"There are a lot of subsystems in here, but they're all disabled by something called the Training Wheels Protocol."
Ned Leeds to Peter Parker[src]

The Stark Industry Training Wheels Protocol is a security feature installed by Tony Stark within the Spider-Man Suit to restrict certain features, such as the Karen A.I. and the ability to use 575 other web-shooter combinations, until Peter Parker finished all the training modules.


"You want to lie to Iron Man?"
"No, not lie..."
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]
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Peter Parker and Ned Leeds hijacking the Spider-Man Suit.

Following the Clash of the Avengers, Tony Stark allowed Peter Parker to keep the Spider-Man Suit and operate as Spider-Man provided that he lay close to the ground and stayed off the radar. However, Stark believed that Parker still needed mentoring and thus added "training wheels" to Parker's suit to curb his actions while simultaneously protecting him.

After trying to remove the tracker embedded in his suit, Parker's friend Ned Leeds discovered the Training Wheels Protocol and removed it at Parker's request. The removal of the protocol unlocked all of the suit's hidden abilities in turn, activating an A.I. named Karen as well as granting Parker access to 575 other web-shooter combinations.[1]


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