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"I don't expect you to understand the things I've done or the reasons that I have done them, but do not ever question whether I love you."
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Tina Minoru is a sorceress, the co-founder and CEO of Wizard and a member of PRIDE. She is the wife of Robert Minoru and the mother of Amy Minoru and Nico Minoru. Minoru assisted Leslie Dean in the management of the organization and took part in the rituals intended to revive Jonah, wielding the Staff of One. She was devastated by the death of her older daughter Amy, which caused her to distance herself from the rest of her family, especially her daughter Nico Minoru. However, they were able to slightly bond when she discovered the Staff of One and Minoru taught her how to wield it.

Minoru faced the further collapse of her personal life when she learned about the affair between her husband Robert and Janet Stein. Still, she remained in love with Robert, to the point that she destroyed a Dematerialization Box to prevent him from sacrificing himself to resurrect Victor Stein. Like the rest of PRIDE, Minoru confronted the Runaways at the PRIDE Construction Site, confiscating the Staff of One back from Nico. She was eventually informed of the truth behind the death of Amy, who had actually been murdered by Jonah, and swore to kill him in revenge. With Dean relinquishing leadership of PRIDE due to her past relationship with Jonah, Minoru became the leader of the organization, planning the search for the missing Runaways and looking for a way to assassinate Jonah. She also gave the Staff of One back to Nico during a tense confrontation.

In the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, Minoru was possessed by the Gibborim Magistrate's Daughter. This caused her to periodically lose consciousness as the Gibborim's personality took over. Despite this, Minoru remained an active member of PRIDE. She took part in the Chase of the Runaways, controlling several PRIDE Drones but failing to actually capture one of the teenagers. Eventually, Minoru was entirely controlled by the Gibborim possessing her, but regained control when Nico got rid of the Gibborim during the Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant.

Trapped in the Dark Dimension where she relived the loss of Amy, Minoru managed to escape with help from Nico, only to find out that she had lost control of Wizard to Morgan le Fay. Minoru was brought to the Veritas Gardens Psychiatric Hospital psychiatric hospital after making a scene at a Wizard party, but was rescued by Nico. Although she managed to liberate Robert from le Fay's enthralment, she lost her husband when he was killed by the witch. Minoru then rejoined the reformed PRIDE and helped to save Molly Hernandez from the Coven, after which she used all of her sorcery skills to block le Fay's army from arriving on Earth while the Runaways defeated the enchantress.


Early Life

Becoming a Sorceress

"The Staff of One had made its way to the vaults of our academy for safekeeping. She considered it her birthright. Morgan convinced me to steal it."
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Minoru in a remote time studied the mystical arts in an academy where she became well-versed in the practice of Magic. During her training, she was contacted from the Dark Dimension by Morgan le Fay, a powerful witch who pretended to befriend Minoru and convinced her to steal the Staff of One, which was kept in Minoru's academy's vault. Minoru was able to steal the artifact, but before handing it over to le Fay, she realized that le Fay had been manipulating her in her own interest. Minoru thus severed her ties with le Fay and decided to keep the Staff for herself as she was attracted to its power.[5]

Joining PRIDE

"We made a deal with the Devil."
"And the Devil will have his due."
Geoffrey Wilder and Tina Minoru[src]

Along with her husband Robert, Tina Minoru was recruited by Jonah to form PRIDE, a so-called charity which would serve as a front for criminal rituals meant to periodically revive Jonah. Thanks to the resources allocated by Jonah, Minoru and Robert started the high-tech company Wizard, which soon became incredibly famous in Los Angeles. Minoru would later claim that the Staff of One she had previously stolen had been created in Wizard's labs.

