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"Get to the spacecraft..."
"You mean the Trawler?"
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

The Trawler was one of the the spaceships stationed at the Lighthouse used by both the human crew and the Kree Watch.


Early History

"Virgil always kept this in the Trawler. Said the world might look this way again someday."
Deke Shaw[src]

The Trawler was utilized by the remaining humans in the Lighthouse to carry out tasks assigned by their Kree masters. One of the pilots was known as Virgil before his ultimate death to a Vrellnexian.[1]

Virgil used the Trawler on several recon missions to visit different chunks of debris left from the Earth, specifically Fragment 616.[2]

Sending a Message

"You took out the damn Trawler? Where's Virgil? If you lifted off in that thing without..."
Tess to Deke Shaw[src]

In an attempt to return to their home planet, Jemma Simmons and Melinda May stole the Trawler to send a distress signal to Earth. Upon exiting the Lighthouse, May and Simmons witnessed the destruction of the Earth and figured out they had time-traveled.[1]

After this revelation, the two had to escape a debris field made of asteroids and remnants of the Earth.[3]

While studying Virgil's notebook, Phil Coulson discovered his recordings on the recon missions on Fragment 616. To understand more about this fragment, Coulson, May, Alphonso Mackenzie and Tess took the Trawler and flew tp the fragment. However, Zev joined the flight to supervise them. On their way, Zev found out their plan so Mackenzie had to knock him down and locked him up. When they arrived to the fragment, they found that the Trawler had a radio, which received broadcasts from the surface of the Earth. Zev sabotaged the Trawler's fuel tank, so the team had to return back to Lighthouse.[2]

Mission Home

"We escape via the Trawler."
"Escape to where?"
"The surface. All signs have been pointing us there."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]
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