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"It's a show people want and I gave them a good one. It's not the Mandarin they'll remember, it's the name, Trevor Slattery."
―Trevor Slattery to Jackson Norriss[src]

Trevor Slattery is an actor who, while suffering from drug addictions and other legal problems, was approached by the scientist Aldrich Killian to pose as the Mandarin, the idealized perfect terrorist. Taking responsibility for the widespread accidents caused by Killian's experiments and framing them as bombings, the Mandarin persona convinced people that he was in command of the infamous Ten Rings terrorist organization, eventually becoming the most feared terrorist in the West.

Slattery was captured by Tony Stark for his association with Killian and incarcerated at Seagate Penitentiary, after which he became a popular, yet controversial figure, with his story featured in numerous films and biographies. During his imprisonment, the egocentric Slattery was interviewed about his life story by Jackson Norriss, who was revealed to be a Ten Rings agent sent to abduct him to be delivered to Xu Wenwu, the real "Mandarin", as punishment for impersonating him.

Before he could be executed by Wenwu, Slattery went into an acting performance which impressed the Ten Rings enough for Wenwu to decide not to kill Slattery and instead keep him prisoner to act as a court jester for the Ten Rings. While in the Wenwu's custody, Slattery encountered a Dijiang, later taking him in as a pet he named Morris. Eventually, Slattery met Wenwu's children, Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing, along with their friend Katy Chen, who were also sent to be locked up. Slattery accompanied his new party as they escaped from the Ten Rings Headquarters, serving as Morris' translator as he guided them to his home realm of Ta Lo. When Wenwu and the Ten Rings followed them into the dimension, Slattery participated in the subsequent battle and survived. After the memorial, Slattery remained in Ta Lo with Morris.


Early Life

Raised by his Mother

"October 12th, 1964, that was the day I landed by first role. Boatswain 1, Shakespeare's Tempest. Obviously, I told her I was the lead. I always was a bloody great liar."
"So, I assume the two of you were close."
"She was everything to me."
―Trevor Slattery and Jackson Norriss[src]

Slattery and his mother in 1964

Trevor Slattery grew up in Liverpool, England with his mother; his dream was always to be a world-renowned stage actor and his mother often took him to the theatre to help fuel his passion for the stage.[2] Trevor has given conflicting accounts about how his interest in acting began.[2][3] In one account, he first took up an interest in acting in 1964, when he got his first role of Boatswain 1, in William Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Royal Court Theatre, which he told his mother was the lead role.[2] According to another account, his interest in acting began when he watched the 1968 film Planet of the Apes as a child and was confused about how monkeys could learn to ride horses, with his mother explaining that they were just acting, which Trevor understood as meaning that the director got monkeys to pretend that they were riding horses.[3]

Although Slattery and his mother were very close, with Slattery noting that she was everything to him, he failed to be with her when she passed away in 1986 as Slattery was still continuing to pursue his dream as an actor in the United States of America.[2]

Acting Career

Slattery starring in Caged Heat

"I know it's a little over-the-top sometimes. It's not entirely my fault; he has a tend... he's... he's a stage actor. They say his Lear was the toast of Croydon, wherever that is."
Aldrich Killian to Tony Stark[src]

As Slattery continued to pursue his dream, he grew up to be a small-time actor whose biggest claim to fame was the lead role in an unsold 1986 CBS pilot called Caged Heat in which he portrayed Genadiy Mihaylovich Sheobokob, an aggressive Russian police officer. The pilot was never picked up as it was of poor quality and featured an alcoholic monkey. Slattery, however, insisted that it was too sophisticated for the networks. To push the idea of his successful career, Slattery later insisted that he had worked with and been flirted with by actor Sean Connery, although this was likely a lie.[2]

The Mandarin

Recruited by A.I.M.

Slattery performing as the "Mandarin"

"It's just a role. The 'Mandarin', see, it's not real."
"Then how did you get here, Trevor?"
"Um, well, uh, I have a little problem with, um, substances, and I ended up doing things... no two ways about it in the street that a man shouldn't do."
―Trevor Slattery and Tony Stark[src]

Down on his luck and with serious drug addiction, Slattery was approached by Aldrich Killian, the founder of the Advanced Idea Mechanics who posed as a BBC producer[3], with a job offer. Killian needed to masquerade his failed experiments with the Extremis virus as terrorist attacks. So he needed someone, a feared terrorist who would publicly take responsibility for those attacks. Killian gave Slattery plastic surgery so no one could recognize him, and from that day on, Slattery posed as the Mandarin, a legendary warlord affiliated with the Ten Rings organization.

