"You're all dead."
―Tony Gnucci to Paulie[src]

Tony Gnucci was a member of the Gnucci Crime Family who was robbed by thieves. When one of the thieves dropped his I.D., revealing himself to be Donald Chavez, Gnucci ordered that Chavez be found and killed. However, Gnucci and his crew were killed by Punisher before they could get Chavez.


Gnucci Family

Robbed by Amateurs

"Do you know whose game this is? I guess not. Otherwise you wouldn't be here."
"Or maybe we don't give a shit about you oily Gnucci-shit-bags."
―Tony Gnucci and Paulie[src]

Gnucci being held up at gunpoint by Paulie

While at Linello's, Gnucci and his associates played a game of poker with a strict no guns policy. While they were all playing the game, they were suddenly robbed by four thieves who struck Moose and held them all at gunpoint, with one of the robbers grabbing a hold of Gnucci and holding a shotgun to the back of his head, threatening to execute him. While Gnucci was still being held at gunpoint by the thieves, another robber was tasked with handling the money but panicked, struggling to keep his hands steady, and dropped the bag while trying to fill it up with all the cash.


Gnucci watches as all of their thieves escape

Attempting to throw his clearly nervous robbers off, Gnucci began questioning if they really knew that this game was being organized by the Gnucci Crime Family, only for the robber holding the shotgun to note that they did and did not care, to which Gnucci warned that they had all signed their own death warrants by robbing them. As the third robber was finishing grabbing the cash, he dropped the bag and his wallet, revealing his identity as Donald Chavez to Gnucci and his crew. Gnucci smirked as he made it clear he had seen his name as the robbers all panicked and ran away with the cash.[1]

Massacre at Linello's

TP101 GnucciCrimeFamily

Gnucci and his people preparing themselves

"No one sleeps until we get these guys. Start with this kid, Donald Chavez. My guy in the precinct called with an address in Queens. He lives with his grandmother. Do what you have to to make him give up the others. Christ... Get the circuit breaker."
―Tony Gnucci to Gnucci Crime Family[src]

During the same night of the robbery, Gnucci relayed the plan with the other members of the Gnucci Crime Family to find and brutally kill of all the masked assailants by first going after Donald Chavez or his sick grandmother who he lived with in order to force him to reveal all his allies' identities, with Gnucci telling his crew that nobody was allowed to sleep until they found everyone, believing that Chavez would then give up the others. As all of Gnucci's men were arming themselves, the power to the entire building suddenly went out.

Castle killing Tony Gnucci

Gnucci is found and executed by the Punisher

Before any of them could turn the power back on, a shot rang out and killed Moose with a bullet to the head. As Gnucci and the others attempted to retaliate, the Punisher fired multiple shots into the room and killed each and everyone there with a hail of bullets. Right as Gnucci turned the power turned back on and discovered even more corpses laid out in the other room, the Punisher stood next to him. Before Gnucci could react, Punisher killed the mobster with his own gun by forcing him to shoot himself through the eye, in order to make the crime seen appear to be a horrific murder suicide.[1]


Micro's Discovery

"I waited for a bunch of bad guys to turn up dead and then I just checked nearby."
Micro to Punisher[src]

In the wake of the massacre of Gnucci and his men, Micro heard of the reports of violence and had then linked it to the Punisher, based on the Punisher's previous acts of violence.[1] The Gnucci murders allowed Micro to track down the Punisher and then recruit him into tracking down William Rawlins and all those involved with Cerberus Squad. The massacre was reported by Karen Page at the New York Bulletin, who had reported that it had been a murder/suicide by Gnucci, with no mention of the Punisher.[2]


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  • Taurus PT92AFS: Gnucci carried this handgun as he prepared to chase the men that had just robbed them. However, he and the rest of members of the Gnucci Crime Family that were at Linello's were ambushed by Frank Castle, and while they began to shoot blindly, Castle managed to kill them all, forcing Gnucci to kill himself with his own gun.


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