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"Tony giving you a hard time about redecorating?"
"Who do you think decorated in the first place? And now that I live here, I can make sure he doesn't ruin the Feng Shui by sticking a suit of armor in the middle of the living room."
James Rhodes and Pepper Potts[src]

Tony Stark's Mansion was the private residence of billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark, located on a sea-side cliff along the coast of Malibu. The mansion was highly technologically integrated and was wired by Stark to be run by his personal A.I. assistant, J.A.R.V.I.S.. It was destroyed in a terrorist attack after Stark publicly threatened the Mandarin in front of a gathering of news reporters.



Tony Stark built a custom mansion in Malibu, California just over the promontory Point Dume, creating an Artificial intelligence system that helped out in the house, naming it "Just a Rather Very Intelligent System", shortened J.A.R.V.I.S., after his childhood butler Edwin Jarvis.[1]

One-Night Stands

Tony Stark and his friend James Rhodes went to a night club to celebrate the success of a weapon demonstration in Arizona, seducing two girls named Eloise and Celeste. The four left the club to return to Stark's Mansion in Malibu after a brief fight with a jealous man.[2]

Stark met journalist Christine Everhart while leaving the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, flirting with her while deflecting some of her uncomfortable questions, and the two ended up spending the night together in Malibu. The next morning Stark left Everhart to be sent home by his assistant Pepper Potts, while he went to work on his Ford Flathead Roadster. After Everhart was sent home, Pepper reminded him about his trip to Afghanistan, right after sending Everhart home.[1]

Development of Iron Man

Upon escaping from his kidnapping, Tony Stark retreated from public view, spending several days in the basement of his mansion in Malibu, and focusing on the design of his second armor, refining its size and flight capability. He asked Pepper Potts to help him take his old Arc Reactor out and to put in a new one. Stark tested his second armor flying over Malibu and reaching the atmospheric freezing level, crash landing over one of his cars.

Over time, Stark realized that Obadiah Stane had been supplying weapons to the Ten Rings, and after watching the news about terrorist attacks over Gulmira, Ho Yinsen's village, Stark outfitted himself with his armor and flew to Afghanistan. Determined to make amends for his mistakes, Stark sent Pepper Potts to find the shipping records of Stark Industries, so he can track down the illicit shipments and destroy them.

Tony Stark working on the Iron Man Armor

Stane realized that Potts discovered his deal with the Ten Rings to kill Stark and that he obtained the armor prototype and had reverse-engineered his own version, so he went to Stark's Mansion to steal the Arc Reactor from Stark's chest and power his new suit, leaving Stark to die. Stark was able to descend to the basement to retrieve his first reactor and power his latest armor to battle with Stane.[1]

Stark returned to his house after defeating Stane and announcing his identity as Iron Man. He was greeted by Nick Fury who warned him that he is not the only superhero in the world. For the first time, Fury wanted to discuss with Stark about the Avengers Initiative.[3]

Armored Adventures

Tony Stark, intrigued by Nick Fury's visit to his house, started monitoring S.H.I.E.L.D.'s communications related to him. As such, he recorded a conversation between Fury and the leader of a SEAL team during a mission to board a ship controlled by the Ten Rings in the port of Aden in which Iron Man intervened. Upon returning to his house, Stark listened to the conversation in presence of Pepper Potts.[4]

Security Breach

An intruder managed to break into Tony Stark's Mansion in Malibu, introducing the codes for every door in the house. However, as he tried to enter the basement of the mansion, where all the Iron Man Armors are displayed, he was denied access, entering a wrong code. J.A.R.V.I.S. announced that if the correct code was not entered within 30 seconds, a complete lockdown of the house would be activated.

Tony Stark, chatting inside his car with Happy Hogan about calling a love interest named Lina, was informed about the security breach, and the imminent beginning of the lockdown. Stark donned his Iron Man Armor in order to retrieve Betty, his favorite custom-built car stolen by the intruder.