Slattery on location in Afghanistan filming

Whenever one of Killian's experiments with Extremis would fail, causing explosions and a great number of civilian casualties, the Mandarin would appear on television and say this was "another lesson" for the American people. Between the two performances, Slattery would spend his time in the company of prostitutes, enjoying an endless supply of drugs and alcohol. Slattery was invited to travel to Afghanistan to film scenes of him as the Mandarin, although he was not trusted to use a real gun.[1]

History Lesson of America

Mandarin records a threatening message

"President Ellis, you continue to resist my attempts to educate you, sir. And now, you've missed me again. You know who I am, you don't know where I am, and you'll never see me coming."
―Trevor Slattery to Matthew Ellis[src]

Recorded from Aldrich Killian's Mansion, Slattery filmed a message for President Matthew Ellis, in which he discussed the history of the United States of America. During this, Slattery described his persona of the Mandarin as a teacher, rather than a terrorist, with his comments being cut together with footage Slattery had shot in Afghanistan, in order to make the illusion of Slattery being the true leader of the Ten Rings more believable.

Mandarin claims responsibility for terrorism

Slattery commented on a battle in 1864 in Colorado, in which the United States Armed Forces slaughtered the wives and children of the natives in order to claim their land, noting that the military had waited for the braves of the villages had gone hunting, before they had begun their attack. During a comparison with this incident, Slattery then claimed responsibility for a bombing of the Ali Al Salem Airbase, noting that women and children had been killed in this attack.

Mandarin directly threatening Matthew Ellis

Slattery then spoke directly to President Ellis, claiming that he was continuing to resist all of his attempts to educate him, and had missed his opportunity to catch him once again. With footage of Slattery burning a model of President Ellis in Afghanistan playing over his message, Slattery had then warned that Ellis did not know who he was or where he was, and would never see his attacks coming, before finally ending the broadcast.[1]

Chinese Theatre Destruction

Mandarin is told about the last explosion

"Mr. President, I know this must be getting frustrating, but this season of terror is drawing to a close. And don't worry... the big one is coming: your graduation."
―Trevor Slattery to Matthew Ellis[src]

When Jack Taggart injected himself with Extremis and had exploded before the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, Slattery was told to claim responsibility.[1] While Slattery had been getting himself into character inside the Mansion, he received a phonecall explaining the details of the explosion, with Slattery remaining in character as he suggested the theme of China be used during the message.[4]

Mandarin comments on the recent bombing

Beginning the message by smashing a fortune cookie, Slattery had explained that the cookies were an American knock off, designed to look and sound Chinese, but were actually an invention by the United States of America. Slattery went on to call the cookies hallow, full of lies, and would leave a bad taste in the mouth, like the Americans. Having made this metaphor, Slattery had then claimed that it the Ten Rings were the ones responsible for destroying the Chinese Theatre, which he called another cheap American knock off.

Mandarin promises a final attack is coming

While footage of the injured Happy Hogan being taken out of the wreak of the Chinese Theatre was being played over his speech, Slattery had then acknowledged that President Matthew Ellis must be getting frustrated by the ongoing situation, but promised that his season of terror would be coming to a close. Slattery also promised Ellis that his final and greatest attack would be coming soon, while footage of him in Afghanistan played over, showing him with his followers, and shooting a picture of Ellis.[1]

Attack on Tony Stark

Mandarin arrives to film another message

"Well then, what are we waiting for?"
―Trevor Slattery to Aldrich Killian[src]

Since Tony Stark's friend Happy Hogan had been severely injured by the explosion at the TCL Chinese Theatre, this resulted in Stark challenging the Mandarin to a final fight on the news, as he announced the address of his Mansion to draw the Mandarin out, unaware of Slattery's true identity, and the true conspiracy. This challenge was accepted by Aldrich Killian, who sent out Eric Savin to lead a team and destroy the Mansion with Stark inside.

