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"Tracksuit Mafia."
"That's their name? That's a little on the nose, don't you think?"
Clint Barton and Kate Bishop[src]

The Tracksuit Mafia is a crime syndicate overseen by Wilson Fisk that operates in New York City.



"They started small, but grew. Or at least the guy at the top, he'll do anything to grow the operation."
Clint Barton to Kate Bishop[src]

The Tracksuit Mafia started out small-time in New York City with William Lopez leading the group. At some point, the Tracksuits fell under the leadership of Wilson Fisk: growing in scope and size and even established criminal ties with his shell companies; one of which was the money-laundering Sloan Limited. Kazi Kazimierczak also became an liason to foster cooperation between both organizations.[2]

Targeted by Ronin

William Lopez is murdered by Ronin

"There's obviously bad blood with Ronin, right?"
"Yeah. Ronin hit the supplier on the other side and then hit Tracksuit upper management."
Kate Bishop and Clint Barton[src]

In 2018, the Tracksuit Mafia lost some members due to the Snap, and those who survived were targeted by Ronin, who was out to murder any criminals that had survived. One night, Ronin tracked down many members of the Tracksuits' upper management at Fat Man Auto Repair and slaughtered them all, including William Lopez.[3][2] Ronin's actions were in fact a scheme concocted by Wilson Fisk to gain full control of the Tracksuit Mafia and eliminate potential opposition.[4]

Robbery of the Black Market Auction

The Tracksuit Mafia raiding the auction

"We've got ninety seconds to find the watch. Everything else is secondary."
Kazi Kazimierczak to Tracksuit Mafia[src]

In December 2024, the Tracksuit Mafia broke into a black market auction in a hotel's wine cellar in order to steal a Rolex watch collected from the ruins of the Avengers Compound. However, they were confronted by Kate Bishop, whom they believed was Ronin as she was wearing the Ronin suit. After evading her, they ran outside where Lucky attacked one of them. When Lucky ran off, Bishop left them to rescue him from being in the street, and Kazi Kazimierczak followed in order to see what direction they were headed.[3]

Going after Kate Bishop

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Capturing Clint Barton

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Ambush at Fat Man Used Cars

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Battle at Rockefeller Center

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Name Position Status
Wilson Fisk Leader Unknown
William Lopez Commander Deceased
Maya Lopez Commander Defected
Kazi Kazimierczak Lieutenant Unknown
Ivan Banionis Member Unknown
Tomas Member Active
Enrique Member Active
Dmitri Member Active



  • In the comics, the Tracksuit Mafia were enemies of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop who employed and worked alongside Clown to try and kill Barton.
  • Like in the comics, the Tracksuits are noted for saying "Bro" in most of their sentences, even leading to one of their front companies being named Trust a Bro Moving Company. Throughout Hawkeye's first season, they say "bro" a total of 23 times, meaning it is spoken 3.83 times on average per episode.


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