Stark returned to his house with Happy Hogan, having stopped Lina in the streets of Malibu and learning that she tried to access the basement under coercion of the Ten Rings. Stark explained Hogan why Lina couldn't access the workshop, as its code was different, and entered it to suit up as Iron Man again and rescue Lina's son.[5]

Public Identity

Tony Stark's reveal of his identity as Iron Man brought an unexpected turn to the lives of the people close to him. For instance, James Rhodes, military liaison officer to Stark Industries, had to work hard to keep the United States Armed Forces away from taking action against Stark. For this matter, Rhodes paid Stark a visit to his mansion in Malibu, worried about his intervention as Iron Man in military situations around the world. In the basement, Rhodes warned Stark about a report he had been ordered to write about him, assessing the situation of the Iron Man Armor and offering his recommendation about it.

During their conversation, Rhodes received a call from his superiors to order Iron Man to do reconnaissance in Al-Kut, Iraq. However, Stark decided to solve the situation himself in order to save human lives.

Stark returned from another one of his missions, launching a Magna-Drone to clean several square miles of a Land mine-infested desert in Afghanistan, encountering Rhodes and Pepper Potts in the basement of his mansion. As Stark headed upstairs while cleaning up, Rhodes warned him this time of Justin Hammer, Stark's business rival, and his new relationship with the military which, together with Stark's attitude towards his collaboration with the Armed Forces, could be prejudicial to Stark.

Rhodes once again received a call from his superiors, informing him of an attack that shot down a prototype vehicle designed by Hammer in Congo, leaving the pilot alone in unfriendly territory. Stark received another call from General Turner at the Pentagon, lying to him about the incident and wanting him to kill the Congolese Army members in the area without blaming the United States Armed Forces, masquerading as an act of self-defense during the retrieval of surveillance technology in Congo.[6]

Palladium Poisoning

Tony Stark returned home after his appearance before the U.S. Senate Armed Forces Committee, where he was greeted by J.A.R.V.I.S. following his successful opening of the Stark Expo in New York City.

In his absence, J.A.R.V.I.S. calculated the quantity of a liquid Stark should drink daily in order to counteract the symptoms of the Palladium poisoning he was suffering, as the core of the Arc Reactor in his chest that was keeping him alive was slowly poisoning his blood, to the point of death. J.A.R.V.I.S. also run simulations with every known element to replace the Palladium core, that rapidly burnt for the continuous use of the Iron Man Armor.

Tony Stark names Pepper Potts the CEO of Stark Industries

Pepper Potts entered the basement and confronted Stark over his decision to donate their modern art collection, as Potts considered it hers too, given the time she spent preserving it. Stark's erratic behavior after he discovered his poisoning made Potts infuriated with her boss, as many important subjects were sidelined in favor of the Stark Expo, which she considered a waste of time and a manifestation of Stark's ego, and he should focus on the new projects of Stark Industries, such as the synthetic trees designed to absorb carbon.

Stark decided in that very moment that Potts should become the new CEO of Stark Industries. Potts was startled by Stark's decision. Stark confessed that he spent a great amount of time thinking who should become his heir, but the only worthy successor was Potts.[7]

Natalie Rushman

Natalie Rushman in the mansion

Stark sparred in his gym with Happy Hogan when a notary public from Stark Industries appeared so that Stark could sign the legal documents for the transfer of power over Stark Industries. The notary, Natalie Rushman, physically impressed Stark, who wanted to hire her as her new assistant given her career, skills, and beauty, even though Pepper Potts warned him not to hire her as there were other candidates more suitable for the position.

Unbeknownst to everyone in Stark Industries, Natalie Rushman was S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, assigned by Nick Fury to infiltrate Stark Industries in order to get close to Stark after learning of his Palladium poisoning.

