone from her hand. With quick reflexes, the phone landed on her elevated foot. Bewildered, Walker kicked the phone back to her hand and proceeded into the elevator.[11]

So amazed with the feat, Walker attempted to do it again, but this time, failed miserably, and cracked her phone screen in the process. As she exited the building, everything from the street lights to the headlights on cars appeared much brighter and vibrant to Walker. Realizing that Karl Malus' procedure worked, Walker wanted to tell Jones, but she knew she was still upset with her and decided to give her time.

Walker tries on potential costumes

Walker went to the local park the following day and began testing her new abilities on the surrounding jungle gym. She discovered that her reflexes, agility, and balance, among other things had increased. Although, training did not come without trial and error, as she ended up on the ground many of times. Day after day, she went back to the jungle gym, honing her abilities. After that, she started her research, web searching crimes in New York and how a hero fights crime.[37]

A New Show

"Now, I want to share with you one of my favorite pieces from the collection. This light and bright cotton tank."
"I love the cute little buttons in the front. It's such beautiful detailing."
"Right? And you'll notice that the strap perfectly hides her bra."
―Trish Walker and Show Host[src]

Rebounding after her recent events with Karl Malus, Walker was given a show on ARN TV to market clothing apparel. This was used as a cover for being a vigilante to maintain the hours at night she wanted to operate. She shared with viewers one of her favorite pieces from the collection, a light and bright cotton tank.[12]

Hunting Andrew Brandt

"There is a sculpture in his safe that would have linked him to an assault."
"The safe with the gun in it?"
"Yes. That's why I triggered the alarm. I knew he'd go for his gun."
"That is the most moronic plan I have ever heard."
"I have been tracking that asshole for weeks."
―Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
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After closing out her new show, Walker continued her investigation into Andrew Brandt, who had walked free from hiring thugs to beat up his half-sister and stealing a sculpture. Dorothy then approached to remind Walker to keep her head in the game. She wanted to make sure that this show is what Walker really wanted. Walker replied that it’s serving a purpose. People needed to see what she’s up to. Walker continued her investigation into Andrew Brandt from her home. She then started typing a letter, which she intended to send to Jones at some point. What started as an apologetic letter with a softer tone, quickly became much more, harsher and direct.

From there, Walker began stalking Brandt. She started by breaking into his apartment while he was gone. She disabled the alarm and began looking through his place for the sculpture. She found a locked safe, which she was certain the sculpture was kept in. While she couldn't get to the sculpture for the time being, she wanted to at least be able to keep an eye on Brandt. So, she decided to move into the hotel next door to his apartment building. From her room, she had the perfect view of his home. That night, she waited for Brandt to return home, ignoring several of her mother’s calls and messages while doing so.

When Brandt arrived, Walker watched from her room, though she eventually fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the following morning as Brandt was preparing to leave. Before doing so, he opened the safe and pulled out a gun and what Walker believed to be the sculpture, so she followed him. As it turned out, he hadn’t grabbed the sculpture from the safe, but a bag filled with money. Still, Walker stuck with him for the remainder of the day. She followed him home and broke into his apartment and tripped his alarm to gain his attention. She then attacked him, but didn’t fare well. He grabbed his gun from the safe and just as he was about to fire, Jones came crashing through the window. Jones disarmed the man and retreated into the bedroom with Walker. They returned to the main room, only to discover that Brandt and the sculpture were gone.

In the aftermath of the attack, during which time Brandt got away with the sculpture, Walker filled Jones in on how she’d been tracking Brandt for weeks and now she lost him because of Jones. Jones confronted Walker, referring to her as a cat burglar, but Walker was simply trying to get justice. Jones realized that what she saw Walker doing earlier must've meant that Karl Malus' procedure worked. Because of Jones, Brandt got away. The sculpture in his safe would’ve linked him to an assault. She was just trying to be the hero she always wanted to be, and Jones mocked her for it. Jones questioned if it was all worth it to Walker considering that she got what she always wanted. Walker countered that she freed Jones from her responsibilities of helping people, because she can do that now. Before leaving, Jones told Walker that her mother was looking for her.[37]

Walker and Jones broke into Brandt's apartment separately and looked through his home for any clues. Walker didn’t come up with any leads. Brandt was her target first, and she wanted to be the one to bring him in, though Jones wanted vengeance after he stabbed her. Walker is concerned that Jones would take this from her. She advised Jones to go home and take care of herself, and to allow Walker to handle Brandt. Before Jones' intervention, Walker intended to take Brandt to the police, but she knew this wasn’t Jones’ goal.

With the paper Walker got off of Jones, Walker was able to make her way into the Cassaro Gallery auction, posing as a buyer. She hacked into their computer and took a photo of their sellers’ contact information.

Walker was approached by Jones outside the building. Jones wanted Brandt’s contact info and Walker wanted the sculpture. Walker then proceeded to call Jones out on her bullshit. She wanted to be a hero but didn’t do what it took. Jones didn’t care for what she had to say. She only wanted Brandt’s info and demanded that it be handed over. However, Walker had spent the last year honing her abilities, making her what she described as unstoppable. Just to show her she's not, Jones backhanded Walker, sending her to the ground. Jones dropped the sculpture, grabbed Walker's phone, and informed her that no one is unstoppable. Jones then called Brandt from Walker's phone, posing as an assistant for the gallery. She informed him that his lot had sold and asked where he'd like the check delivered. Not long after, Walker got a call from Jones, who told her that Brandt wasn't her attacker and gave the location to find him.[13]

Search for Crime

"How many wins will it take to redeem myself with you? Ten? A hundred?"
―Trish Walker[src]
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After honing her abilities, Walker began her hero journey. She started listening in on police calls. She somehow managed to intercept their frequency to listen in for reports. Just as Walker had lost hope of seeing any action, dispatch reported a robbery in progress. Walker sprung into action as she raced down the street to the scene of the crime. However, she got there too late, arriving just as the police are putting handcuffs on the suspects. Just down the block from her, Walker spotted Jones, and decided to call her just to see if she would answer. Unfortunately, Jones did not. She looked at the phone, saw who was calling, and ignored the call. Luckily for Walker, she happened to be on scene for a phone snatching. She chased the phone snatcher down, kicking him in the face, before taking the phone and returning it to the owner. Unfortunately, both the victim and the thief recognized her as Patsy.

