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"I learned a lot of lessons from Tommy Ridenhour over the years. Some harder than others. But the most important one was that you can't stop the tide. You can only try and save as many people as you can from the flood."
Priscilla Ridley to Misty Knight[src]

Thomas "Tom" Ridenhour was a Captain with the New York City Police Department who was transferred to Harlem when he took over from Priscilla Ridley. During his time as Captain, Ridenhour oversaw the return of Detective Misty Knight to the force following her losing her right arm, and focused much of his efforts on bringing down the Stokes Crime Family since he used Comanche as his mole on the inside of the crime family, reporting all the crimes of Mariah Dillard directly to Ridenhour. However, once Ridenhour and Comanche had been caught at their secret meeting by Shades, Ridenhour was simply unable to defuse the situation as the panicked Comanche shot him in the heart, killing him instantly before Shades killed Comanche for betraying him and had then sabotaged the crime scene.


Early Life

Meeting Mariah Dillard

"I am not that shy girl you held hands with in ninth grade."
"Ninth, tenth and eleventh. You don't remember?"
"I never forget, and then there was Karla, and that was that."
Mariah Dillard and Tom Ridenhour[src]

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Transfer to Harlem

Replacing Priscilla Ridley

"When did you transfer from Midtown Homicide?"
"Oh, when Ridley made deputy chief and got transferred to One Police Plaza."
Misty Knight and Tom Ridenhour[src]

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Clashing with Misty Knight

"What the hell were you thinking? You go to a crime scene without authorization. You let an assault perpetrator go without authorization."
"Luke Cage is out there doing things that you and me and Bailey and Nandi can't. Look, we are this close to taking down Mariah."
―Tom Ridenhour and Misty Knight[src]

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Interrogating Mariah Dillard

"We've got narcotraficante shit. Pirates of the Caribbean-type shit. And now it's in Harlem. You remember the posses? This is the posses on steroids. Talk to me, May May. What do you know?"
"I want protection. For me and my daughter."
"We'll protect you both. I promise. But I'm gonna need your help."
―Tom Ridenhour and Mariah Dillard[src]

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Propositioning Mariah Dillard

"You walk, you connect Mr. Alvarez with this whole Bushmaster thing, they'll both end up in custody, and you still have some salt left over in the political arena. That's Marion Barry shit. The decision's yours. How do you want to live your life? On the run from Bushmaster? Or on the run from us?"
―Tom Ridenhour to Mariah Dillard[src]

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Murdered by Comanche

"At the same time your brownstone was being burned down, Thomas Ridenhour was shot and killed. He was meeting with a confidential informant. Now, this brother, he was busy, too, 'cause he worked for you as well."
Misty Knight to Mariah Dillard[src]

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Police Investigation

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"The law is the law, and I swear by it no matter what."
―Tom Ridenhour to Misty Knight[src]

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  • Glock 19: Ridenhour took his gun to his meetings with Comanche, and drew it when he realized that Comanche had been followed. He had no chance to use it before Comanche shot and killed him, though Shades used the gun to shot Comanche in the stomach, to make it appear that Ridenhour himself had been the one to shoot. Shades shot him again in the chest to kill him, before planting the gun on Ridenhour's hand.




  • Father
  • Karla Ridenhour - Wife




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