Despite Potts' disagreement, Stark hired Rushman as his new assistant, and she traveled to Monaco with them.[7]

Birthday Party

"I got tossed around your house, remember?"
War Machine to Iron Man[src]

The recent incident in Monaco, with Ivan Vanko's attack revealing that Arc Reactor was not exclusive of Stark, both Pepper Potts and Natalie Rushman had to deal with the aftermaths, speaking with the press, shareholders and authorities. James Rhodes arrived demanding to see Stark, while he was busy investigating Ivan and Anton Vanko, discovering their deportation from the United States during the Cold War and their subsequent crimes in Russia. Rhodes confronted Stark over the current situation, as Rhodes, given his position as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Armed Forces, was able to avoid a full assault from the National Guard of the United States.

Stark then revealed to Rhodes his current condition as the truth behind his current series of apparent reckless acts, something he could not reveal to Potts, and Rhodes showed his concern over the well-being of his friend. Stark threw what he believed would be his last birthday party, as he was left 7 days of life, while Rushman flirted with him as part of her cover. As such, Stark tried to do everything he wanted for his last party and got drunk while wearing the Iron Man Armor.

Iron Man vs War Machine

Rhodes arrived, having guaranteed to his superiors that Iron Man would return to active duty within 24 hours, and got infuriated seeing his friend betray his trust and endangering civilians. Rhodes donned Stark's Mark II Armor and confronted Stark, almost destroying his mansion.[7]

Rushman informed her superior, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, of Stark's loss of control during the party, with Fury ordering her not to blow her cover unless Stark was about to kill himself. Fury also said that he would handle the matter personally.[8]

Stark was unable to prevent Rhodes from departing with the armor and rendering it to the United States Air Force.[7]

Howard Stark's Legacy

Nick Fury and Tony Stark

Nick Fury returned with Stark to his house, after revealing his knowledge of the Palladium poisoning and Natalie Rushman's identity as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, and helping him to deal with his problems. Fury revealed that he knew Howard Stark, his role as founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that the Arc Reactor was an unfinished technology that Howard Stark intended to use to eclipse nuclear reactors. As such, Howard was confident that his son, Tony, would be the only one able to finish that technology.

Tony Stark, given his father's attitude towards him, while he was still alive, found Fury's words hard to believe, as his father never showed a sign of affection.

Fury delivered Howard's belongings while agents Romanoff and Phil Coulson would assist him and make sure that Stark dedicated himself to work in improving the Arc Reactor and solving his Palladium poisoning. Coulson warned Stark that if he tried to exit the house, he had been allowed to whatever means he considered necessary.

Stark began checking his father's belongings, finding original blueprints for the Arc Reactor, newspaper clippings, film reels, and his notebook. One of the film reels had a message recorded for him by Howard Stark, saying that the scale model of the Stark Expo represented his life's work, and the key to the future, being confident that he would be able to solve it. Howard Stark remarked that despite this, his own son was his greatest legacy.[7]

Atmospheric Disturbances

Tony Stark, after a brief visit to Pepper Potts at Stark Industries Headquarters,[7] returned with his personal belongings, including the Stark Expo scale model, coming across an operation set up by agent Phil Coulson to study a series of atmospheric disturbances above New Mexico, while maintaining his surveillance over Stark. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s technicians evaluated that each flare over Earth's atmosphere resulted in a Gravitational lensing effect, something that theoretically would indicate that something was trying to push through the space-time continuum.

Nick Fury returned to Malibu to rendezvous with Coulson, who informed Fury that the "atmospheric disturbances" detected could now be considered the precursor of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a wormhole open to another point of the universe.

Phil Coulson in Tony Stark's workshop

Coulson, despite the importance of the assignment over Tony Stark, requested to be sent to New Mexico, given the importance of the discovery, and that they were not the only ones who were interested in the atmospheric anomaly, as Doctor Jane Foster of Culver University was already in New Mexico and requested the help of her mentor Erik Selvig whom Fury recognized as Bruce Banner's old colleague.