Out the files she was able to steal from Hogarth & Associates Law Office, Walker took interest in one particular defendant, Reid Pearson, who got off on a technicality. She began following him, watching from her car with binoculars as he went out to a bar. Walker watched for hours on end before Pearson made his move, drugging a girl’s drink. Panicked and unsure what to do next, Walker called Jones, who did not answer. The suspect then led his victim stumbling out the bar, forcing Walker to follow them. Pearson took Birdie to an ally, where he tried to rape her, but he didn’t get the chance, as Walker took him down. She then checked on Birdie and made her aware that she’d been drugged and that Reid intended to rape her. He'd done it before. Walker then fled the scene, but not before making sure the police were called and telling Birdie to inform the police that she’s the one who fought Pearson off. As the police arrived, Walker watched from her car as Birdie was tended to and Pearson was arrested.[37]

Walker informed Jones know that Andrew Brandt had been arrested and taken to jail. Although, whoever attacked Jones was still out there. Walker wanted to work together, but Jones was already on the case. Jones revealed to Walker that the attacker was actually after Erik Gelden. They were handling it, and Jones would prefer to do it without Walker’s help. Walker accepted Jones' decision and left. In exiting the building, she bypassed Erik, who was on the phone and mentioned the name Sal Blaskowski, which Walker decided to look into. Walker later called Jones and revealed that Sal Blaskowski was a bookie who was arrested for assault six years ago, but it didn't stick. Maybe she sent the attacker, Walker thought. Jones informed her that she was wrong and that they were narrowing in on the actual stabber. Walker wanted to check her out regardless, but Jones couldn't care less.

Malcolm Ducasse returned to his office to discover that someone had broken in. They had been looking into Blaskowski's file. When he discovered that the intruder was still there, a fight ensued. Walker revealed herself to Ducasse. She also told him how the procedure worked, allowing her to do things now to help people. Walker asked Ducasse not to tell Hogarth as it would do more damage than it’s worth to the both of them. After thinking it over, he let her go.

While Erik may have come with all the cash, he was three hours late and must be punished. Sal instructed Dwayne to put Gelden underwater with three weights. And they did just that, holding him down, attaching the weights and throwing him into the pool. Walker followed her lead to Blaskowski's home, taking out Dwayne with a shovel and quickly disposing of the other two thugs, one of which, she tossed in the pool, allowing Gelden to grab his knife and cut himself free from the weights. Once Gelden was out of the pool, Walker sent him on his way. As she was leaving, she was attacked by Sal, who came at her with a crowbar. Walker dodged the attack and pushed Sal to the ground, who landed on her own weapon, resulting in Sal stabbing herself. Walker apologized before fleeing the scene.

Jones called into Style by Trish. She claimed that she was calling about the sweater that Walker had previously tried to sell her. Jones had changed her mind and wanted to buy it. Lastly, Jones said that she needed Walker's help, to which Walker was more than happy to.[14]

Tracking a Killer

"That front-page photo caused a shitstorm. The NYPD wants you for questioning."
"The paparazzi just found me, so–"
"If the cops just find you, I'm gonna lose a partner. And I just got used to having one."
"I'll stick to the shadows."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
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Walker and Jessica Jones began their joint investigation into Gregory Sallinger at Jones' apartment, starting with the bag full of bloody money Sallinger left behind. There was $8,000 in the bag total. Walker was certain they’d catch him, but Jones knew just how smart he was. They didn’t have any kind of evidence to support their claim that Sallinger was a murderer. So, they planned a stakeout. Jones wanted to get him the right way, without the risk of losing the case to coercion, as suggested by Walker who wanted to dangle him off a roof. Walker was their one advantage as Sallinger wasn't yet aware of her.

Walker and Jones staged their stakeout on top of the neighboring building to Sallinger's apartment. Jones explained to Walker that Sallinger was a wrestling coach at the community center and his brother died in an accident, and so Sallinger had been living off of that ever since. Walker remained on top of the building to cover the front while Jones headed around to cover the back.

Walker called Jones to alert her of Sallinger's arrival. She watched through binoculars as he pulled out his bag what appeared to be photos. He then pulled a bureau away from the wall and added the photo to a hidden album. Jones suspected it could be a trophy. Walker wanted to break in and get it, but Jones already had an established plan. Sallinger exited the building, providing Walker with a window of time to get in, get the album, and get out. During which time, Jones would follow Sallinger. The power went out in Sallinger’s building moments before Walker broke in. She pulled the bureau away from the wall and found the hidden album. She took photos on her phone of the album. After taking photos of the album, Walker put the bureau back and then took photos of the rest of the apartment.

Walker and Gillian had uncovered Sallinger's victims at Alias Investigations Office. Four of them are in the online Missing Persons Database. The disappearances span ten years. And those are just the ones they know about. Gillian and Walker wanted to call the police, but as Jones explained, all they had were photos they obtained illegally. This angered Walker so much so that she decided she would beat a confession out of Sallinger, which Jones was very much against. While she too wanted to beat up Sallinger, it wouldn’t accomplish anything. Gillian, before leaving, told the two of them to work out whatever problems it was that they had with each other.

On the rooftop, Walker informed Jones that Sallinger was sleeping. Jones showed Walker the photo she had taken of Sallinger’s closet and the photo that Walker had taken. In one photo, the handsaw hanging in his closet was missing, but it was back in place in the later photo. That connected with something Walker had been thinking about; the vacuum seal bags she found in his apartment. He must use them to store body parts. Jones had an idea on how to find them, but she needed Walker to get in contact with Maury at the morgue. They’re going to need to borrow something. They lured Sallinger out of his home by throwing a severed hand through his window. Sallinger would in turn return what he believed to be the hand of one of his victim's back to his burial site. Unbeknownst to him, Walker was following him.

