Tranquility Bridge is an assisted living home located in Macon, Georgia. Thomas Nash was a resident there before he was kidnapped by the Clairvoyant and killed by Grant Ward.


Thomas Nash was taken to Tranquility Bridge, as he suffered a head-on collision during a car accident that rendered him in a catatonic state, so he needed to live in an assisted home.

Melinda May and Felix Blake traveled to Macon, Georgia, as one of the random teams chosen to investigate the candidates rejected from the Index as possible identities for the Clairvoyant.

Upon arriving, Blake wondered why Skye paired them together, and guessed it maybe had to do something with their astrological sign, though May thought it was simply random. May asked why he believed in astrology but he did not believe in a Clairvoyant; Blake simply told her that he had some theories of his own.

Seeing they were going to investigate Tranquility Bridge, an assisted living home, Blake begged May to tell him that they were there in order to investigate one of the doctors instead of one of the residents.

The two agents received the file with the candidate's identity, Thomas Nash, injured in a head-on collision that left him in a catatonic state for the last four years. May went to visit the office of the Tranquility Bridge's director while Blake went to find the number of Nash's room.

Blake checked the files at the reception desk while waiting for a receptionist, but Deathlok ambushed him and threw him into a wall. Blake retaliated shooting at Deathlok with his gun, and then changed the magazine to shoot one of Leo Fitz's Tag Rounds.

The bullets did not harm Deathlok; he grabbed Blake, even though he pleaded him to stop, reminding him of his son, Ace, and that they can still help him. Deathlok answered, saying that Michael Peterson was dead, and threw Blake to the floor to break his ribs with his Cybertek Prosthetic Leg.

May asked for reinforcements to the Hub, informing them that Deathlok was there and Blake was down, and as Victoria Hand informed the rest of the teams, Deathlok used his recently acquired Forearm Rocket Launcher to attack May, who managed to evade the projectile but was hit by some debris caused by its explosion.[1]


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