"Turk called me, tells me he saw Chico at the shop slipping. I came and asked you if it was important that the nigga was breathing. You seemed non-committal, so I make an executive decision."
"That's what you call an executive decision? Yeah, okay. So you caught him slipping outside?"
"Nah, man. I lit that shit up like the Fourth of July. It was all so Django Candyland shit for real. Lights, camera, action, baby!"
―Tone and Cottonmouth[src]

Tone was the personal bodyguard and professional hitman for the crime boss Cottonmouth; however, when Tone had become overconfident and assassinated Pop, his employer was furious and threw him off Harlem's Paradise's rooftop, killing him.


Cottonmouth Guard

Patting down Luke Cage

When Luke Cage confronted Cottonmouth, Tone patted him down for weapons, before silently witnessing the parley between the two on Chico Diaz.[1] He then received a text from Turk Barrett, informing him of the location of Diaz. Showing Cottonmouth, Tone took Shades with him to deal with Diaz.[2]

Attack on Pop's Barber Shop

Attack on Pops

Tone shooting up Pop's Barber Shop

Tone met up with Turk Barrett, questioning him if he had really seen Chico Diaz. With Barrett certain, Tone and Shades left Barrett without giving him his promised reward. Staking out Pop's Barber Shop, Tone and Shades waited for Chico Diaz to show himself. Seeing Diaz appear from upstairs holding a large bag of money, Tone leapt out of the car and violently shot up the shop, shooting Diaz in the arm and killing Pop. Once the bullets stopped, Tone and Shades entered the remains of the shop, checking to see if anyone survived and took the bag of money.[2]

Killed by Cottonmouth

"Okay, Mr. Barrett. Tone promised to pay you for finding Chico, right?"
"That right? Okay."
"Woah, wait! Wait! Wait!"
"You can collect your money from Tone downstairs, Mr. Barrett! I assume that completes our business."
Cottonmouth, Turk Barrett and Tone[src]

Debriefing Cottonmouth on Harlem's Paradise's roof on the Attack on Pop's Barber Shop, Tone told him on how he retrieved the money. With Cottonmouth questioning him if he had waited if Chico Diaz had left the building before attacking, Tone boasted on how he had shot up the shop to Cottonmouth's horror. Cottonmouth calmed down and planned to donate money to Pop so he could rebuild his shop, only for Shades to mention that Pop had been caught in the crossfire. The situation was worsened when Turk Barrett managed to break into Harlem's Paradise's rooftop entrance, demanding that Tone pay him for the information. Angry at the loss of his childhood friend, Cottonmouth threw Tone off the roof, killing him, telling Barrett the he could take any valuables Tone's corpse had to offer.[2]


Pop's Funeral

"They never caught the shooter, but I have faith that he is rotting in the depths of hell. I miss Pop, I promise you, with all my might, that even though we are being attacked from both sides by foreign interlopers, strangers with arcane abilities, I promise you, I'll stay true to what we have right here."
Cottonmouth was shown to have no remorse for killing Tone and even had said that he would be rotting in Hell. After Pop's funeral Cottonmouth orders Joel Spurlock dispose of his corpse Joel then says "What body?" and leaves with Tone's corpse to dispose of it.


"I suggested we wait."
"Wait? Wait for what, Shades? You ain't even down with the clique. You can't give orders. It was loud 'cause it's supposed to be. Niggas need to know you don't rob Cottonmouth!"
Shades and Tone[src]

While loyal to his boss, Tone was incredibly rude to anyone besides him and arrogant to where he believed that his callous murder of Pop wouldn't bother Cottonmouth in the slightest if it worked to his benefit. Tone has no qualms about taking the lives of innocent people as he regarded Pop’s death as a “casualty of war”. Tone believed Organized Crime should be run with intimidation and violence, contrary to Shades who believed it should be run with discipline, only using violent tactics should the situation demand it; a view on crime that Tone saw as a sign of weakness.


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