They caught up to Sallinger who had opened the lid to one of the tanks. They suspected that’s where he kept the bodies, but Jones wanted proof. She would investigate while Walker followed Sallinger. Jones climbed on top and entered the tank. Once inside, she found dozens of body parts. However, the tank was booby trapped. Jones tripped the line, which caused the door to lock and the tank to fill with some type of poisonous gas. Meanwhile, Walker continued to follow Sallinger, though she had second thoughts about turning around to help Jones as she could hear her attempting to punch her way out the tank. Walker decided to go against the plan and attack Sallinger. He got back to his feet and told Walker that Jones had 30 seconds. He then ran. Walker came back for her. She pried the door open and rescued Jones. When asked if she lost Sallinger, Walker replied that she chose Jones.

Jones, still coughing from the attack, thanked Walker for saving her. Walker then admitted that she wished she didn’t kill Alisa. Jones said she wished her mother wasn’t a mass murderer. The police were approaching as Jones had reported her discovery of the bodies. However, Walker had to leave as they needed her anonymity.[38]

Walker and Jones began their search for Gelden, who had been taken by Sallinger. Together, they discussed how to find Erik. When she called his phone, Jones recalled him yelling out that he was in a commercial something, before Sallinger cut him off. Whatever it was, it would have to be abandoned for Sallinger to do his work.

After finding her eighth man, Jones just needed a name, so she broke into Ducasse’s apartment as she assumed that he had facial recognition software considering his current employment, which he did. They got a hit. A 96% match. Caspar Marx. He was a well-known chef, who was apparently still alive.

After learning that Sallinger was holding Gelden at Marx's old restaurant, Walker and Jones arrived just in time to save Gelden. After kicking Sallinger over the counter, Jones tended to Gelden. In that time, Sallinger got to his feet and took cover, though Walker was looking for him. Sallinger circled around and charged at Jones with a knife. She knocked him back. Then Walker disarmed him and the two of them knocked him out. Walker disposed of the photos Sallinger took of Gelden and then took him back to Alias. Jones stayed behind to make sure the police got Sallinger.

Unfortunately, Jones would later learn that the charges wouldn't stick and that Sallinger would walk free. Erik wanted to get out of town, but Jones had a plan. They were going to get him on kidnapping. Erik would make a deal in exchange for his testimony. He’d serve a year for his prior infractions. However, Erik would never survive it. He barely made it a day with Sallinger. He wouldn’t make it through a full year in prison. Walker argued they’d put him in solitary and he’d probably parole out in a few months. Still, Erik refused. Walker, upset over Erik’s decision, decided to leave.[39]

Walker and Jones stood outside the precinct as Sallinger was released. Much to their surprise, he was being represented by Jeri Hogarth, who defended her client and declared his innocence. Sallinger then placed all the blame on Jones, claiming that she stalked and assaulted him. He then revealed that it wasn’t just Jones, but also a second vigilante, forcing Walker to flee.

Walker and Jessica Jones arrive at the Silva Residence

Walker and Jones drove out to Sallinger's home town of Wappinger Falls, as they suspected Sallinger's first kill was his own brother, Donny Sallinger. While there, they discovered that Nathan Silva, Sallinger's former best friend was his actual first kill. Under the gazebo in the Silva's backyard is where Sallinger buried Silva. With this discovery, they finally had what they needed to take Sallinger down.[15]

With the discovery of Nathan Silva's body, Sallinger went on the offensive. He sent Jones a video from a cafe, where he stated that by 7:00 pm, a life would end because of Jones and everyone would see that she was a fraud. While Sallinger was supposed to be under police surveillance, he must’ve slipped them. The camera from the video was focused on a table, where two men and a woman sat. Given that all his past victims were male, Walker concluded that his next victim must be one of the two men at the table. The video then seemed to erase itself. It was an Instayap video, which only allowed two viewings.

Walker headed over to Hudson Street Market, to see if she could find out where Sallinger shot the video. Walker arrived at the cafe in which Sallinger’s video was taken. She asked the employee who she saw in the video about the two men and dark-haired woman that had sat at the table that morning. She claimed that she was trying to get one of the guys’ number. The waiter assumed she was joking as he recognized her as Patsy. Walker insisted this wasn’t a joke and that she needed the guys name. However, they paid in cash, leaving no trail to follow.

After turning u with no leads, Walker and Jones got a second video from Sallinger. As it turned out, the woman was his target. He was changing his MO to a proxy for Jones. With 7:00 approaching, they grew more and more concerned. Jones and Walker hit the streets of Tribeca, showing around the photo of the mystery woman. By night fall, they had no leads. Jones then noticed a GT Agrochemical building. Her family crashed into their delivery truck, which began Jones "hero charade." Jones and Walker rushed towards the building as this must’ve been where Sallinger was leading them. Walker and Jones eventually found Mona Lee, the woman they believed to be Sallinger's next target, however, Sallinger never showed.[16]

Assassination of Dorothy Walker

"He tortured and killed her. And he will never pay for it. But he has to pay for somebody's death."
―Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]
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Walker arrived at her mother's home to find the door open and her mother bleeding and tied to a chair. Walker screamed for help as she untied her mother only to find that she was dead. The phone rang. It was Jessica Jones calling to warn Dorothy. Walker answered and told Jones that her mother was dead. Jones and Ducasse then headed over to Dorothy’s, calling the cops as they left. Walker demanded that Sallinger pay. Knowing that she intended to go after Sallinger, Jones ran over to his apartment, where she found two officers wounded just outside the building. Jones climbed up the fire escape and entered the apartment, where she found Walker attacking a beaten and bloody Sallinger. Walker, with a knife in hand, was moments away from slicing Sallinger's throat. Jones, hoping to stop her from making this mistake, rushed her.[16]

Sallinger laid on the floor unconscious as Walker and Jones figured out their next move. Sallinger had seen Walker’s face. She wanted to kill him, but Jones wouldn’t allow it. She knocked Walker unconscious and carried her out the window as NYPD entered the apartment.

