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"It's not a competition, Tommy."
"It is if you're a winner."
Billy Maximoff and Tommy Maximoff[src]

Thomas "Tommy" Maximoff was the son of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, and the twin brother of Billy Maximoff.



"Tommy. Just a nice, classic, all-American name."
Wanda Maximoff to Vision[src]

Tommy Maximoff was the first twin to be born from Wanda and he was delivered by Geraldine. Minutes after, his twin brother Billy was born.[1]

Growing up in the Suburbs

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First Halloween

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Abducted by Agatha Harkness

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Tommy's Voice Heard

While reading the Darkhold through astral projection, Wanda hears both of her sons' voices crying for help.[4]


"I'm the cool twin."
"What does that make me?"
"A dorksaurus rex."
―Tommy Maximoff and Billy Maximoff[src]

Tommy Maximoff loves playing pranks and when he gets excited he starts running around wildly until Wanda has to grab him by the arm and give him a stern talking to.

He is also a major fan of “Pietro”, and copies everything his uncle does, including wearing the same Halloween costumes, and is delighted to discover that they have the same superpowers.


"Chip off the old Maximoff block. You've got super speed!"
"Pietro Maximoff" to Tommy Maximoff[src]

Tommy running at super-speed

  • Superhuman Speed: Like his uncle, Maximoff can run at super sonic speed. He is able to act, move, and perceive in seconds or less, far faster than normal people could even perceive. His power causes him to generate an aura of blue/green, white, and transparent energy currents and mist-like shapes, much like fire or wind, leaving behind a trail of it as he runs. Maximoff used his abilities to swiftly relieve S.W.O.R.D. agents of their weapons. Despite his powers resembling his that of his uncle, his abilities do not amplify the force behind his movements like his uncle's did, notably allowing his mother to catch him by the arm without being injured.
  • Superhuman Stamina: After Maximoff found out he had super speed, he chose almost the entire Westview with and without his brother for a long time and showed no signs of fatigue.
  • Age Manipulation: Maximoff and his twin brother Billy have both been shown to have the ability to change their ages at will, each time aging up around 5 years.







  • In the comics, Tommy and his twin Billy were magical constructs created subconsciously by Wanda Maximoff using pieces of Mephisto's soul. Tommy eventually ceased to exist, only to be reincarnated years later in Tommy Shepherd, also known as Speed for his powers and resemblance to Quicksilver.
  • Tommy was named by his mother Wanda Maximoff, who chose the name because it was a classic all-American name.
  • Tommy usually wears green while his brother wears red, a reference to their comics reincarnations' costumes.

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