"Não tão difícil agora hein? Tente aqueles movimentos extravagantes novamente.[3]"
―Tough Guy Leader to Bruce Banner[src]

The Tough Guy Leader was an employee at a Pingo Doce bottling factory in Brazil who bullied Bruce Banner because of his ethnicity. Following an accidental encounter while Banner was on the run from Emil Blonsky, the Tough Guy Leader bullied him at the bottling factory, only to be killed by the Hulk.


Factory Worker

Tormenting Bruce Banner

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me."
Bruce Banner[src]

The Tough Guy Leader worked at a Pingo Doce bottling factory in Brazil. He showed a romantic interest in his co-worker Martina, but bullied another co-worker of his, Bruce Banner because of his origins from the United States of America, which he had despised.

When Banner was targeted by Thaddeus Ross and a Strategic Operations Command Center tactical squad led by Emil Blonsky, Banner accidentally tumbled into the Tough Guy Leader, who was with some of his friends. They quickly assaulted Banner, but he managed to use his reflexes to dodge the Tough Guy Leader's attacks. He and his men found Banner hiding in the Pingo Doce factory and pinned him to a wall, throwing away his backpack and preparing to assault him once more.


Tough Guy Leader is killed by the Hulk

When Banner saw Blonsky and his men taking their positions in the factory, he transformed into the Hulk. The Tough Guy Leader started to kick him, but severely injured his foot in the first swing, causing him to cry out in pain. Hulk dragged the Tough Guy Leader into the darkness and violently chucked him across the room, screaming through two glass windows into a concrete wall, killing him.[1]





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