Walker and Jones retreated to a hotel, where Jones cleaned the blood of her. Walker was having trouble grasping the fact that her mother was dead. She cried and Jones comforted her. Jones helped Walker into the tub, where she washed and cleaned Walker of any evidence. Afterward, Jones got a call from detective Costa, which she ignored. When Sallinger woke up, he would ID Walker, and so they had big decisions ahead of them to make. She would face assault charges and the attack would be viewed as attempted murder. Jones wanted to get Walker out the city, but Walker wanted to stop Sallinger first. Unbeknownst to Walker, Sallinger had cameras set up in his apartment, and he sent to Jones a photo of Walker attacking him.

Jones later returned to the hotel with Erik Gelden, whom Walker was not pleased to see, as she partially blamed him for her mother’s death. Gelden came to apologize, but not only did Walker not accept his apology, but she also punched him in the face. Jones explained that helped with the Sallinger situation. Sallinger wanted her to destroy the evidence that proved he killed Nathan Silva. Walker was angry and upset to learn that Jones did this on her behalf as she was willing to go to jail for she'd done. With that, Jones obliterated Walker’s only win in a long, agonizing list of losses. Jones had to make a decision about whether to destroy Sallinger or save Walker. She chose the latter. Moving forward, Walker would have to let the cops see her in her regular routine. That meant returning to work and planning funeral arrangements.[17]

Within the week, Walker and Jones would have the funeral planned out and ready. They convened at the funeral home to pick a casket. However, Gene Burchell, the funeral director, informed them that Dorothy had already chosen a casket. Dorothy's attorney sent over the details, but Walker wanted nothing to do with Hogarth & Associates. Dorothy hired the firm around the same time Walker did. They had Dorothy’s will. Jones offered to obtain the original and deal with Hogarth. Dorothy had selected a playlist, featuring several of Walker’s own song. She also requested a memory board, where each guest would be asked to pin a photo or memento that reminded them of her. Lastly, Walker was also expected to give the eulogy.

Walker and Jones pulled up to the funeral home. Walker was struggling with the eulogy. She was disappointed in herself as she knew her mother wanted more from her. They entered and the funeral home was packed with those looking to say goodbye to Dorothy. At the service, Walker met numerous individuals, all of whom spoke highly of her mother. Walker and Jones reached the front of the room, where the podium, Dorothy’s casket and the memory board stood. The memory board was filled with photos. Jones added her own photo to the collection, one of her, Walker, and Dorothy walking through a rain puddle. Jones found it on her old camera. She shot it on accident the day they went to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Dorothy got the train schedule wrong and they missed the parade by an hour. And so, Dorothy took them to a movie theater instead.

Walker started the eulogy. She planned on telling them a quintessential Dorothy Walker story about how she pushed Walker to get a particular job on a TV show called "That's Our Girl". But Walker wanted to talk about something else. Her mother's deepest fear; failure. Not her own, but everyone else’s. Dorothy thought there was nothing more precious in the world than talent. And nothing more shameful than wasting it.[40]

Going Too Far

"What's your plan here? Who else are you gonna kill? Am I next? Go ahead, Trish. Prove me right. I thought this was because of what Sallinger did to you. Or maybe it was a side effect of your powers. But it has been there all along. I saw it when you shot my mother. And I can see it now."
"You're wrong."
"It's Dorothy who beat the self-righteous resolve into you. You think you're avenging her. You've become her."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
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After losing her mother and finding the photo that Sallinger took of her, Walker headed over to Gelden's apartment. She knocked on the door as she remembered that he said he wanted to make it right. She recalled that Gelden blackmailed people, and wanted to use that to repay a debt. She really wanted to go after Sallinger, but in the meantime, there were others out there who could still hurt people. Gelden could use his power to find them. Maybe Walker could save lives by taking them down. The look on Gelden's face, she could tell that someone came to mind. It was a dirty cop. Officer Carl Nussbaumer, he revealed. He was guilty of killing some drug dealers, who were really just poor kids. Gelden had a file full of proof; intel from illegal immigrants, ex-cons, snitches, none of whom would testify. Nussbaumer paid Gelden off twice, meaning he must’ve been guilty. Walker wanted to get him to admit to his crimes on video. Even if it wouldn’t hold up, she would put it online to trigger an investigation. Gelden was reluctant but ultimately agreed and decided to join Walker on her mission. It was up to Gelden to get Nussbaumer to meet him at an isolated location.

Walker and Gelden reconvened that night before the meet up with Nussbaumer. He could tell that Nussbaumer had arrived as the headache set in. Nussbaumer entered with his gun drawn. He called out Gelden by his name. He had learned everything about him since their last encounter. Walker interrupted as she sighted the names of Nussbaumer’s victims. David Corderas, age 16. Shot in the back of the head. Rui Avedo, 14. Hit and run. Marquel Booker, 19. Again, shot in the back of the head. Aaron Martinez, 21. Accidental overdose. As Nussbaumer proceeded into the abandoned factory, Walker disarmed him and took him down. He came at her with a taser, and she turned it on him.

In the midst of the fight, Nussbaumer no longer appeared as himself. To Walker, all she saw before her was Sallinger. She took the taser and hit Nussbaumer in the face, then continuing to site names. Tyrone DeGrasse, 19. Died in the back of Nussbaumer’s squad car. Gelden recorded from his phone as this occurred. When Nussbaumer charged his way, Walker kicked him in the back and Nussbaumer hit his face on a steal beam and fell to the ground, where Walker ripped off his badge. Nussbaumer started bleeding from the back of his head. He died there on the scene. Walker was panicked, but Gelden found amusement in Nussbaumer’s death. Gelden explained that the pain in his head was gone. It was as if the world just changed. It felt lighter and better. Walker and Gelden immediately vacated the premises.

