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"Here you go."
"Why are you handing me the Melt Stick? He was interrupting. That’s not a capital violation."
―Topaz and Grandmaster[src]

Topaz was the Grandmaster's personal bodyguard and head of the Sakaaran Guards who had assisted him in overlooking the prisoners involved with the Contest of Champions. When a riot had broken out involving several former prisoners, as well as Thor and Valkyrie, Topaz led her soldiers in fighting back, only to eventually lose her life while chasing Bruce Banner.


Grandmaster's Bodyguard

Thor's Enslavement

"I'll take ten million."
"Tell her she's dreaming."
"Oh for heavens sake, transfer the Units."
Valkyrie, Topaz and Grandmaster[src]

Topaz worked as the Grandmaster's bodyguard. When Valkyrie presented Thor to the Grandmaster, Topaz revealed her blatant dislike toward the Asgardian bounty hunter, trying in vain to have Valkyrie's reward reduced. The Grandmaster then decided to execute a Sakaaran in order to intimidate Thor, so Topaz handed the Grandmaster his Melt Stick, commenting that the liquefying corpse smelt like burnt toast.[1]

Sakaaran Rebellion

"Revolution? How did this happen?"
"Don’t know. But the Arena's mainframe for the Obedience Disks have been deactivated and the slaves have armed themselves."
"Oh, I don't like that word."
"What word? "Mainframe"?"
"No, the S word."
"Oh, sorry. The prisoners with jobs have armed themselves."
"Oh, that's better."
Grandmaster and Topaz[src]

When Thor, Bruce Banner, and Valkyrie instigated a rebellion on Sakaar, they armed the Grandmaster's slaves with weapons. Topaz reported this back to the Grandmaster, as the Revengers tried to escape. Topaz chased down the Revengers, who were fleeing in the Commodore, one of the Grandmaster's pleasure crafts. Topaz chased after them in her own fighter ship, the Torana, intending to take them down under the Grandmaster's orders. Though it would've appeared that she seemed to have them on sight, Banner accidentally released the pleasure craft's fireworks, disorienting Topaz and causing her to crash, killing her.[1]


Topaz was very loyal to Grandmaster and followed all of his orders. She was highly polite and sophisticated. Topaz took her job extremely seriously and looked for the prisoners when they escape. She was willing to administer punishment on the Grandmaster's behalf using the Melt Stick and was even overenthusiastic about using the weapon. She was also very arrogant and confident. It was her fatal weakness, which eventually led to her demise due the actions of Bruce Banner.


  • Master Pilot: Topaz was both the head of the Sakaaran Guards and their best pilot. She was able to easily fly her personal spaceship, the Torana, across the terrain of Sakaar, though she enjoyed too much shooting down Scrappers.



  • Melt Stick: The Melt Stick is a powerful weapon used by the Grandmaster to execute whomever committed a capital offense on Sakaar. Topaz carried the Melt Stick around, and handed it to the Grandmaster so he could execute Carlo, who had committed a capital offense against the Grandmaster.


  • Torana: The Torona served as Topaz's personal ship. She utilized it when chasing Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie while they were escaping in the Commodore. However, Banner's accidental release of the pleasure craft's fireworks resulted in Torona crashing, killing Topaz in the process.






  • In the comics, Topaz is a Gwendorian warrior queen and a member of the Ultraforce. She wore yellow and black armor and carried a pink colored Gwendorian staff that projected energy bolts. She participated in "Worlds and Warriors" a game between the Grandmaster and Loki that pitted Ultraforce against the Avengers and the winner would receive the Infinity Gems. Topaz fought Black Widow and Crystal.


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