Mandarin ordering Aldrich Killian to begin

Once the mansion had been destroyed, with Stark seemingly being killed, Slattery was called upon to record a response as the Mandarin. Slattery was then driven to Killian's Mansion, as he arrived in character, walking past Killian's guards without making eye contact, before having his hood removed by all his aides. Once in position, Slattery demanded that they begin immediately while Killian watched from the sidelines, with Slattery claiming the responsibility for the recent attack against Stark.[1]

"Killing" Thomas Richards

Mandarin broadcasting another message

"There's just one lesson left, President Ellis. So run away, hide, kiss your children goodbye. Because nothing, not your army, not your red, white and blue attack dog can save you. I'll see you soon."
―Trevor Slattery to Matthew Ellis[src]

Slattery was called upon once again to film a scene in which he would impersonate the Mandarin, this time recruiting Thomas Richards into the scene. Once their feed was broadcast across the United States of America, including the United States Congress and Air Force One, Slattery addressed President Matthew Ellis, telling him that two lessons remained, and he intended to finish before Christmas.

Mandarin prepares to kill Thomas Richards

Slattery then presented Richards to the feed, explaining that he was an accountant for the Roxxon Corporation, noting that he was sure that Richards was a nice man. However, Slattery then promised that he would shoot Richards in the head in thirty seconds, unless President Ellis rang the phone next to him, explaining that the number for the phone was in President Ellis' phone. Slattery then jokingly claimed that the President must be excited by imagining how all of this had been done.

Mandarin giving Matthew Ellis his orders

Having given Ellis only thirty seconds to respond, Slattery waited, until the phone next to him began to ring, indicating that Ellis had done as instructed in order to save Richards' life. However, despite the phone ringing, Slattery ignored it and proceeded to seemingly shoot Richards in the head. Slattery then told Ellis and the rest of America that there was only one lesson left to go, and Ellis had no other choice but to run and hide, because not even Iron Patriot would be able to protect him.

Mandarin giving Matthew Ellis a final threat

With that, Slattery promised that he would see Ellis soon, and ended the broadcast.[1] Once the broadcast was complete, Richards, who was also another actor, stood up and shook hands with Slattery.[5] Slattery was called to record another message, in the wake of Aldrich Killian sending out Eric Savin to use the stolen Iron Patriot Armor to kidnap President Ellis, with Slattery prerecording his broadcast regarding the intended execution of Ellis, which Slattery failed to comprehend.[1]

Confronted by Tony Stark

Slattery is confronted by Tony Stark

"Don't hurt the face! I'm an actor."
"You got a minute to live, fill it with words."
"Just a role. 'The Mandarin', see, it's not real."
―Trevor Slattery and Tony Stark[src]

However, Tony Stark invaded the mansion the supposed Mandarin was residing in. He found his target in the company of two prostitutes, and after pressing him for information, Slattery told him that the whole Mandarin thing was just theater all along. Slattery told Stark that the whole Mandarin persona was just a role he plays in return for the lavish lifestyle, a speedboat and a copious amount of drugs.

Slattery speaks to Eric Savin about his info

Slattery then gave up what little information he knew of Aldrich Killian's plan in a very muddled explanation, all while focusing more on the English football match on TV than his survival. However, when Eric Savin arrived at the mansion, Savin sneaked up behind Stark and knocked him out. Savin then asked Slattery what he had told Stark about their plans, but Slattery lied about what he said to Stark, claiming that although he had panicked, he had handled the situation and said nothing, he then opened a beer and went back to relaxing with his prostitutes.[1]

Giving Up Answers

Slattery gets threatened by James Rhodes

"Hi, Trevor. Trevor Slattery. I know, I'm shorter in person, bit small, everyone says that. But, hey, if you're here to arrest me, there's some people I'd like to roll on."
"Here's how it works Meryl Streep, you tell him where Pepper is."
―Trevor Slattery and Iron Man[src]

A few hours later, Tony Stark returned with James Rhodes who had been vainly searching the Middle East for the phantom terrorist, and who accosted him once more on the subject of the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian. Rhodes was horrified to learn that the Mandarin was this foolish actor, but soon managed to gain the information he needed to track down Killian and stop his plan, despite Slattery still remaining confused by the entire situation.[1]

Exposed and Captured

Slattery being under arrest by the police

"It's great to see you!"
―Trevor Slattery[src]

Slattery was apprehended by local law enforcement officers shortly after the defeat and death of Aldrich Killian. Slattery led drunkenly away through a crowd of onlookers and the press who took his picture and asked for a statement. Believing himself to have finally gained the fame he had desire his entire life, Slattery enjoyed having the attention from so many people and thanked them for seeing him.[1]