Coulson ordered his unit to clear out the operative, and Natasha Romanoff, already working in the assignment over Stark, approached Coulson to comment his resignation before leaving.[8]

Tony Stark's New Element

Tony Stark realized that the structure of his father's Stark Expo scale model was similar to an atom, and he was able to rediscover a new element hidden in the model, amazed by his father's work. J.A.R.V.I.S. informed that although the element should be a viable substitute for Palladium, its synthesis wasn't viable.

Tony Stark begins his dangerous new experiment

Stark then constructed a small Particle Accelerator in the basement to synthesize the element. While finishing the machine, agent Coulson descended to the basement to bid farewell, as he had been reassigned to New Mexico. Stark then turned on the Particle Accelerator, triggering a reaction that created the new element, compatible with the Arc Reactor. Even before he was able to finish diagnostics, Stark received a call from Ivan Vanko, threatening him to destroy him just as his father destroyed his family.

Realizing that the Stark Expo was Vanko's target, Stark outfitted himself with the new Arc Reactor while J.A.R.V.I.S. assembled a new Iron Man Armor compatible with the bigger energy output of the new element. Once finished, Stark traveled to New York City to evacuate the civilians in the Expo and confront Vanko.[7]

War Machine Armor: Mark II

Tony Stark called Pepper Potts during the press conference where she announced the construction of Stark Tower in New York City, to congratulate her, and he told her that he was waiting for having a date with a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Potts told Stark that she was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and told him she assumed that he remembered their date was the following night. Stark replied that he obviously remembered, as he was in his house altering one of his armors.

Stark removed all technology from Hammer Industries that was added to his Mark II Iron Man Armor to transform it into the War Machine Armor. James Rhodes noticed that he removed all the offensive weapons added to the armor, what would be a problem when the armor would be used in the front lines.

Stark told Rhodes that he wouldn't be wearing that armor again, as it wasn't properly calibrated for him. Rhodes complained, saying that the Pentagon agreed to let Stark keep all the Iron Man technology on the express condition that War Machine was on loan to the Department of Defense. However, Rhodes misunderstood Stark, as Stark constructed an entirely new armor for Rhodes.

As Rhodes was skeptical for Stark's motives, Stark answered he needed to focus on Stark Tower, but the world still needed Iron Man. Stark dismissed the conversation as he had to answer a call from Phil Coulson regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. consultant business.[9]

Date with Pepper Potts

Tony Stark went to have a date with his former assistant Pepper Potts, having started a relationship with her. Potts chose the basement of Stark's Mansion in Malibu as the place for the date; though Stark noticed that that was not his first choice for a romantic dinner, Potts insisted that as she learned long ago that Stark practically lived in his basement and that was the only way to get a date. Potts gave Stark a gift to celebrate their date, a pair of Colantotte bracelets used in Magnet therapy.

The next day, Stark researched about the bracelets, founding information about how the bracelets used alternating north-south polarity orientation to maximize magnetic field flow. This effect supposedly improved blood flow among other benefits for the body. Potts appeared and revealed she thought it would be a good gift, given Stark's complaints about his hurts after each battle as Iron Man.

The bracelets inspired Stark into creating another model of the Iron Man Armor, and ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to open a new project file to include the latest innovation he had thought.[10]

Iron Legion

Tony Stark invited Pepper Potts to move with him to his mansion following the Battle of New York, and Potts seized the opportunity to redecorate the house, making sure Stark wouldn't stick one of his armors in the middle of the living room, although she left the basement untouched, which continued to be Stark's workshop.

James Rhodes visited Potts during the move, and congratulated her for such an important step in their relationship. Rhodes visited Stark in the basement, changing experiences of the different threats each of them faced in the previous days. Stark realized that he needed to be prepared for a wide range of situations, opponents and environments, and that's why he showed Rhodes the latest he had started working, not just a new suit, as Iron Man was not enough even with War Machine watching his back. For what was coming after them, Stark presented a large number of different new suits, the Iron Legion.[9]

Test of the Iron Man Armor: Mark XLII

Iron Man suits up with his latest armor

Tony Stark implanted a series of micro-repeaters into his own arms, that allowed him to summon his latest Iron Man Armor with a gesture, greatly improving its portability. Despite the advice of J.A.R.V.I.S., who wanted to calibrate the systems of the armor and reminded Stark that he had been awake for nearly three consecutive days, Stark went on to record a test of the armor, even introducing it to his former armors as their new brother.

