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"The one thing you crave and have never felt is true power. The kind that I, Giyera, even Charles there possesses. Put that on, and you will."
Hive to Gideon Malick[src]

The Transia Corporation Exoskeleton is an exoskeletal limb-assist prototype created by the Transia Corporation.


Designed for Defense Department

"I'm aware your company's been working on an exoskeletal limb-assist prototype for the Defense Department using this same technology."
Gideon Malick to Rowan Hamilton[src]

As part of a project for the American Department of Defense, the high-tech company Transia Corporation designed a prototype exoskeleton using the same nerve-wire interface technology used in Phil Coulson's Prosthetic Hand.[1]

Gideon Malick's Power

Gideon Malick being given the Exoskeleton

In an attempt to have the HYDRA leader Gideon Malick experience what true power felt like, the ancient Inhuman Hive convinced Malick to purchase Transia Corporation. Malick and Hive met with several members of Transia leadership like Rowan Hamilton and Malick expressed his interest over their Exoskeleton. Hamilton refused to sell the project to Malick, but Malick explained that he intended to acquire the whole company. Although Hamilton initially kept refusing, Hive had Charles Hinton triggering a vision in Hamilton's mind in which his advisors were all killed. Afraid, Hamilton signed the documents presented to him, although Hive killed his colleagues anyway.

Gideon Malick brutally killing Rowan Hamilton

HYDRA seized the Transia Corporation building and the exoskeleton was soon brought to Malick and Hive. Hive instructed Malick to wear the exoskeleton as it could offer Malick true power he had sought his entire life. Malick agreed to put the exoskeleton on and was instantly granted with an enhanced strength enabling him to throw over a table without apparent effort. However, Hive declared that this was not enough and instructed Malick to crush Hamilton with his bare hands, which Malick did.

Gideon Malick's exoskeleton gets damaged

During the Battle at the Transia Corporation Building, Malick waited for Daisy Johnson to come onto the roof and ambushed her. Using the strength granted by the exoskeleton, Malick was able to violently beat up Johnson and pin her to the ground. As he was on the verge of executing her, Hinton stopped him by having Malick experience a vision. However, once the vision ended, Malick crushed Hinton's throat with the exoskeleton's hands. Johnson used her powers to throw Malick across the roof, which damaged the exoskeleton in the process.[1]


  • Strength Enhancement: This exoskeleton gives the wearer superhuman strength. Gideon Malick was able to throw over a large table and to crush Rowan Hamilton's head with his hands. He also gained the upper hand on Daisy Johnson after ambushing her and violently hit her several times, taking her to the ground and making her barely able to react.


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