Minoru explains they have to help Jonah

Minoru used the Staff of One during PRIDE's rituals to create a sound barrier to make sure that the sacrifices perpetrated in the Wilder Mansion's basement were not interfered in by anyone. Along with the rest of PRIDE, Minoru's first victim was Brooks Watten, a young member of the Church of Gibborim. Once the sacrifice was over, and while many other members of PRIDE were horrified by what had happened, Minoru admitted that she knew they would have to kill Watten, and warned them that the crime had been recorded with the video being uploaded on Wizard's servers. Minoru explained that although she felt sorry for Watten, they had to carry on with the rituals, else Jonah could decide to sacrifice either them or their children.[6]

Threat to Family

Minoru and her eldest daughter, Amy

"I thought you were sick."
"Feeling much better, thanks to all of you. But mostly to you."
―Tina Minoru and Jonah[src]

Tina Minoru had settled her youngest daughter, Nico, to bed when she discovered Jonah interacting with her eldest daughter, Amy. Though Minoru was surprised that he had replaced the babysitter Minoru had earlier hired, as he was sick, he expressed gratitude to her for keeping the recordings on the Wizard servers and standing up to PRIDE's fellow members. Before leaving, Jonah warned Minoru of the possibility of Amy betraying her as a teenager.[7]

Losing a Daughter

Minoru finds out her eldest daughter is dead

"I know you miss her. I do too. So why can't you just say it out loud."
Robert Minoru to Tina Minoru[src]

In 2015, Minoru's daughter Amy hacked into Wizard in order to learn more about Wizard's secrets, causing a fearful Jonah to kill her.[8] Minoru was alerted of Amy's death by her younger daughter Nico, but Minoru interrupted Nico who tried to call the emergencies, ordering Wizey to seal the house. Minoru later caught Nico calling 911 to report Amy's death and used the Staff of One to knock Nico unconscious.

Minoru with the Staff of One

Soon after, Minoru called Detective Flores to investigate Amy's death, but he soon determined that Amy had committed suicide. Unknown to Minoru, Nico, who had come to, spied on her with Wizey's assistance, and suspected something was up with Minoru.[9]

PRIDE Activity

Destiny Gonzalez's Sacrifice

Minoru is informed by Wizey

"We know why we're here, and if everything goes as planned which, of course, it will..."
"...then this is the last time any of us have to be here."
"Let's just do this."
Janet Stein, Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru[src]

Two years after Amy's death, Minoru was informed by Wizey that her daughter Nico, having ripped her tights, was in Amy's room to borrow hers. Minoru entered Amy's room and reminded Nico not to take Amy's things, but Nico simply ignored her and left, breaking one of Amy's trophies. Despite Nico's attempts to apologize, Minoru ordered Nico to leave.[10]

Minoru's husband Robert, who had listened to Minoru and Nico's argument, went to fix Amy's shattered trophy while Minoru went to get the Staff of One and use it to permanently seal Amy's room. Robert criticized such a drastic decision, but Minoru began sealing the room with Robert still inside to prove her point. Eventually, Robert convinced Minoru to let him out and to use a less drastic way of sealing Amy's room.[11]

Minoru talk about PRIDE's victims

Minoru and her husband Robert then went to the Wilder Mansion for another PRIDE meeting, which was supposed to be concluded by the last sacrifice they would have to perpetrate. During the reception preceding the ritual, Minoru was annoyed by Stacey Yorkes asking her to fix her WizPhone, since she did not consider herself to be the one to deal with such customer issues.[10] Minoru and the rest of PRIDE then reviewed the file of their next victim, Destiny Gonzalez, and agreed to proceed with the ritual.

Minoru participates in the Rite of Blood

Just like other times, Minoru created an energy barrier with the Staff of One so that the sacrifice could not be heard by anyone outside of the room. She then helped to carry the innocent Gonzalez into the Dematerialization Box to be sacrificed to Jonah. Once it was over, however, Minoru and the others were surprised by a flash of light, which caused Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to leave to investigate. When they returned, Minoru was informed that all of their children had come to the house, having seemingly resumed their old friendship.

