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"We could have made some pretty cool stuff with all that alien junk."

Phineas Mason is a former salvager with a gift for engineering. As he and the rest of the crew led by Adrian Toomes turned into professional criminals, Mason, under the alias of Tinkerer used the Chitauri, Dark Elf and Ultron technology salvaged to create all new powerful weaponry. Due to the actions of Spider-Man, Tinkerer's weapons came under risk of being found, and therefore, Toomes considered shutting down their organization. However, the Tinkerer convinced him to do a final heist which resulted in Toomes being arrested.


Bestman Salvage

Battle of New York Cleanup

"When I was a kid, I used to draw cowboys and Indians."
"Actually, um, it's Native American."
"Yeah. Tell you what, though. Not bad, is it?"
"No, yeah. Kid's got a future."
Adrian Toomes and Phineas Mason[src]

Mason cleaning up the Battle of New York

In the wake of the Battle of New York, the Toomes Salvage Company gains the contract to clean up the city. Mason was cleaning up Grand Central Station, with Herman Schultz. Mason was inspecting a Chitauri energy core when Adrian Toomes was approached by Anne Marie Hoag and a group of agents, telling them that they are to withdraw from the area as the United States Department of Damage Control had secured the contract to clean up after Avengers battles. As Toomes explains that he had the contract to clean up New York City, Mason slipped the energy core into his pocket.

Mason realizes that he is now losing his job

Hoag was still unrelenting, however, telling Toomes to leave. Toomes started begging her to let him have the contract, as he had a family to support. When one of Hoag's men, Foster, mockingly told him to not overreach in his work, Toomes punched him in the face, causing the guards around Hoag to draw their guns and for Toomes to leave the area. Hoag told Toomes that he could talk to Tony Stark about possibly regaining the contracts if he had wished to.

Mason experiments with alien technology

Later at their base, Mason was experimenting with the energy core, managing to activate the core and power a turbine while Toomes watched a NY1 report on the federal government creating the United States Department of Damage Control. When Jackson Brice discovered that the group still had a large amount of Chitauri technology left, Toomes decided to keep it, convincing the group to turn to a life of crime by reverse-engineering and weaponizing the technology for sale.[1]

Building Weapons

Serving Vulture

Tinkerer is delivered a batch of technology

"Whoever's making these weapons are obviously combining alien tech with ours."
Peter Parker to Ned Leeds[src]

Over the next few years, Mason continued perfecting his technology which in turn was sold of the streets, using Chitauri and Ultron based technology to create Anti-Gravity Guns and Matter Phase Shifters. In 2016, while Mason was still being busy working on some of his new technology, Adrian Toomes arrived delivered more technology to Tinkerer in his flight suit, telling him that "business is good" as they both smiled.

Tinkerer is called for help by Herman Schultz

A few months later, while working in their headquarters, Mason heard Toomes' phone going off and decided to answer it. Mason was then informed by a desperate Herman Schultz that a weapons deal with Aaron Davis had been interrupted by Spider-Man and they were not desperately on the run. Mason informed Toomes of this and witnessed Toomes putting on his Vulture suit, while Mason stayed behind and answered Toomes' phone again when his wife had tried to call him.

Tinkerer speaks to an angered Adrian Toomes

Mason was present when Toomes returned having defeated Spider-Man and furiously confronted Jackson Brice about firing off their weapons in public. As the argument with Brice and Toomes still escalated, Toomes told Brice that he was being fired from his crew. Disgusted, Brice threatened Toomes, saying that he will inform the authorities all about their operation. Brice then asked Toomes what would happen if he told Doris Toomes about his business.

Tinkerer witnesses Jackson Brice's death

This was a step too far for Toomes, who promptly walked over to Mason's desk and picked up a gun and shot Brice, instantly killing him and leaving Mason staring at his ashes. Toomes was slightly surprised at his actions and asked Mason whether the weapon he was wielding was a Anti-Gravity Gun, to which Mason replied that the Anti-Gravity Gun was on his other side of his desk. Toomes then gave Schultz the Shocker Gauntlet from Brice's ashes.[1]

Attack on the Damage Control Truck

Tinkerer discusses the Shocker Gauntlet

"Okay. I got eyes on the convoy. Pulling in behind the caboose."
"Deploy anchors."
"Dropping down."
"No outgoing distress signals. You're all clear."
Vulture and Tinkerer[src]

Several days later, the crew received a tip that a truck full of confiscated technology was heading to the Damage Control Deep Storage Vault by the way of Maryland. Acting as the technical support with Shocker and Randy Vale inside a van nearby, Tinkerer gave advice on Shocker's Gauntlet, explaining how he got it from Crossbones and how to ensure that the power of it did not shatter his arm.

Tinkerer watches as the heist goes underway

Eventually, Vulture stealthily intercepted the truck as Tinkerer watched the computers to ensure no alarms were being triggered. Anchoring his Vulture's Exo-Suit to the truck, Vulture then used a Matter Phase Shifter to enter the truck's trailer as he explored the truck to find any of the Chitauri and Ultron based technology they could steal. Mason witnessed the sudden appearance of Spider-Man, leading to Vulture quickly escaping and leaving all of the technology behind.