Inmate at Seagate Penitentiary

Slattery is incarcerated at Seagate Prison

"It's not something I can just turn on. I'm not your meat puppet... Oh, very well... And you'll never see me coming."
"Oh! Did you? I told you! I told you he was gonna do it! Thank you."
―Trevor Slattery and Fletcher Heggs[src]

Slattery was incarcerated at Seagate Penitentiary, during which time Slattery's ruse made him a very well known though controversial figure. In order to exploit his fame and tell Slattery's biography, a TV movie was put into development, with the title Man or Mandarin: The Trevor Slattery Story.[6] The second movie was released, with the title 10 Rings To Rule Them All: The Trevor Slattery Story.[7]

Slattery in prison performing the Mandarin

Inside of Seagate, Slattery finally found the fame and notoriety he had always sought, gathering a strong and supportive fan-base amongst many of the inmates, although other prisoners did not respect him, as he was not even a real criminal. However, inmates such as Herman, whom Slattery appointed as his personal butler, protected and followed his orders as if he were a celebrity.[2]

Jackson Norriss' Interview

Slattery being interviewed inside his cell

"There's somebody who wants to meet you."
"Do I know him?"
"No, but you took his name, and now he wants it back."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

Returning to his cell, Slattery met with Jackson Norriss, who was conducting an interview with Slattery about his crimes as per an alleged documentary about Slattery's life.

Slattery tells Jackson Norriss about his life

There, Norris spoke with Slattery, beginning with his history of Aldrich Killian as his employer, and the logistics of Killian's plan in creating an amalgam warlord. On the last day of his interview, Norriss wanted to wrap out his film asking about the real Trevor Slattery, bringing him documents about his past, such as a photograph with his mother when he was a kid and his role as the main character in the rejected television pilot Caged Heat.

Slattery discovers who Jackson Norriss is

When Norriss asked about the possibility that there were people who could be angered by his portrayal of the Mandarin, Slattery said he knew as he read the internet message boards. However, Norriss claimed he was referring to the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself, who could be angered by his portrayal, Slattery was surprised to learn that the terrorists were real, as he previously thought that they were another aspect of the role A.I.M. created for him. Norris questioned this as Slattery had previously claimed to have done detailed research into the Ten Rings upon getting the role of the Mandarin, so Slattery admitted this to be a lie.

Slattery being kidnapped by the Ten Rings

While relating the history of the Mandarin, Norriss retrieved the handgun he had concealed inside his video camera, killing the guards. Herman attacked Norriss until he was able to stab Herman in the neck. Slattery picked one of the guns from a guard, and was able to aim at Norriss with it before being disarmed. Regaining control of the situation, Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of prison and take him to the presence of the Mandarin.[2]

Prisoner of the Ten Rings

"Just as his men were tying me up for my execution, I launched into a performance of my Macbeth: 'Whence is that knocking? Wake Duncan with thy knocking. I would thou couldst.' And they couldn't get enough of it. I've been doing weekly gigs for the lads ever since."
―Trevor Slattery to Shang-Chi[src]

After being delivered to Xu Wenwu, Slattery escaped execution by performing William Shakespeare right as they were preparing to execute him. His acting skills impressed the Ten Rings, who kept him around for regular performances. While in his captivity at the Ten Rings Headquarters, Slattery met and befriended a Dijiang named Morris who had been captured by the Ten Rings during one of their expeditions of searching for Ta Lo. However, Slattery was worried that he had been hallucinating Morris due to his long imprisonment.[3]


Discovered by Shang-Chi

Slattery meets Shang-Chi and Katy Chen

One day in 2024, while doing vocal warmups before rehearsing a role, Slattery was visited by Shang-Chi and Katy Chen, who had been imprisoned by Shang-Chi's father. Slattery explained to them who he was, and how he had come to be imprisoned inside of the Ten Rings Headquarters. When Morris walked into the room, Shang-Chi and Chen became startled, causing Slattery to be overjoyed once he realized that other people could see Morris. When Chen asked about his lack of a face, Slattery pointed out that Morris was sensitive about not having a face. Slattery explained that Morris came from an alternate dimension called Ta Lo, and that he would guide them safely there. They were then broken out of the cell by Shang-Chi's sister, Xu Xialing, and found an escape route that led to the garage.[3]

