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"I'm not sharing."
―Toad to Izel[src]

Toad was a mercenary who was stationed on Kitson. He, along with his partner Boyle and crew of mercenaries stole Viro's ship from Leo Fitz and Enoch, but would then join Izel's crew. On route to Earth, he and every member of the crew were possessed by the Shrike that were created by Izel.


Business on Kitson

"We're just gonna take the snails and the ship, too."
"Why are you doing this?"
"My business is my business."
"And yours, well, seems to be everybody's."
Boyle, Leo Fitz and Toad[src]

Toad and his associate Boyle were present on Kitson when Leo Fitz and Enoch landed the Lazy Comet on the planet and sold them a shipment of Xandarian Snails. Toad explained that Fitz and Enoch were famous for having saved several crew members from Viro's grip. However, he and Boyle also revealed that Fitz and Enoch were wanted criminals, and for this reason, they simply stole the snails and the spaceship, leaving Fitz and Enoch with nothing but a gambling token to be spent in the House of Games. Toad and Boyle hoped to sell the snails to gain enough money to live a wealthy life on the planet of Leitner.

Toad and Boyle were later confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Quake, Jemma Simmons and James Davis. Toad attempted to draw his gun to face them, but he was immediately disarmed by Quake with her superhuman abilities. Toad was then forced to watch as Boyle got two fingers broken by Quake until he revealed where Fitz and Enoch had gone. Before they left, the candies Toad was fond of were taken by Davis, and Boyle willingly gave them since he knew that it would have adverse effects on the Humans.[1]

Joining Izel's Crew

"It's not gonna work. I'm telling you, this bucket of bolts will never survive a hyper-jump."
"You'll turn us all into space dust."
Boyle and Toad[src]

Toad and Boyle were once again faced with S.H.I.E.L.D. as Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons returned to the Lazy Comet with Izel with the intent of commandeering it and returning to Earth. Although Toad and Boyle objected that the spaceship was not solid enough to endure such a journey through space, they were forced to comply as Izel threatened with her knife.[2] Still, Toad insisted that this endeavor was extremely risky, although Izel refused to heed their protests and sent them away.

Despite Toad's doubts, the Lazy Comet actually safely used the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device and arrived near the Moon. During the approaching trajectory to Earth, Toad retrieved his jar of candies he had previously stached. Upon hearing some noise, he encountered four crew members acting strange and told them that he would not share his candies with them. He then met Izel, and noticed that she had a small creature in her hands. Toad inquired about it, asking whether it was a pet, and as Izel answered his question, the creature rushed into Toad's mouth. From this point, Toad was essentially dead, his body being possessed by the Shrike.[3]

Possessed by a Shrike

"We agreed that these rogues were all mindless fools, right? So I gave them a higher purpose."

Just like the rest of the crew, Toad, now possessed by a Shrike, became nothing more than a puppet serving Izel's will.[3] As Izel sensed the Destruction of the Shrike Tower on Earth, she accused Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to have conspired against her, and thus Toad and Boyle were sent to chase them after they were able to disarm other possessed crew members. Toad and Boyle found them in the corridors of the Lazy Comet, but before they bring them to Izel, they were restrained by Yo-Yo Rodriguez who cuffed them both to a pipe.

Toad being destroyed by Jaco's Atom Bomb

Toad's body and the Shrike possessing it were eventually destroyed when Jaco brought Sarge's Atom Bomb inside the Lazy Comet and detonated it, causing the whole spaceship and its crew to be annihilated in space.[4]





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