"Have you ever flown a spaceship?"
"You know the answer to that question.""
Jemma Simmons to Melinda May[src]

The Trawler was one of the the spaceships stationed at the Lighthouse used by both the human crew and the Kree Watch.


Early History

The Trawler was utilized by the remaining humans in the Lighthouse to carry out tasks assigned by their Kree masters. One of the pilots was known as Virgil before his ultimate death to a Vrellnexian.[1]

Virgil used the Trawler on several recon missions to visit different chunks of debris left from the Earth, specifically Fragment 616.[2]

Sending a Message

In an attempt to return to their home planet, Jemma Simmons and Melinda May stole the Trawler to send a distress signal to Earth. Upon exiting the Lighthouse, May and Simmons witnessed the destruction of the Earth and figured out they had time-traveled.[1]

After this revelation, the two had to escape a debris field made of asteroids and remnants of the Earth.[3]

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Mission Home

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