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"Us, street kids, we stick together. We give and we take... and that's how we survive."
―Topher to the Runaways[src]

Topher is a former employee at Goodman University who become addicted to a mysterious type of rocks that give him enhanced strength and longevity. He was kicked out by his family due to his violent behavior. Being forced to live in the streets, Topher soon encountered the Runaways, tried to have them welcome him in the Hostel, and became friends with Molly Hernandez.

However, Topher took advantage of his stay at the Hostel to steal a map of the PRIDE Construction Site from Alex Wilder, which he used to find more Gibborim Rocks. Topher was chased by the Runaways in an attempt to have him stop using the rocks, but this caused him to fall into paranoid dementia, and Topher's fate was left uncertain in the ensuing confrontation in which he was grievously wounded.


Early Life

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Meeting the Runaways

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Infiltration into Atlas Academy

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Conflict with the Runaways

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"It's just, not everyone is as trustworthy as me."
―Topher to the Runaways[src]

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Powers and Abilities


  • Gibborim Rock Enhancement: Topher acquired the same Gibborim Rock that gave Molly Hernandez her powers, however, unlike Hernandez's powers, Topher has to continuously expose himself to the same kind of rock when he wants his strength to amplify. Specifically, Topher uses a grounded rock and rubs it into his wrist. He evidently, however, became addicted to the power and feeling the rocks gave him.
    • Enhanced Strength:

      Topher lifting a dumpster

      When Nico Minoru surrounded him in a barrier force-field, he effortlessly punched himself out of it. After following a map to find more rocks, Topher used the last one he had to break through a wooden gate with ease. Topher was strong enough to attack Hernandez and throw her out of a door, as well as throw a large dumpster towards the rest of the Runaways.
    • Bioluminescence:
      Topher - Yellow Eyes

      Topher's luminescent eyes

      When Topher uses his strength, his eyes glow with bright golden-orange ring around his irises.
    • Longevity: Most likely as a side effect from his continuous use of the Gibborim Rock, Topher had the ability of reduced aging. His appearance did not change since the night when the Geosciences Research Center exploded and Topher obtained his powers in 2007.


"Damn. This sure beats staying in a hostel, huh?"
  • Hostel: Despite most of the Runaways' reluctance, Topher was allowed to stay in their secret hideout thanks to Molly Hernandez vouching for him. Topher tried to make himself be accepted by the group, frequently bringing supplies to the Hostel. He was also shown all of Alex Wilder's pieces of information regarding PRIDE's activities, and stole a map of the PRIDE Construction Site from the Hostel in order to find more Gibborim Rocks.






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