The test seemed to be successful at first, with the different pieces of the armor attaching to Stark. However, the pieces started flying out of control through the basement of his mansion, almost knocking him down when taken by surprise. The face-plate of the armor proved to be a challenge, as Stark had to fly face down so it can correctly attach to the rest of the armor, but he managed to land in his own unique style. But, when the armor was starting to activate, the last piece hit him from behind and Stark fell to the ground, with the armor dismantling.

To take a break from working into the armor, Stark went to watch TV, watching one of the Mandarin's broadcasts assuming the responsibility for the bombing of a military base in Kuwait.[11]

Reunion with Aldrich Killian

Tony Stark studies Aldrich Killian's new research

Tony Stark called his former bodyguard Happy Hogan, now Head of Security at Stark Industries Headquarters, and while Stark taunted him about his strictness as Head of Security, Hogan replied saying that he quit being Iron Man's bodyguard due to the laughs it caused. Hogan briefed Stark about Pepper Potts' reunion with Aldrich Killian, describing him as a rich and handsome scientist. Having run Killian's credentials, Hogan remembered that they met Killian at a 1999 science conference in Switzerland, and Stark checked himself the information he had about Killian.

Hogan revealed the weirdness of Potts' reunion with Killian, as he was showing her his own brain, and advised Stark to pay more attention to Potts, as she the best thing ever happened in his life. Hogan announced he was going to follow Savin, Killian's companion, as he looked very suspicious, and revealed he missed how things were with Stark before he mixed up with the Avengers.[11]


Pepper Potts returned to Tony Stark's Mansion, having moved there following the Battle of New York, and found a giant stuffed animal waiting for her as a Christmas present from Tony Stark. Potts entered home and found the remotely controlled Iron Man Armor: Mark XLII waiting for her at the living room, as Stark tried to make her believe he was inside the armor, excusing himself as he had to stretch the armor.

However, as Potts wanted to kiss Stark, she asked him to remove the mask, but Stark told her he could not open it. Potts opted to go to the basement and look for a crowbar to open the mask, discovering Stark training in the basement controlling the empty armor.

Potts was angry at Stark, seeing that he not only deceived her, but he also had dinner alone even although they were supposed to go on a date. Stark replied that he ate as he did not know for sure if Potts would return home or she would go to have drinks with Aldrich Killian.

Potts tried to leave, disappointed that Stark spied on her. However, Stark sincerely apologized, confessing that he was not the same after the Battle of New York. He felt that after living that experience, the only reason he managed to hang on was that Potts moved with him. Stark confessed his insomnia, and that he dedicated that time to construct new Iron Man Armors in order to protect her, as she was the only thing he could not live without. Potts, moved by Stark's sincerity, lovingly hugged him and invited him to share a shower.

Tony Stark having recurring nightmares

Later that night, Stark had a nightmare remembering his near-death experience in New York City. Potts tried to wake him up, but Stark unconsciously summoned his armor, that attacked Potts. Although Stark woke up and deactivated the armor before it could harm Potts. Stark tried to explain that he was not supposed to be able to call the armor while asleep and that he would solve it recalibrating the sensors, but Potts, still in shock for the attack, decided to sleep downstairs.[11]

Investigation of the Mandarin Attacks

This section requires expansion

Tony Stark started investigating the Mandarin, in order to enact revenge for the explosion that almost killed Happy Hogan. J.A.R.V.I.S. created a database about the terrorist using the data obtained by S.H.I.E.L.D., the FBI and the CIA. Stark analyzed the personality traits and the etymology behind the name of the Mandarin, realizing there were pageantry and theater in his personality.


