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"Listen, I was just doing my job."
"That's what you were doing at Gwen's? Your job?"
"I wasn't there. Swear to God."
"You run home. Tell Mariah I'm coming."
―Tony and Luke Cage[src]

Tony is a criminal who worked for Black Mariah.


"Alex sent Ricky and Tony to Crown Heights. They're already combing the neighborhood."
Mariah Dillard to Shades[src]
Tony vs Cage

Luke Cage interrogates Tony

Tony and Ricky were dispatched by Alex Wesley to find Ingrid Mackintosh. They were beating up a clinic worker for information when they were found by Luke Cage. After Ricky was knocked out by Cage, Tony tried to avoid being beaten up by saying he was just doing his job. After swearing he was not involved in the massacre at Gwen's, Cage told him to run and tell Mariah he was coming for her.[1]





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