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"Todorov Building. I think it's research, not military."
"Looks like a prison."
Grant Ward and Skye[src]

The Todorov Building is a research facility in the outskirts of Minsk in Belarus.


Infiltration into Todorov Building

"My agent's on his way to the Todorov Building."
Phil Coulson to Akela Amador[src]

Grant Ward traveled to the Todorov Building in order to fulfill Akela Amador's mission, mimicking her Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant using a pair of Backscatter Glasses designed by Leo Fitz, capable of sending and receiving the same signal feed as Amador's eye implant, and even having the same backscatter functions.

Ward had to proceed with the mission in order to discover the handler's intentions and to buy enough time to disable the fail-safe in Amador's eye. Ward entered the building with Skye's remote assistance.

Alien equation.png

Ward managed to pass all the security scans until approaching his target, the Delta 5 section inside the building, and was ordered to seduce a security guard, as the man who sent the orders thought Ward was Amador. Ward tried to be friendly to the guard, but seeing no other option to pass that security control, he was forced to knock the guard out.

Ward entered a room where a group of men were studying a series of symbols of seemingly alien origin, that were the true target of the mission. Ward was wished good luck to abandon the building, as the guard had to put a password into the security system at regular intervals to avoid setting the alarm of the building.

Ward ordered Skye to meet him at the south side of the building, and he fled from the security guards. He was contacted by Leo Fitz, who needed advice to deactivate Amador's kill switch, and Ward's expertise with bombs could prove handy. However, as Ward inadvertently looked into a mirror, he prompted Fitz to cut the eye before the kill switch could be activated.

Ward escaped the building under gunfire, and met with Skye to return to the Bus.[1]


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