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"Racism, global warming, child pornography, murder, poverty, true human suffering that too many people refuse to look at. Denial is a warm bed that no one wants to get out of, and Trish Talk is the comforter on that bed. I keep you complacent. I keep your eyes down. But you know what? This show is bullshit."
Trish Walker[src]

Trish Talk was a radio talk show broadcasted on WNEX Station in New York City and hosted by Trish Walker.


"I'm using my show to make a difference."
"Agreed! As long as women 18 to 49 want to listen. Otherwise, you're gonna die. Or I mean, your show is gonna die."
Trish Walker and Ian[src]

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Name Position Status
Trish Walker Host Alive
Zack Producer Alive
Nicole Intern Alive


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