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"You can't stop it. It's coming."
―Tinker to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents[src]

Tinker was a mercenary and member of Sarge's Squad who, upon arriving on Earth through a portal, remained stuck in a wall and died not long after.


Sarge's Campaign

Destruction of Chronyca-2

Due to a Shrike invasion that was destroying entire planets, Tinker joined up with Sarge's Squad as they traveled through space in an attempt to hunt down and destroy their creator, Izel.[3] He became good friends with fellow teammate Pax.[2] During their crusade, they tracked Izel to Chronyca-2 and took out her crew.[4] Unfortunately, they arrived too late as the Shrike had already begun to destroy the planet. Izel managed to escape and Sarge's crew were forced to flee the planet before its ultimate destruction.[2]


"Where's Tinker?"
"Didn't make it."
"What do you mean didn't make it? The hell happened?"
"Bad crossing."
"He came through something they built here, a native structure."
Snowflake, Jaco and Pax[src]

Tinker becoming encased within the cement

As Tinker arrived on Earth through a portal, he had difficulties getting out of a wall. He reached his hand out for Jaco's help, but before the latter could do anything, the portal closed and part of Tinker's body turned to stone. His teammate silently grieved, then left him there.

S.H.I.E.L.D. later collected Tinker, bringing the whole wall to their base. While Marcus Benson was examining him, Tinker grabbed him by the clothes, necessitating an intervention from Alphonso Mackenzie. Speaking to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, he attempted to warn that something called Pachakutiq was coming before he froze again. A device fell from his clothes that contained coordinates and a timer.[1]


"Tinker died. He was a friend."

Out of all Tinker's teammates, Pax was the most shocked by his friend's death. He argued with Sarge that Tinker should have arrived on Earth inside the leader's truck, and even blamed Sarge for his death.

Due to the fact that Tinker kept PEGs in his pockets, which turned to concrete upon arriving on Earth, Sarge and his team had to find others in order to power up a tracking device. This led to the Robbery of Charmont Jewelers, during which Sarge obtained the polarized crystals.[2]





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