Since the sacrifice was over, Minoru announced that she had to leave since she had to go to work early in the next day. Returning into the mansion's hall, Minoru engaged in a friendly conversation with Karolina Dean. Eventually, everybody left the house, and Minoru asked Alex Wilder where Nico was. Nico eventually returned from the bathroom, enabling Minoru to return home with her family. Just like the rest of PRIDE, Minoru was unaware that Nico and the rest of the teenagers had actually witnessed the whole sacrifice.

Back to the Minoru Mansion, Minoru went into her office to put the Staff of One in its shelf. Upon hearing a strange noise, she called her daughter's name, but got no answer.[11]

Failed Dinner Date

Minoru at Synnergy Laboratories

"Here I thought you were thinking of your father and me, but really you just wanted us out of the house."
―Tina Minoru to Robert Minoru[src]

In the next day, following a board meeting, Minoru and her husband Robert went to Synnergy Laboratories to celebrate the release of an article about the Synnergy Serum created by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, as the Minorus were heavy investors in Synnergy's activities. They then left, and Minoru suggested to Robert that they should have a dinner date to try and have some time on their own, which Robert only reluctantly agreed and suggested they should invite their daughter Nico as well.

Minoru is shunned by her husband

Back at the Minoru Mansion, Minoru and Robert were told by Nico that she had failed to see the message about the dinner, and that only the two of them should go, just like Minoru had suggested earlier. Minoru and Robert thus went to a Japanese sushi restaurant. During the dinner, Minoru tried to rekindle the flame in their relationship by seducingly handing him over her underwear and suggesting they should go to a hotel. However, Robert turned out to be negatively surprised by Minoru's behavior and brutally left Minoru alone.

Minoru calls Leslie Dean

Minoru, unaware that Robert had actually gone to meet with his lover Janet Stein, sadly returned home, only to find Nico in her bedroom with Alex Wilder on her bed. Mistakenly assuming that Nico had persuaded her parents to leave her at home so she could be with Wilder, as she was ignorant that they had actually attempted to use the Staff of One, Minoru angrily instructed Wilder to leave the house. Minoru then turned on the TV and discovered on WHiH World News that the body of Destiny Gonzalez had been found on the beach, meaning that the previous PRIDE sacrifice had failed. She thus immediately called Leslie Dean to inform her of this setback.[1]

Fixing Mistakes

Minoru attends a PRIDE meeting

"Anyhow dreamers gotta dream but I do hope you can focus on the job that really matters."
―Tina Minoru to Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Due to this reveal, Minoru went to an emergency PRIDE meeting in the Wilder Mansion, where they discussed the fact that the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez had failed and that Victor Stein had not told them that he had actually murdered her afterwards. As they agreed to kidnap someone to be sacrificed in Gonzalez's place, Minoru, who no longer trusted Stein to correctly do the job, instructed her husband Robert to go with him, refusing to hear his excuse about being busy. As the absence of Dale and Stacey Yorkes was remarked, Minoru told Leslie Dean that she would deal with it.

Minoru learns about the Hernandez Ranch

Minoru thus asked her bodyguard Kincaid to do an investigation on the Yorkeses and find out what they were hiding. Meeting Kincaid in her office at the Minoru Mansion, Minoru learned about the existence of the Hernandez Ranch and hypothesized that the Yorkeses could be tempted to leave PRIDE and hide in this remote ranch. She thanked Kincaid for her services and paid him, and when he commented that the Yorkeses did not seem like bad people to him, Minoru retorted that bad people rarely appeared as such in public.

Minoru threatens the Yorkeses

With this information in hand, Minoru went to the Yorkes Residence and confronted the Yorkeses about the ranch and the assets they had been transferring there. She reminded them of the paramount importance of PRIDE's work and subtly threatened them not to fail to attend another PRIDE meeting, otherwise there would be consequences.[9]

Later, Minoru was informed that Geoffrey Wilder had managed to secure a new victim to be sacrificed. Instead of the Wilder Mansion, the sacrifice was to be perpetrated directly in Jonah's room in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Since they were in a hurry, Minoru chose not to reclaim the Staff of One, assuming that they could afford not to use it for once. She then took part in the ritual, which was successful this time according to Dean, who instructed all of them to leave.