After Nussbaumer's death made headlines, Walker rushed over to Gelden’s apartment to inform him that the cops suspected Jones of killing Nussbaumer. They couldn’t let her get blamed for this. Gelden suggested that Walker rough up another bad guy to throw suspension away from Jones. They’d time it so that Jones was someplace visible when it happened. And then Walker would tell her victim that she also attacked Nussbaumer, who would tell the cops. That way, Jones had an alibi and they could take down another bad guy. However, when their mark revealed that the masked vigilante attacked him and Nussbaumer, Jones would know what they did. Walker agreed to own up and take all the blame because at the moment, Jones suspected Gelden of killing Nussbaumer. She and Jones had already lost so much, she didn’t want Jones to lose Gelden too. With a plan in motion, Gelden searched for their next mark.

Their next mark was Jace Montero, a property developer and serial arsonist. Gelden blackmailed him a few years ago. The headache he gave Gelden nearly put him in the hospital. The property they were developing used to be a landmark building, until it went up in flames. People died, but it freed Montero up to build whatever he wanted. Twelve people died total. In three different buildings Montero owned. No one had been able to pin it on him. Before they could act, they had to make sure Jones was someplace public.

Walker received a surprise visit from Hogarth, who revealed that she knew Walker was the masked vigilante. Walker had been stealing her files and assaulting her clients. On top of that, Walker was looking at a long list of felonies for also assaulting a couple officers and maiming Sallinger. Walker raised her leg and held Hogarth against a steel beam as she too was particularly responsible for Sallinger killing her mother. Hogarth claimed she would destroy the footage in exchange for a favor that would require Walker’s gifts. She needed Walker to steal something from a man named Demetri Patseras. He was trying to hurt someone Hogarth cared about, and he was a bad person. Hogarth arranged to have the specifics sent to Walker after the funeral.

The following morning, Walker and Gelden were about to meet up as planned. However, as they were approaching the meet up spot from opposite directions, Gelden took cover and called Walker to tell her to keep walking as she was being followed by Jones. Gelden then called the cops in order to get Jones off Walker’s trail.

That night, Walker barged into Montero’s trailer and demanded a confession for the fires he started. Rather than confessing, Montero grabbed an aluminum bat and started swinging. Walker dodged his attacks, disarmed him, and then began to beat Montero until he confessed. She repeatedly asked how many died. He eventually revealed that 14 people died in those fires. She then mentioned how he was worse than Nussbaumer and that he was to tell the police that she did this. She continued hitting him. Much like with Nussbaumer, Montero appeared to her as Sallinger, which only increased her rage. She only stopped hitting him after Gelden entered the trailer, but by then, it was too late as Montero was dead. Gelden left, as did Walker, but not before throwing Nussbaumer’s badge down. As they were leaving the site, Walker asked Gelden if he felt it, if the world was better. From that, Walker believed she could make the world better, recalling what her mother once said to her of owing the world. While Gelden was done, Walker wanted to continue, telling him that she already knew who was next.[3]

Sallinger was Walker's next target. She hunted him down at the hospital, but Jones beat her there. Walker punched Sallinger, but Jones allowed it to go no further. She threw Walker down the hallway and then escaped on the elevator with Sallinger. Walker entered the elevator through the shaft, but by then, Jones and Sallinger had already made their way through the stairwell, headed to the roof. But Walker caught up to them. Jones attempted to reason with her, explaining that killing Sallinger would only put her in jail, which Walker was fine with. Jones claimed that she hadn’t destroyed all the evidence in the Silva case and that there was still a possibility to take Sallinger down the right way. He threatened to release the photo, thus exposing Walker, not that she cared. Still, she wanted to kill Sallinger, however, Jones didn’t give her the chance and ran to the roof. Walker followed. Once on the rooftop, Jones grabbed Walker from behind and threw her onto the neighboring building.

Walker tracked Sallinger down to his apartment. She spied on his home from the neighboring building. Unbeknownst to Walker, Jones had a plan in store to trap her. Inside Sallinger's apartment, Jones threw Sallinger to the ground, grabbed his ant farm and pretended to smash it over his head. Walker cheered Jones on. Little did she know, Ducasse and Gelden were sneaking up behind her to taser her. After knocking Walker unconscious, Gelden zip-tied her, and Ducasse messaged Jones.

Walker woke up the next morning, chained up in her apartment. Ducasse had been tasked with watching over her. If it were up to him, Walker would be in police custody. While he no longer believed in Walker, Jones did. Walker maintained her stance that Nussbaumer and Montero got what they deserved, however, Ducasse didn’t think they’re reckoning was her job. Walker explained that she too had a lot to make up for. She was hoping to balance the scales. Ducasse questioned if Walker ever missed the person she used to be, but she didn’t respond.

Ducasse asked if Walker still dreamed. He didn’t, not after all the things he had done. However, it didn’t seem to bother Walker. If she felt even half the remorse that he did, there’s no way she could continue. Walker responded that she didn’t dream. And what she did have were worse than nightmares. She saw Nussbaumer, Montero, and even Jones’ mother, every time she closed her eyes. She didn’t do it because she wanted to. She did it because she had to. As long as Sallinger and others like him were free, she didn’t know if she could get her old self back. Jones arrived to report that Sallinger was in jail for good and the photo of Walker had been destroyed. When Walker questioned how, Jones threw her the balled up photo Sallinger took of her. Even with his arrest, Walker was still angry. As was Jones. But that was the burden they had to carry. Walker told Jones that she never meant to hurt her and vice versa. Jones then broke Walker free of her chains and they hugged.

Sallinger was escorted through the tunnels of the courthouse by three officers. As the elevator came down to pick them up, Walker was on the other side. She quickly dispatched all three guards and then attacked Sallinger. She dragged him by the chains on his ankles into the elevator. She slammed his head against the walls. Walker stopped the elevator and began punching Sallinger repeatedly. She asked about the pictures and what Sallinger wanted to see from them. He wanted to see her truth, he replied. And now he had seen Walker’s. She proceeded to attack Sallinger, taking his life by stomping on his head until it blood splattered everywhere.[19]

After killing Sallinger, Walker was confronted by Jones, who wanted to bring her in to authorities. Walker refused to be taken in and escaped Jones' grasp. Walker took refuge in a building, where she recorded a message for Jones, explaining that if Jones stayed out her way, she would see what Walker was trying to do. However, she didn’t complete the message. Instead, she scrolled through her email, where she found an email from Hogarth detailing the assignment she had for Walker.

