"I noted that peculiar bird you got parked by the road, and I was just wondering if you'd mind if I bring the boys over to get a closer looksie?"
―Tom to Carol Danvers[src]

Tom is the neighbor of Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica.


"Pleased to meet you. Yow! Static electricity out here's no joke."
―Tom to Carol Danvers[src]

Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers speak to Tom

One day, Tom knocked on the door of the Rambeau Residence to ask if he could take a closer look at the Quadjet. To his surprise, Carol Danvers opened the door and despite his friendly approach and good manners, she assumed that he was an impostor and was very cold towards him. Danvers told him that his trickery didn't fool her and closed the door but not before Rambeau asked him to return later.[1]



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