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"Listen, Torrance, you've got one hell of a building here. Unfortunately, what you've got inside that building is duller than Sunday mass."
"Take my word for it, it can get quite raucous. Why just yesterday, we had the monthly rehearsal of our very own barber shop quartet."
Howard Stark and Torrance[src]

Torrance is a host at the Arena Club. Torrance had welcomed Howard Stark to the Arena Club. However, when the latter had let women into the Arena Club, something that is forbidden Torrance had gotten enraged and even resorted to calling security.


Arena Club

Eleanor Roosevelt's Visit

"Women are not allowed in the Arena Club, the great Eleanor Roosevelt herself was turned away at our threshold."
―Torrance to Howard Stark[src]

Torrance was shown to have strict rules at the Arena Club, an area that only allows rich white males into the arena. Torrance reveals to Howard Stark that numerous women had attempted to enter the Arena Club, but failed. Torrance also reveals that one of the women that failed to get in the Arena Club the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt's own wife, Eleanor, had failed to get in.[1]

Howard Stark's Visit

"Security, we have a Code Pink."

When Howard Stark and his butler, Edwin Jarvis had come into the Arena Club with claims that they were considering joining the Arena club. Torrance was shown to be friendly towards Stark and Jarvis, even offering them a drink that would be given to them by the bartender, Leopold. However, Stark had started to show boredom in the Arena Club and decided to open the door and let numerous young women in. Torrance was shown to have been angered at Stark's actions, showing to not even give in when one of the young women tried to flirt with him. However, unknowing to Torrance one of the women in the Arena Club was Peggy Carter, a woman who was sent to place bugs in the Arena Club due to it being a well known meeting place for the Council of Nine. Torrance then orders the Arena Club security to come in and escort the young women out of the Arena Club. Stark tells Torrance that he believed that he was a bit too hard on the Arena Club and that he will consider joining the Arena Club. However, before Stark can do anything else, Jarvis tells Stark that it is time to go, Stark then says that the Arena Club sucked and left with the young women he had brought with him, not before vowing to never return to the Arena Club ever again.[1]


Torrance was shown to have been a strict man at the Arena Club, refusing to let any woman into the Arena Club, even refusing to let in Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife into the Arena Club, despite the latter's status as the president's wife. Torrance was shown to be aware of Howard Stark's status as Torrance was shown to be welcoming to Stark and even offered to let him have a free drink. However, when Stark had let in several women Torrance was shown to let go of his friendliness and start to get enraged at Stark, he even had ignored one of the young women had flirted with him in order to calm him down.


  • Arena Club: Torrance was shown to have appeared in the Arena Club as it's host and had hosted numerous event at the Arena Club.