"Let him try that shit. That's what Valhalla means. You built this, we got you."
―Todd to Jigsaw[src]

Todd was a United States Army veteran who later became a member of Jigsaw's Crew, who participated in their criminal actions. Having become blindly loyal to Billy Russo, Todd had followed him on a mission to assassinate the Punisher, but he was soon overpowered and then executed as a result.


Early Life

Military Service

"There's an army out there. On the streets, in bars like this. And they all feel the same as you and me. All they ever do is tell us we're the problem, we're their ones that need to change. Maybe we're not the problem."
Jake Nelson to Billy Russo[src]

Todd had served in the United States Army before he returned to New York City. Through his connections with other former soldiers, Todd had learned that Jake Nelson and Billy Russo had been working together to build their Crew of former soldiers who wanted to take back some of their power, as Todd had eagerly signed up to join, agreeing to take part in their upcoming robbery.[1]

Jigsaw's Crew

Training for the Robbery

"What are you doing?"
"Bobby's smart, he kept us on our toes. There could be a bunch of vets in the waiting to cash their cheques, anyone could decide to play hero. Ain't that right?"
―Todd and Billy Russo[src]

Todd training with Billy Russo's new crew

Todd, alongside several other veterans of the United States Army, was invited by Billy Russo to join his Crew with the goal of using their military skills for their own benefit. Todd had joined Russo and the others at their Hideout where they began rehearsing for their upcoming Robbery of ReadyQuick Check Cashing, as Todd had played the role of one of the hostages, witnessing Geno becoming annoyed when their scenario went wrong, although Russo insisted that this was the exact reason why they were practicing.


Todd standing alongside Jigsaw's Crew

The crew was then interrupted by the arrival of Bobby, who had then confirmed that everything was in place for their robbery, while Russo accused Bobby of being careless by turning up to their hideout while still wearing his uniform. Russo then called on the crew to rehearse again, this time with Bobby joining them, as they witnessed Bobby making a move for Russo's gun and being hit in the face as a result. While Todd questioned why he would do this, Russo complimented Bobby's quick thinking that somebody at ReadyQuick Check might foolishly attempt to be a hero and intervene to stop their robbery, and all of them needed to be prepared for that possibly happening.


Todd listens to Billy Russo plan for the robbery

Once it got late in the evening, the crew finished practicing as Russo called them all over to discuss the plan, as he confirmed that Todd and Mike would drive the cars as he, Jake Nelson and Bobby would go inside and take the money. Once they confirmed that José and Phillip would be acting as their backup, Russo told the crew to get some sleep so they were ready for the mission. As he prepared his bed, Todd had then witnessed Nelson complaining about cold and requesting to sleep at his own Apartment, which Russo had refused, insisting that they all should stay together until the job was done.[1]

Robbery of ReadyQuick


Todd and the crew leave without Jake Nelson

"Let's go, Billy! Get in!"
―Todd to Jigsaw[src]

The next morning, they learned that Jake Nelson had left during the night and failed to return. Although the Crew waited for some time for Nelson to return, eventually Billy Russo decided he had enough, as he noted that this was the exact way they built redundancies into their plans. Russo had then changed the plan, keeping Todd in the same place driving one of their getaway cars, while ordering Mike to retake Nelson's place during the actual robbery, as Todd and the rest of the crew had then departed.


Todd waiting to drive Billy Russo to safety

As part of the plan, Todd then remained sat in his car, parked closely to Mike's as Russo went into ReadyQuick Check Cashing alongside Mike and Bobby and demanded that Lillian open the safe and hand over the cash. Having waited for some time, Todd eventually had witnessed Russo, Mike and Bobby storming out of ReadyQuick Check Cashing with several bags of money and Anton Reed acting as their hostage. Just as they prepared to leave, Nelson seemingly appeared on the street as Russo demanded that he get out of there immediately, furious that Nelson failed to show up in the morning.


Todd attempting to shoot at the Punisher

However, Nelson called out to Russo directly and removed his mask, revealing himself to actually be the Punisher, who had come there to murder Russo. While Russo stood, frozen in place at the sight of the Punisher and his Skull Vest, Todd got out of his car as he and the others called on Russo to escape. Todd then began shooting at the Punisher, causing a gunfight to then break out in the streets as the Punisher gunned down both Mike and Geno before Todd made his escape from the shootout, while José managed to drag Russo to his car and drive off as the Punisher furiously chased him down.[1]


Todd providing covering fire for Billy Russo

Having managed to regroup with all the survivors of their crew, Todd had then driven back into the firefight, which had escalated further as the New York City Police Department had also arrived on the scene, under the command of Brett Mahoney and had begun firing at both Russo and the Punisher. While the Punisher made his escape, Todd pulled up near Russo and fired at the police cars, ordering Russo to get in the car. Keeping the police back with gunfire, Bobby managed to drag Russo into their car as they then drove away from the scene, with Todd still continuing to fire his Micro Uzi at all of the police.[2]

Aftermath of the Robbery


Todd witnesses Jigsaw shooting Anton Reed

"How much you think we got?"
"We gotta count it first, dumbass."
―Todd and Bobby[src]

Arriving back at their Hideout, the Crew tried to understand what had happened as Todd excitedly questioned how much money they had managed to get away with, while Bobby called him a dumbass and noted that it all had to be counted first. Todd had then witnessed an argument break out, as Bobby then demanded to know exactly how the Punisher was involved, questioning Billy Russo's leadership and his mental state. This only proved to anger Russo who responded by shooting Bobby and Anton Reed dead, before taking all of their money for himself.