After learning from Hogarth that Patseras was a monster, Walker broke into Patseras’ house and beat a confession out of him. He admitted to cheating on his taxes and hitting his wife. As Walker continued her assault, Patseras’ daughter, Nora, called out to her father and told Walker that she called 911, forcing Walker to flee.

The following day, Walker went to Joe's Pizza and saw on ZCN that Hogarth was planning to reveal the identity of the masked vigilante, who Hogarth claimed was far too dangerous to leave out in the streets. Walker was unaware that this was merely a plot to lure her in. She broke into Hogarth's apartment to confront her, but was instead attacked by Jones. Jones came from out of the room and slammed Walker against the ceiling. Walker didn’t believe that she was Jones’ problem anymore, but Jones would beg to differ. As Hogarth called the police, Walker raced over to Lyonne and held her hostage. Hogarth pleaded with Walker to stop. She then pulled out a gun and demanded that Walker let her go. She even offered to find her a way out of town in exchange for Lyonne’s release. When Jones attempted to rush Hogarth, she shot Jones in the leg. With Jones down on the ground, Walker and Hogarth exited the apartment.

Walker took Hogarth to her hideout, where Hogarth made arrangements for Walker to get out of the country. Hogarth would take Walker across the border to Canada. From there, she’d be on her own. Walker then got an alert on her phone from the New York Bulletin. It was Jones, who had revealed her identity to the world. The next day, Walker and Hogarth arranged a meeting with Alex Sokolov, who could get Walker out of the country. Even in a brown wig, he instantly recognized Walker. He was a government contractor who supplied armed forces. It gave him flexibility with certain restrictions. He and Walker would layover in Thailand. From there, Walker could go where ever she wanted. They entered a warehouse, where they discovered that Sokolov shipped coffins to war zones. Walker was being shipped in a coffin and had a 17 hour flight ahead of her, but they had something to put her out. However, she declined any drugs.

Walker got in the coffin, but Jones arrived soon thereafter. Jones found Walker’s coffin, but before she could act, Walker forced her way out and made a run for it, but she didn’t get far, forcing her to fight. Walker kicked the circuit breaker, shutting off the lights, giving her an advantage. She simply wanted Jones to let her go. Jones couldn’t do that in fear that Walker would hurt someone else. Jones was completely blind, while Walker could see just fine, making it quite an even match as Walker traded blows with Jones. However, she didn’t have the upper hand for long. Jones grabbed Walker and threw her into the next room over, where she could see.

Jones thought this was all because of what Sallinger did to Walker or maybe even a side effect of her powers. But Jones realized that it had been there all along. She saw it when Walker shot her mother. And she could see it again. It was Dorothy who beat the self-righteous resolve into Walker. Walker thought she was avenging her, but in reality, Walker became her. Walker exclaimed that this wasn’t true and told Jones to stop. As Walker pulled out a knife, Jones admitted that Walker was right about the fact that Jones didn’t have what it took. She approached Walker to see if she did have it. And just like that, Walker charged at Jones with her knife, aiming for Jones upper body. She only missed because Jones raised her hand and blocked the attack, causing the blade to go through Jones' hand. Jones then grabbed Walker and slammed her to the ground, knocking her unconscious.[18]

Incarcerated at the Raft

Walker getting taken away towards the Raft

"Two counts of murder in the first degree. One count of murder in the second degree. Multiple counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing. And one count of attempted murder... against your own sister. Ms. Walker, do you understand? Ms. Walker? Ms. Walker, do you understand?"
"I'm the bad guy."
Eddy Costa and Trish Walker[src]

Walker sat in the 15th Precinct Police Station's interrogation room, where Eddy Costa informed her that the Raft pulled jurisdiction, forcing him to hand her off to them. Costa explained that due process did not apply to enhanced people, and they would been told to close all cases related to Walker.

As Walker listened, Costa informed her that she was being charged with two counts of murder in the first degree, for Gregory Sallinger and Jace Montero, as well as one count of murder in the second degree for Carl Nussbaumer, and multiple counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing, and one count of attempted murder against Jessica Jones. Having heard all the charges against her, Walker bowed her head in shame and confessed to being the bad guy.

As Walker was about to be sent to the Raft, a prison made specifically for superpowered criminals and villains like herself, she realized that in attempting to rid the world of dangerous "villains", she had ultimately become the antagonist of the story herself instead of the heroine, realizing her hypocrisy. Before being taken away, she made eye contact with Jones. They exchanged looks, though neither spoke.[18]


"I just want to help people who can't help themselves."
―Trish Walker to Karl Malus[src]

Trish is a very determined, tough, headstrong, and near-fearless woman, capable of taking any challenge that is required of her for those she cares for, namely her adoptive sister Jessica Jones. Throughout her childhood, Trish was forced to live up to others expectations of her, from the fans that adored her, to own her abusive mother.

The pressures of fame and being abused made her more erratic and self-destructive as she grew up, leading to drug addiction. Despite this, she bonded with Jones after she saved her from Trish's mother and she began to turn her life around, becoming a highly successful talk show host. However, she was also hardened by her troubled life, making her greatly obsessed with overcoming weaknesses, taking up self defense classes that left her with bruises and a bloody nose, continuing on even when she was injured.

Despite this, she is also very much capable of social interactions, having befriended her co-workers and had a romantic relationship with Will Simpson. She was shown willing to not only defend herself but also willing to kill, especially after Simpson nearly killed her due to Kilgrave's influence. She not only held up Oscar Clemons with her revolver, but also tried to shoot Kilgrave when he was using his powers to get his parents to kill themselves. As stated by Alisa Jones, Trish, while continuously denying it, was jealous of Jessica's superhuman abilities and greatly desired to become a hero, which would eventually lead her to use Will Simpson's Combat Enhancer Inhaler, turning her into a crazed addict obsessed with gaining superhuman powers like Jessica's for herself, causing her to use and turn against others to achieve her goal, friend or foe.

