"This forest is a protected reserve."

Trillemarka, officially the Trillemarka National Park, is a nature reserve located in Norway.


Asgardian Warrior

"Whatever was up in these trees had to be there for centuries, right?"
"At least a millennium. Radiocarbon-14 dates some of these trees at 9,000 years old."
Grant Ward and Jemma Simmons[src]

A single warrior from the Asgardian Berserker Army decided to stay behind on Earth when the rest of the army returned to Asgard.

The warrior broke the weapon that gave the Berserkers their power, the so-called Berserker Staff, and traveled to a forest in Norway to hide one of the pieces inside a tree in what would become the Trillemarka National Park.[1]

Berserker Staff

A vandalized sign at the entrance to the park

"I told you it was real, and that I would find it."
Jakob Nystrom to Petra Larsen[src]

Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larsen, leaders of a Norse Paganist hate group, discovered that one of the pieces of the Berserker Staff was located at Trillemarka, and traveled there to retrieve it. They drew a Norse rune in one of the informative panels of the park in order to distract the park rangers while they looked for the exact location.

Park Rangers Bjorn and Neils located the symbol drawn in the panel, and complained about insensitive people who damaged the park.

Nystrom and Larsen located the exact point described in the legend of the Berserker Warrior, a tree surrounded by a halo of stones. Nystrom used a chainsaw to cut the tree and tore it in half, retrieving the piece of the staff from inside the trunk after all the time they spent searching for it.

Larsen touched the staff and gained the strength it granted, also being overcome by rage. Nystrom advised to embrace the rage she felt instead of fighting it back. Bjorn and Neils, alerted by the noise of the chainsaw, checked the location and witnessed the ancient tree they had cut. Without saying anything, Larsen tested her new strength, killing Bjorn with a single blow.[1]


"Spectrographic signatures match readings from... Thor's hammer. Simmons, whatever was in that tree is Asgardian."
Leo Fitz to Jemma Simmons[src]

Phil Coulson and his team were reassigned from the cleanup in London to investigate the event at Trillemarka.

S.H.I.E.L.D. investigates the park

Grant Ward tried to comfort Jemma Simmons, as she had to climb upon the fallen tree in order to analyze it and was a bit afraid of heights since she jumped from the Bus. Ward acknowledged that fears could take over if they were thought too much about, and advised her to focus on something she liked, like doing research. Ward distracted her by asking questions about the research, how and when something could have been hidden inside a tree, making Simmons climb the tree while she was explaining her theories and the methods she would use to analyze them.

Coulson interrogated the surviving Park Ranger, Neils, about the two suspects that killed her partner Bjorn. He described the woman as having hate in her eyes, and she had a silver or steel stick with decorations, but couldn't describe it better as he just ran to save his life, and was deeply affected by the death of his partner.

Simmons scanned the trunk of the fallen tree, determining that the spectrographic signature was alien, and sent the data to Leo Fitz, worried that it may be another piece of Chitauri technology, like the helmet they had previously encountered that carried an alien virus, but Fitz confirmed that its readings matched those of Thor's hammer, Mjølnir, and determined that the object hidden inside the tree was of Asgardian origin.

Simmons scanned the imprints inside the tree for a three-dimensional restoration, sending them to Fitz, who was able to holographically reconstruct the Berserker Staff and print a 3-D model.

While trying to obtain more clues about the two suspects from Neils, Coulson was informed by Skye of the riots that the Norse Paganists had caused in Oslo, and showed Ward the message they wrote in the streets, that they were gods.[1]


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