Stark holographically reconstructed the scene of the explosion, and J.A.R.V.I.S. informed him that the heat from the blast was more than 3000 degrees Celsius, instantly vaporizing anyone nearby, and, as usual in the bombings, no remains of the explosive device were found.

Stark noticed that Hogan was pointing at something, and the reconstruction showed Jack Taggart's military badges, with Stark becoming suspicious as there weren't any military victims according to the public records. Stark then compared the different thermogenic occurrences to other cases based on the particular temperature of the explosion, discarding all the thermogenic signatures related with the Mandarin, and also other signatures that were not as high as that of the explosion.

Only one thermogenic signature matched the requirements: the use of a bomb to assist the suicide of Chad Davis in Rose Hill, Tennessee which predated any known Mandarin attack. J.A.R.V.I.S. created a flight plan for Tennessee when Stark got distracted by the ring of the mansion's doorbell.[11]


Maya Hansen arrives at Tony Stark's Mansion

Maya Hansen arrived at Tony Stark's Mansion in Malibu, in order to warn Tony Stark regarding the public threat he made to the terrorist known as the Mandarin. Stark was surprised to hear Hansen ringing the bell of the mansion, as the mansion was supposed to be on a total security lockdown after the threat issued by Stark, and donned his latest Iron Man Armor to check the visitor.

Stark found Hansen at the entrance of the mansion and pretended not to know her identity asking her if she was the Mandarin. Hansen demanded to speak in private in another place, and Stark dismissed her, treating it as a private proposal and telling her that she was now in a serious relationship.

Tony Stark has another argument with Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts threw her luggage from the top floor of the mansion, in order to leave the city as a security measure regarding the threat to the Mandarin. Stark introduced Hansen, showing that he remembered her, but discreetly asked if their brief affair resulted in having a son together, something that Hansen first recognized but quickly revealed as a joke before revealing the true reason of her visit.

Hansen needed to speak to Stark before it was too late, as the threat upon the Mandarin endangered him. Potts and Hansen had a quick conversation regarding the past affair she had, as Potts knew very well of Stark's reputation with women. Potts revealed her intention of leaving the town despite Stark's refusal and although Hansen offered to help carry the luggage, Stark thought staying at home was the best chance to protect Potts.

Helicopters deploy missiles towards the mansion

Stark and Potts began to argue much to Hansen's surprise, but Hansen, watching the news programs covering the mansion, alerted them to a missile approaching the structure, launched by one of the three helicopters commanded by Eric Savin with orders of destroying the house.

Iron Man uses his repulsors to detonate his rockets

Upon the impact of the missile, Stark ordered his Iron Man Armor to be worn by Potts, in order to protect her despite the risk he might run. Potts protected Stark from the falling debris and acknowledged Potts' proposal of leaving the town. While the helicopters continued attacking the mansion and separated Stark and Potts, Stark ordered her to run and take Hansen with her, while he would try to leave the mansion using another path.

Potts and Hansen abandoned the structure before the entrance collapsed, and J.A.R.V.I.S. informed Stark that Potts had abandoned the mansion, so he retrieved the armor to defend himself from the attacks. The armor was an unfinished prototype, and, therefore, it lacked the flight capability and weapons to properly engage the helicopters, as such, he cleverly used one of the few available features, the repulsors, to disable the helicopters, one by launching the piano he had in the living room, and another manually throwing one of the missiles of the armor and detonating it with the repulsor.

However, one of the helicopters crashed into the house, making it fall into the ocean along with Iron Man. Potts approached the cliff to check if Stark had managed to escape before falling, but he was trapped by the debris at the bottom of the ocean.

Savin left the scene with the remaining helicopter, thinking that Stark was dead. J.A.R.V.I.S. detached one of the gauntlets of the armor to use its individual propulsion and liberate Stark from the debris, reattaching to avoid the armor being filled with water. As the flight capacity was restored, the armor followed the last flight plan calculated by J.A.R.V.I.S., automatically flying to Tennessee.