However, she can also make very hasty decisions, as she was quick to shoot and capture Will Simpson without allowing him to explain he was protecting her, and assume that Alisa Jones was going to hurt Jessica like with her, causing her to kill Alisa in cold blood and Jessica to furiously end their friendship.

Trish's eventual descent into full-blown villainy began by the discovery of her new gifts. After honing and training them, she began to operate as an anonymous vigilante, becoming more obsessive over her alternate life than her actual one. While dealing with Sallinger, a serial killer, who targeted Jessica, the final straw was drawn when her mother was killed. Trish effectively lost herself and began to murder people, forcing Jessica to put a stop to her. In her final moments before being sent to the Raft, she came to the conclusion that despite all her efforts, her drive to become a hero instead had led her to be "the villain".

Powers and Abilities


"I have spent the past year honing my skills, evolving into the best version of myself. I'm unstoppable."
―Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Envious of Jessica Jones' powers, Walker convinced Karl Malus to treat her to get powers like those of her sister. Upon recovery from the procedure done to her by Malus, she realized her abilities developed to spend the rest of the year training at a park and gym to test the limits of her physical prowess. Which resulted to be within the peak of human capability as she demonstrated exceptional feats of agility, reflexes, and durability while her night vision among her other attributes became greatly improved.
    • Enhanced Durability: Walker's resilience became enhanced to an exceptional degree, which allows her to withstand situations beyond that of a normal person but still within human capability. Trish took a leap outside the window when Jessica assisted her investigation and was smacked to the right side of her face by her sister which blew Trish to the ground in an alley but she recovered with no pain or visible injury. She can also absorb the shock of landing from high falls, as she jumped off the roof of a building without sustaining any discomfort once landing to the surface, and upon her next act as being a vigilante, she leaped from a bridge beam down to the ground unharmed. During her assassination of Gregory Sallinger, she was able to resist his choke hold long enough to flip herself over him and win the fight. She was also able to stay conscious after being thrown into a wooden crate by Jessica, something which had just previously knocked an average man unconscious. However, Walker's durability is still notably inferior to Jessica Jones as she was able to knock down Walker with one strike, after which Walker was too weak to retaliate.
    • Enhanced Agility:

      Walker standing on a thin pole

      She has impressive agility and put her body coordination through parkour obstacles to find herself capable of maintaining excellent balance, flexibility, and dexterity while standing on a pole with one leg then perform running off a wall. She effortlessly backflipped from Jessica grabbing her, and after obtaining information from an art gallery computer, she quickly front flipped back to her seat in time before the Tour Guide returned. Walker was even able to have Jeri Hogarth pinned against the pillar with her leg extended to the throat. During her assassination of Gregory Sallinger, she also used her newfound agility to regain the upper hand by running up an elevator wall to reestablish her position and won the fight. Then after breaking into Jeri Hogarth's Apartment, she quickly maneuvered her way over her living room couch to briefly have Kith Lyonne held hostage as bait for Hogarth to help her escape. Walker also used her agility to run up a wall over Jessica’s head to land a single kick on her.
    • Enhanced Reflexes:

      Walker anticipates Sal Blaskowski's attack from behind

      Walker developed faster than normal reflexes. When bumped by a resident at Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, she was able to catch her phone with her foot before it could shatter on the floor and then she returned it to her hands. Walker even deflected strikes from Malcolm Ducasse pair of scissors and thrown punches for intruding his office. Her reaction speed was capable of anticipating Sal Blaskowski attempt to hit her with a crowbar from behind and turned around to deflect it, avoids security guards equipped with batons, and strikes from the knife Sallinger swung at her with and she managed to catch it in her hand with ease. Walker's reflexes were also fast enough to dodge taser strikes from Carl Nussbaumer, multiple hits of a baseball bat and wrench from Jace Montero, and even gunfire shot by Gregory Sallinger with no mark placed on her. However, her reflexes are still within human capability as she could be caught off guard, such as when Jessica Jones struck her in an alley before she could react.
    • Night Vision:

      Walker discovers her night vision

      Walker's vision has been greatly improved to the point of allowing her to fully see objects even in the darkness of the night. When walking out of Jessica’s Apartment, she looked around her position and her vision highlighted everything in bright clear color. She also used her vision to view in the dark area where Sallinger hid and dumped his victims, and in the kitchen part of the building where Erik Gelden was captured. Then after breaking into Sallinger's Apartment, Walker entered the room in complete darkness, to then spot him running towards her. After assassinating Gregory Sallinger, Jessica walked into Trish Walker's Hideout with the lights completely off and she gets complimented after her sister said it wasn't dark for her. Walker also was able to briefly overpower Jones when she destroyed the electrical generator to turn all the lights off and use her night vision to land blows and avoid her punches.

Temporary Powers

The use of Combat Enhancers, both in pill and inhaler form, would cause a surge of adrenaline throughout the user, and granted Walker the following powers:

  • Enhanced Strength: Walker was granted strength that was equally matched against Will Simpson and Jessica Jones. In an altercation outside the Chocolate Bar, she was able to rescue Malcolm Ducasse from a group of men who assaulted him.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Every dosage she ingested from the inhaler transferred high amounts of adrenaline into her bloodstream, causing her fewer fatigues and to overexert herself without any signs of exhaustion that was common with the average human. She demonstrated this ability when exercising on her punching bag and had no need to catch her breath from each hit she struck.
  • Enhanced Vision: By intaking the inhaler, Walker's vision was greatly improved, and even allowed her to see objects even in the darkness of night. She could also see the world much slower than normal, allowing her to act faster.
  • Pain Suppression: Using the pills and inhaler caused her mind and body to develop an overconfident state of behavior due to each adrenaline surge both increasing and destabilizing her emotional outcomes of aggression.


