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"See, you ain't using your powers right."
"Excuse me?"
"If I was bulletproof and strong, I'd be running shit. I'd be like, "Either you bend a knee, or you lay down, bitch." And if they didn't? Dracarys! Like straight flames for them nig*as."
―Torre and Luke Cage[src]

Torre is a citizen of Harlem and regular customer at Pop's Barber Shop.


Attack on Pop's Barber Shop

Torre was playing some video games together with a friend when Rafael Scarfe and Misty Knight entered the barber shop to learn more about Chico Diaz. Later that night Torre was still hanging around the barber shop. He left the back of the shop just after Diaz, who had been in the shop for most of the day. A few minutes later Tone, in order to take Diaz down, started to empty the clips of two machine guns into the shop. Torre was able to get into a hiding space on time to not get hit.

When the police arrived to investigate the crime scene and talk to the witnisses Torre told them that he had not been able to see the shooter, stating it to be a miracle that he is even alive after the attack.[1]