Following the whole attack, Stark was considered deceased.[11]

Aftermath of the Destruction

Following its destruction, the former location of Tony Stark's Mansion filled up with policemen, firemen, and reporters that intended to cover the news regarding the attack, speculating that Stark fell to the ocean and died.

Pepper Potts finding the Mark VII helmet

Pepper Potts, devastated by the loss of Tony, found the one of the helmets of the Iron Man Armor, and heard a recorded call made by Stark, now stranded in Tennessee, letting her know he was alive, and apologizing for putting her in danger.

Potts abandoned Malibu with Maya Hansen, asking her why she come to the mansion precisely that night, and Hansen revealed that she was not a simply botanist as Stark considered her, but biological DNA coder, and that she thought her boss was working for the Mandarin. Potts was shocked to hear that her boss was Aldrich Killian.

The following day, cranes arrived at the former location of the mansion and started to clear the debris that blocked the cellar doors containing Stark's Iron Legion. J.A.R.V.I.S. informed Stark of the news as he headed was traveling from Miami to Pensacola. Stark later ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to deploy all the armors, and the cellar doors opened to let the Iron Legion flew to Pensacola to assist Stark in the rescue of President Matthew Ellis and Pepper Potts.[11]

Returning Home

Tony Stark leaves his former house

"Tony, I'm glad you're back at the compound. I don't like the idea of you rattling around a mansion by yourself."
Steve Rogers[src]

Tony Stark returned to Malibu, to the remains of his former house and threw his old Arc Reactor that was in his chest into the ocean, after having undergone an operation to remove the shrapnel in his heart. While there, he retrieved some personal items, such as one of his screwdrivers, and the remains of Dum-E.[11]

Alternate Universes

Hiring Killmonger

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Main Floor

"I hate when people tell me my place. Which reminds me, Celeste, Eloise, let's go see my place."
Tony Stark[src]

The main floor of the mansion contained most of the basic living areas, including a large, open foyer/living room and a kitchen. The foyer is large enough to host upscale parties, much to Stark's personal taste and style.[1]


Tony Stark's workshop

In the basement of the mansion is Tony Stark's workshop, where he created and stored his Iron Man Armors. A large, open area with mostly concrete walls, this area was well suited for small scale testing of Stark's Armors.[1] Along the back wall was Tony's "Hall of Armors", a glass case where he stored and displayed his "Classic" Iron Man Armors (Mark I - VII).[11] In addition, Stark also kept a collection of both vintage and up-to-date cars in his workshop, parked near an access ramp back to street-level.[1]

The entire workshop possessed an expansive hologram projector system that was operated through J.A.R.V.I.S., where Stark could manipulate digital projections for a variety of purposes such as looking at documents through the internet and secure databases, or to project a 3-D model of his or anything that he was creating or studying.[7] While working to synthesize a theoretical element based on his Father's old research, Tony briefly renovated his workshop and part of his mansion to accommodate a small scale Particle Accelerator.[7]

During Stark's period of rapid development of new Iron Man Armors following the Battle of New York, he constructed a circular, raised stage in his workshop specifically for testing new armors. The floor of the stage could open to reveal Stark's Armor Vault, a circular vault that descended several stories below the mansion, which held Stark's Iron Legion armors, stored in spaces along the perimeter of the wall. The center of the stage was a circular platform that served as a lift that could carry a specific armor to its storage space in the vault, or bring up another suit depending on his needs.[11]


Upstairs was Tony Stark's bedroom where he (and later, Pepper Potts) slept. He once fought his friend, James Rhodes, in this room while drunk.[1][7][11]


Tony Stark's Gym

This room is where Tony Stark went to exercise and train; the room had a variety of weights and in the center of the gym was a standard wrestling ring where Stark practiced his fighting and spars with his friend and bodyguard Happy Hogan. During his birthday party, a drunk and stressed Stark fought James Rhodes here as well, using his barbells as a club.[7]


Tony Stark's front garden

Outside of the house was enough space for several cars which served for parties; in the middle of the front garden, a water fountain was placed.[7]


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