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"Tivan. Making life better... for those who deserved it."
―Tivan Group's slogan[src]

The Tivan Group is a prestigious and notoriously powerful group in the criminal underworld of the galactic community. Responsible for the founding of Knowhere, the Group is considerably wealthy and are often the source of exponential contributions to the galaxy's criminal element. Taneleer Tivan, the infamous Collector, controls the group.


Founding Knowhere

The Tivan Group set up a mining company on the severed head of a Celestial floating in space, transforming it into Knowhere, primarily serving as a mining colony.

The leader of the group, Taneleer Tivan, set up his museum on Knowhere, as the largest collection of interstellar flora and fauna in the entire galaxy. However, the museum was destroyed in 2014 by an explosion caused by one of the Infinity Stones after Tivan's assistant Carina grabbed the stone.[1]


Name Position Status
Taneleer Tivan Leader Unknown
Knowhere Dispatcher Dispatcher Alive
Carina Attendant Deceased
Krylorian Attendant Attendant Unknown