Escape from the Ten Rings

Getting into the garage, Slattery found Razor Fist's car, and sat in the front seat, telling Shang-Chi that he got carsick in the back. Chen then drove them out of the garage, as the Ten Rings agents attacked them in an attempt to put them back in custody, causing Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing to fight them off.[3]

Journey into Ta Lo

To be added

Battle of Ta Lo

"Calm down, mate. I'm not actually dead, it's just a performance, play along."
―Trevor Slattery to Morris[src]

To be added

Aftermath of the Battle

To be added


"Trevor, you told me that when you got this role that you'd researched it thoroughly."
"Yeah, but when an actor tells you he's 'done the research' it means he's switched on his computer, googled his own name and had a quick wank."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

Trevor Slattery is easy-going and wishes to avoid confrontation. He considers himself a very talented actor and loves the approval of his audience. At times, he seems cowardly, but self-preservation can bring out his bravery. The Mandarin persona he created was devoted to studying the works of Sun Tzu and insurgency tactics. He surrounds himself with dragons and symbols of warlords and Chinese iconography because he wants to represent the prototypical terrorist who is out there doing fieldwork, supervising atrocities for the intelligence community who went nuts in the field. Slattery enjoys being the center of attention but views himself as innocent in the A.I.M. scheme.


  • Expert Actor: Slattery is shown to be an exceptional actor when needed, able to pull off a convincing portrayal of a terrorist that had the whole world convinced and later was able to impress the Ten Rings enough to keep him alive.
  • Bilingualism: Along with English, Slattery can understand Dijiang language, as shown when he served as Morris' translator while the latter guided his party to Ta Lo.



"I'm an out of work actor, love, you've no idea what I'm capable of. And thanks to the CBS network, I'm pretty good with a handgun."
―Trevor Slattery to Jackson Norriss[src]
  • Small Handgun: During the pilot for Caged Heat, Slattery handled a small handgun for several scenes.

Slattery preparing to "use" his handgun

  • Heckler & Koch P7M13: While performing the role of the Mandarin, Slattery was required to shoot Thomas Richards in the head on live television to horrify Matthew Ellis. The gun however was loaded with blanks and Richards survived the ordeal.
  • Beretta 92FS: As Slattery was attacked by Jackson Norriss as punishment for his actions, Slattery managed to get ahold of one of the guns carried by a Seagate Penitentiary guard and aimed it at Norriss; however, he was soon disarmed and captured by Norriss.
  • AKMSU: While shooting scenes as the Mandarin for Aldrich Killian, Slattery had traveled overseas and performed scenes as the Ten Rings leader, including shooting a machine gun at images of President Ellis.


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"They gave me things, they gave me this palace."
―Trevor Slattery to Tony Stark[src]

Slattery filming scenes as the "Mandarin"

  • Aldrich Killian's Mansion: Having been recruited by A.I.M. to impersonate the Mandarin, Slattery was allowed to reside in this mansion located in Miami, Florida, which had belonged to his employer, Aldrich Killian. Slattery would be taken onto the set, where he would film scenes as the Mandarin, threatening President Matthew Ellis and performing mock executions, all while remaining in character. Once these scenes were complete, Slattery would enjoy the luxuries the mansion offered, including alcohol, drugs and women. Eventually, Slattery was discovered in the mansion by Tony Stark and James Rhodes, at which point he confessed that Killian had hired him to act like the Mandarin, and was soon arrested for his part in Killian's terrorist actions.


"I served time in federal prison, which turned out to be the best thing for me. I got clean, I rediscovered my passion."
―Trevor Slattery to Shang-Chi[src]
  • Seagate Penitentiary: Following Aldrich Killian's death, Slattery was arrested and incarcerated in Seagate Penitentiary. Slattery managed to make a name for himself in Seagate Penitentiary due to his fame as the "Mandarin", finding a loyal group of followers as well as enemies. Slattery was then broken out of Seagate Penitentiary by his interviewer Jackson Norriss, who is in fact an undercover Ten Rings agent who has been ordered to bring Slattery to the real Mandarin.
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Slattery's tattoo on the back of his neck

  • Slattery has a tattoo of Captain America's Shield on his neck, but in place of the star is the "A" symbol for anarchy.
  • The ring on Slattery's right pinkie is the same one Raza wears in Iron Man.

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