Tinkerer explains the problems they are facing

Back at the base, Toomes was fuming over losing the technology. Tinkerer offered to upgrade the Vulture Suit, so they could pull off an airborne heist against Avengers Tower, but Toomes turned Mason down, asking if they had enough to sell to Mac Gargan which Mason confirmed. Toomes began muttering that it was all Spider-Man's fault and he would kill him. Overhearing, Herman Schultz showed Toomes a news report on Spider-Man saving Toomes' daughter.[1]

Wish Granted

Tinkerer listens to Vulture and Shocker argue

"Mason, can you get that high-altitude seal thing up and running in time?"
"Seriously? Yes. You will not regret this."
Vulture and Tinkerer[src]

Back at their headquarters, Mason learned that the deal at the Staten Island Ferry had gone south, leading to the FBI arresting Mac Gargan and almost catching them all. Tinkerer watched as Shocker packed his things and prepared to leave their crew, becoming concerned that he would be arrested due to Spider-Man's interference with Vulture's operation.

Tinkerer is allowed to upgrade Vulture's Suit

Determined not to give up, Adrian Toomes managed to convince the Shocker to stay with them though and then told the Tinkerer to start building the high altitude vacuum seal for Vulture's Exo-Suit ready to perform their next heist: the Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane. Upon hearing this news, the Tinkerer was delighted by the prospect that they could steal from Tony Stark as he promised that he would not let them down as he immediately began to get to work.[1]

Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane

Tinkerer watches as Vulture begins the heist

"Deploying high-altitude vacuum seal."
"This better work, Mason."
"Trust me, boss. Even one of those boxes and we are set for life."
―Tinkerer and Vulture[src]

Taking position in their van, Tinkerer watched as Vulture battled and supposedly killed Spider-Man at their original hideout, Mason guided Toomes through the Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane, ensuring that Vulture could fly up to the plane without triggering any alarms and could use the Matter Phase Shifter to get inside and begin stealing.

Tinkerer tells Vulture to escape while he can

As Tinkerer watched on the screens, Toomes began looking through all of the Chitauri Guns, Arc Reactors and even Iron Man Armors which they could steal to make their fortune. However, Spider-Man returned and intercepted the heist, causing Vulture to fight him in mid-air. Despite Tinkerer warning Vulture to get away before it was too late, Vulture refused, resulting in him being defeated and then arrested, while Tinkerer then quietly went into hiding.[1]


"You know I'm a curious person by nature."
―Tinkerer to Vulture[src]

Mason is a very intelligent being and curious by nature, combining both of those traits to create hybrid high-tech weapons. Unlike Adrian Toomes, Jackson Brice or Herman Schultz, Mason is much more mild-mannered and quiet, often talking in a polite tone.

Upon turning into a life of crime, Mason's personality did not change much, though he seems to enjoy reverse-engineering foreign technology into powerful weaponry and never showed any concern over running black market weapons dealing operation. Mason describes himself as very curious, as he often answered Toomes' phone for him when the latter was running heists.

Mason is shown to be eager to experiment with alien technology and improving the Vulture Exo-Suit, occasionally becoming slightly stubborn as he kept asking Toomes to install a high altitude vacuum seal for a big heist only to constantly be turned down. When Toomes finally agreed to the heist, Mason was visibly pleased and excited.

Mason is very loyal to Toomes, when Spider-Man's activities threatened to have their operations discovered by authorities he chose to stay by Vulture's side to perform a final heist; the Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane. During the heist, Mason remained cautious, suggesting Toomes that just one crate from the plane was enough to make the heist a success. When the plane started losing altitude, Mason was concerned for Toomes' safety and pleaded him to abandon the heist and flee to safety; Vulture refused, resulting in him being defeated and then arrested.


"Someone is collecting stuff from Avengers battles and building these crazy weapons."
Peter Parker[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Mason has an incredibly intelligent mind, being able to think of many inventions to both use with Adrian Toomes and to sell on the black market.
  • Master Engineer:

    Mason testing with Chitauri technology

    After inventing the technology, Mason was then able to engineer the inventions to make them usable. He was able to create a suit and a beam gun for Adrian Toomes from Chitauri salvage and a gauntlet for Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice recovered from the Attack on the IFID Headquarters to aid them in their crimes. Mason is one of the only people able to reactivate Chitauri technology without outside help, managing to create many advanced weapons.


Phineas Mason's Designs

  • Vulture's Exo-Suit: A specialized flying mechanical suit used by Vulture, consisting of metallic body armor, outfitted with a winged steel harness that allows one to fly. In later upgrades, it became retrofitted with upgraded turbines, and a high-altitude vacuum seal.
  • Shocker's Gauntlet: A mechanical gauntlet that can generate and release powerful blasts of electrical shocks.
  • Ultron Blaster Gun: A large blaster based on one of Ultron's arms, capable of shooting concussive blasts and freezing the motion of targets.
  • Anti-Gravity Gun: A large weapon that is capable of levitating heavy objects.
  • Matter Phase Shifter: A device that is able to turn a portion of a surface intangible and transparent like glass with a purple glow, allowing objects to freely pass through solid surfaces.
  • Chitauri Blowtorch: Powered by a Chitauri Energy Core and capable of slicing through steel and concrete, the item was sold to several parties on the black market.


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  • In the comics, Phineas Mason is an elderly technician who started a criminal career after developing an obsession for super-humans, as well as the father of Rick Mason. He aided various criminals, like Kingpin and Blizzard, providing them with new advanced equipment.

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