"I'm certified in Krav Maga."
―Trish Walker to Jeri Hogarth[src]
  • Expert Martial Artist:

    Walker fighting off two large men

    Due to the abuse she suffered as a child, Walker began training in the self-defense techniques of Krav Maga, though she was injured during these lessons until she was certified. She resorted to use what she learned when Will Simpson attacked her at her apartment. Notably, she was able to catch Jessica Jones off guard and body slam her into the floor. She was able to incorporate these self-defense tactics when defending Malcolm Ducasse from a group of bigoted thugs who assaulted him, albeit with the aid of Combat Enhancers. Upon awakening her newfound powers, Walker also began training in boxing and incorporated her incredible agility into her fighting style to fight against the criminals of Manhattan. She was able to overpower Gregory Sallinger in both of their fights.
  • Knife Proficiency: Walker can use a knife in combat. This is seen when she used Sallinger's knife against him during their first fight and when she attacked Jessica with a knife during their final fight, but only managed to stab her through the hand.
  • Expert Marksman: Walker appeared to be proficiently skilled in using firearms, as she used the revolver given to her by Will Simpson to shoot Kilgrave in his arm. Also, from a considerable amount of distance, she was also capable of assassinating Alisa Jones while she was onboard the Ferris wheel in Playland via shooting her directly in the head.
  • Master Acrobat: Walker is shown to be a highly skilled acrobat. She can perform backflips off of walls, front flip into chairs, and even use her acrobatics in combat, demonstrated when she first kicked a man, then landed a second kick and used him to propel herself into a backflip. Due to her heightened agility, her acrobatics come naturally to her and thus make her a highly mobile combatant, which grants her a high edge in combat.
"Jesus. You're a dog with a bone."
"It's called tenacity, and it's a good thing."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
  • Investigator: Walker singlehandedly exposed IGH's illegal activities. When she became a masked vigilante, she effectively followed clues and information, such as Sal Blaskowski's criminal records when trying to determine the identity of the individual who stabbed Jessica.
  • Bilingualism: Walker is fluent in her native English, as well as French, using the latter to get Maury Tuttlebaum a seat in the restaurant Sattere.



"What's with the gun? Why do you even own a gun?"
"I like guns."
Griffin Sinclair and Trish Walker[src]
  • Glock 19: Walker disarmed her trainer of his pistol when practicing Krav Maga disarming techniques.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 637:

    Walker aiming her revolver at Kilgrave

    Walker received this revolver as a gift from Will Simpson, in order to make her feel safe following the assassination attempt she suffered from Simpson himself while he was under Kilgrave's enthrallment. She began to carry it around, pointing at Simpson all times until she began to trust him, at Malcolm Ducasse when he startled her inside Alias Investigations Office, and at Oscar Clemons to disarm him. Walker also tried to use it to prevent Kilgrave from killing his own parents, but Kilgrave ordered her to put a bullet in her skull. Fortunately for her, Walker had run out of ammo, and after shooting the empty gun, she tried to manually place a bullet in her forehead. Jessica Jones helped her by making her place a bullet in her mouth, technically following Kilgrave's command. Walker kept the revolver, and used it to threaten Will Simpson when she realized that he had been following her after he was presumed dead. She shot him in the leg to try to stop him, but he was able to go on. Later, when another killer went after her, she gave the gun to Simpson. He tried to shoot at the killer, but ended up being killed.
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Compact: Walker obtained a handgun from Will Simpson's arsenal, and the first time she took it was in order to save Jessica Jones once she realized the woman that Jones was about to meet was not Leslie Hansen. She then took it during her kidnapping of Karl Malus, first in order to Malcolm Ducasse in the trunk of her car while looking for Malus, and then to threaten Ducasse when he was freed, even shot to the floor to prevent him from stopping her from escaping with Malus.
  • Walther P99: Walker took another handgun from Will Simpson's arsenal, and headed for Playland, knowing that would be the place where Alisa Jones would take her daughter to hide. Walker saw the two of them in the Ferris wheel, and shot Alisa in the head, killing her. Jessica then took the gun after fighting Walker, so the police would think it was her who killed her mother.
  • Combat Knife: Walker used this knife against Jessica, but only stabbed the latter's hand.

Other Equipment

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"It's like a combat enhancer or something."
"You don't even know what it is?"
"I know what it does. It belonged to Simpson. It makes you stronger, faster, quicker reflexes, more focused."
―Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse[src]
  • Combat Enhancer Inhaler: Following Will Simpson's death, Walker took possession of his arsenal, including an inhaler manufactured by IGH. Upon consuming the drug, she experienced the same effects of it like its pill variations. Progressively, however, she became addicted to its effects.
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  • Raft: After She ended a string of sadistic vigilante acts with the murder of Gregory Sallinger, Jessica Jones pursued her, took Walker down and knocked her unconscious. When the New York City Police Department arrested and interrogated Walker, she finally realized that she had become "the bad guy", although far too late for her to be able to fix the situation. Jones later solemnly watched from afar as Walker was transported to the Raft.






Appearances for Trish Walker

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Patricia "Patsy" Walker is one of Marvel's oldest female characters, originating from "Miss America". Originally, her first adventures are an only teenage romantic comedy, usually in exploits where she and Hedy Wolfe try and attract the attention of boys. Patsy eventually becomes a costumed vigilante herself, under the alias Hellcat and served as a member of both the Avengers and the Defenders. She married and divorced Daimon Hellstrom. It was revealed that her teenage life's adventures were only fictional stories in the Marvel comics universe which was written by her mother, Dorothy Walker. This "teenage past" is hinted to her live-action counterpart who had a child starlet past while being aggressively controlled by her mother.
    • Ironically, in the 100th issue of those romantic comedies, Patsy and her friends visited a fan club of her comic and were surprised at all of the demands the fans laid at them, one of which was to see Patsy Walker as a blonde.
  • Walker's role as Jessica Jones' friend is similar to Carol Danvers in the original Alias storyline.
  • Walker is coulrophobic.
  • While Rachael Taylor's other tattoos are covered by make-up, the "Matthew" on her right wrist is visible when Walker holds a gun at Malcolm Ducasse.
  • Trish's favorite color is bordeaux (burgundy/maroon).[37]
  • The superhero outfit Walker tries on in the second episode of the third season is similar to the suit worn by her character in the comics when she was Hellcat.

Behind the Scenes


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