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"The only time Harlem's favorite detective calls me is when she needs me to cover?"
"Oh, come on. You know we go deeper than that."
―Tomas Ciancio and Misty Knight[src]

Detective Tomas Ciancio is a New York City Police Department officer working in Brooklyn.


"So, what were you two doing snooping around an empty warehouse in my neighborhood?"
―Tomas Ciancio to Misty Knight and Luke Cage[src]

Tomas Ciancio worked with Misty Knight in the New York City Police Department in Harlem before transferring to Brooklyn. When Luke Cage and Misty Knight discovered the headless body of Nigel Garrison in a warehouse, Ciancio was assigned to investigate. He informed Cage and Knight about the relationship between the Yardies and the Stylers.[1]

Massacre at Gwen's

"You really think Mariah Dillard's responsible for this?"
"I know it in my bones. This whole thing is just a smoke out. To force Bushmaster to respond."
"Rude boy culture definitely demands a response."
―Tomas Ciancio and Misty Knight[src]

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