Todd counting the money that they had stolen

Eventually, Russo called the crew back together as Russo presented them with the bag of money, promising that he had not taken a single dollar from it, as Todd got on his knees and confirmed that this was true, tossing a wad of cash to José to inspect. However, Russo told Todd and all the others that this cash was nothing more than scraps compared to what they could achieve. Todd listened while Russo had proposed that they use all the money stolen from ReadyQuick Check Cashing to buy more equipment and to continue fighting against the system, promising that if they did then they could become gods.[2]


Todd enjoys a party with cocaine and women

The crew followed behind Russo's leadership as they used the cash to buy new guns and Bulletproof Vests while building their crew with United States Army veterans who had also wanted to fight back against the system that had held them down. Their crew began causing chaos around New York City as they robbed several drug gangs, while also establishing the new base at Valhalla. Taking advantage of the situation, Todd had enjoyed the parties hosted at Valhalla, as he took cocaine with Moke and enjoyed the company of the many women who were also invited to join their parties.[3]

Ambush at the Valhalla


Todd listening to Jigsaw's speech to the crew

"Screw him!"
"He's gonna get his!"
José and Todd[src]

During his time with Jigsaw's Crew, Todd had become increasingly loyal to Billy Russo, following his every word. Todd was called to the meeting with Russo as they established everything that they had all achieved, with Russo noting that Todd was among the four original members who were still alive, alongside José and Phillip. Russo went on to claimed that Bobby had thought he was better than them which was why he had shot and killed him.


Todd vows to continue standing with Jigsaw

Todd listened as Russo explained that the Punisher was coming to them with the intention of killing all of them, commenting on how the Punisher had killed Mike and Geno, as well as Moke. Russo went on to explain that the Punisher had once been his brother before he had then disfigured his face, as Todd and José cursed his name. Todd then promised Russo that he and the other crew members were all ready and willing to fight for Russo and to kill the Punisher, only for Russo to insist that he had something better planned than killing the Punisher, believing that he needed to understand all his pain.


Todd attempting to shoot and kill the Punisher

Wanting to please Russo, Todd then followed along with his plan, as he assisted Russo with creating a set up in which they would either brutally beat the Punisher to death, or make him believe that he had killed several innocent women with his gunfire, as Russo had gunned down all the women ready for the Punisher to shoot in their general direction later. Todd then assisted with the ambush on the Punisher, as they used bright lights and loud music to distract him, and beat him down. With the Punisher finally defeated, Todd watched Russo mocking his condition before he and Todd then walked away.


Todd screams before the Punisher shoots him

However, the Punisher managed to regain his strength and fought off all the members of Jigsaw's Crew who had been left to beat him to death, taking their weapon and going back out to hunt down Russo. As the Punisher stormed back into the main facility, Todd attempted to shoot him down, but the Punisher proved too fast as he managed to shoot Todd several times in the chest. With Todd still alive but now bleeding heavily, he witnessed the Punisher taking his cover close by him while exchanging gunfire with Russo. Todd screamed out at the Punisher, before being shot point blank in the face, killing him.[4]


Crew Disbanded

"He killed a lot of our friends and escaped. So it's just not you and him now. We owe him some payback, we could finish him. They say he's hurt, on the run, I say we hunt him down. We owe that to the others."
"Look, I get it. Okay? I do. But killing Frank Castle that won't bring them back."
José and Billy Russo[src]

The deaths of Jigsaw's Crew members, including Todd, negatively impacted the rest of the crew. José gathered the survivors of the Ambush at the Valhalla and met with Billy Russo at the bar. The crew wanted vengeance on the Punisher, so José offered Russo to hunt him down while he was still hurt. However, Russo reminded them that killing Castle would not bring Todd and others back, so he handed them all the money the crew had and told them to leave New York City, disbanding the crew.[5]


"Why did you choose a blue luchador mask?"
"Latex allergy, asshole"
―Todd and Bobby[src]

Todd was fiercely loyal to Billy Russo and the rest of the Jigsaw's Crew, despite mocking Bobby for his blue luchador mask. As the crew managed stole the money from the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, Todd was quite enthusiastic over the robbery and later on ran straight to the money, proving himself to be greedy. Although the previous encounter with the Punisher, Todd blindly followed Russo on an attempt to take Castle down, which led to his death.




Todd during their shootout with the Punisher


  • Jigsaw's Hideout: Recruited by Billy Russo, Todd and the rest of Jigsaw's Crew gathered at the warehouse where they were preparing to the Robbery of the ReadyQuick Check Cashing. After planning and rehearsing the robbery, Todd and the crew stayed at the hideout for a night before leaving.
  • Valhalla: With the money from the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, Jigsaw's Crew was able to reorganize itself into the small army and established the new base at the warehouse in Queens. In addition to preparing for new missions, Todd and others were spending their spare time at the Valhalla, enjoying parties. Later, the crew prepared the ambush for the Punisher who infiltrated the Valhalla in an attempt to assassinate Jigsaw, however, Todd was killed by Castle in the gunfight.





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