"Really great, beautiful house. A lot of windows."
Peter Parker to Adrian Toomes[src]

The Toomes Residence is the home of Adrian Toomes, Doris Toomes and Liz Toomes.


House Party

"House party in the suburbs. Oh, I remember these. Kind of jealous."
May Parker[src]

Liz Toomes organized a party at the Toomes Residence shortly after the beginning of the school year. Peter Parker and Ned Leeds attended the party along with dozens of other guests, but they were quickly spotted and humiliated by their classmate Flash Thompson. Parker climbed on the top of the residence and suit up as Spider-Man with the intent of joining the party and stating to know Parker and Leeds, but upon spotting an explosion in the distance, he left the Residence to investigate. Meanwhile, Leeds remained at the party, only to have to endure more humiliating, and eventually left the Toomes Residence.[1].

Homecoming Date

Peter inside the Toomes Residence

Peter Parker comes to the Toomes Residence before the homecoming party

Much to Peter Parker's surprise, Liz Toomes agreed to go to their homecoming party with him. Parker went to pick her up at the Toomes Residence, only to find that Liz's father Adrian Toomes was the Vulture, who he had tried to arrest. Toomes invited Parker to come in. While waiting for Liz, an embarrassed Parker remained in the kitchen with Toomes. After Doris Toomes took some pictures of Parker and Liz, Toomes took them out to drive them to the party.[1]

Moving Out

"I guess we're moving to Oregon. Mom says it's nice there, so that's cool."
Liz Toomes to Peter Parker[src]

Following Adrian Toomes' arrest, Liz Toomes and her mother decided to move out of New York, leaving the Toomes Residence.[1]


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