Minoru entrusts her daughter with the Staff of One

Minoru returned to the Minoru Mansion, and found her daughter Nico in the office, putting the Staff of One in its place as she had actually taken it to rescue Alex Wilder. Minoru did not get angry at Nico, and instead explained that Nico was meant to wield the artifact some day. Minoru explained that her own mother had never given her anything, but that she would not act the same towards Nico. She then told Nico to keep the Staff with her for the night, claiming that she trusted her and that she hoped Nico would be able to trust her again in the future.[12]

Damage in Marriage

Minoru trains her daughter with the Staff of One

"Do not even think of going to stand by him."
"I won't. Just please don't make this awkward."
"He's the one making it awkward."
―Tina Minoru and Nico Minoru[src]

In the next day, Minoru went to see her daughter Nico in her bedroom and asked her to come into her office so she could begin to teach Nico how to use the Staff of One. Once Nico successfully used the Staff so she would no longer Minoru, which slightly annoyed Minoru, Minoru detailed how the Staff worked and explained that it had been manufactured in Wizard's laboratories. Minoru also told Nico that the Staff had been programmed to work with Minoru's DNA, but that Nico could still use it since they were of the same blood.

Minoru opens up about her relationship with Amy

Minoru then told her daughter that she should have asked her earlier about the Staff, and revealed that she knew Nico had taken her sister Amy's diary from Minoru's desk. This started a conversation about Amy, and Minoru was asked whether she knew what could possibly had driven Amy into killing herself. However, Minoru had no idea at all, admitting that she and Amy argued a lot like every mother with her teenage girl, but that she had never been able to fully understand Amy, even if she deeply loved her. At this time, Minoru was still unaware that Amy had actually been murdered by Jonah.

Minoru during the PRIDE gala

Later, as she was preparing for an upcoming PRIDE gala, Minoru returned into Nico's bedroom, only to see her leave for the Dean Mansion as she would go to the gala from there with Karolina Dean. Minoru asked whether Nico planned on going to the gala on a date with Alex Wilder, and admitted that she had overreacted when she had found both of them in the bedroom. Remaining alone with her husband Robert who had arrived, Minoru expressed her wish to give their family a fresh start thanks to the gala and gleefully kissed Robert, which left him visibly surprised.

Minoru is heartbroken by her husband's affair

Nevertheless, the gala did not go as planned. Indeed, as she delivered a speech and introduced Victor Stein, she was rudely interrupted by Stein, who publicly revealed that his wife Janet was having an affair, and also dropped the name of her lover: Robert. This left Minoru extremely shaken and she immediately left the scene, ignoring that Stein had just collapsed on the floor behind her. Walking by Gert Yorkes, Kincaid and Earl, who were playing on an arcade game Robert had previously offered Minoru, Minoru silently glared at them before going into her office and bursting into tears. Minoru was actually unaware that her tears were seen by Wilder and Nico, who were attempting to steal a video file and were deeply surprised to see Minoru displaying such emotion.

Minoru with her daughter at Atlas Academy

Regaining her composure, Minoru later left her office and returned into Wizard Headquarters's hall before going back home.[6] In the next day, Minoru and Robert were officially separated as Minoru refused to live under the same roof than Robert, who hoped to move into a new apartment with his lover. Minoru later accompanied Nico to the Atlas Academy open house, and when Robert showed up as well, Minoru forbade Nico to go to him, claiming he was responsible for the damage in their family.

Minoru speaking with Leslie Dean

During the open house, Minoru was approached by Leslie Dean, who asked her whether she felt all right and recalled that Minoru had supported her when PRIDE had to deal with her own husband Frank. Minoru confessed that she felt incredibly angry, but was surprised when Dean urged her to reconsider the end of her marriage with Robert, claiming that she would convince Janet to end the affair and that Jonah would be pleased if they got back together. Minoru then commented that family was everything and began thinking about it.[13]

Minoru at the Stein Mansion

Minoru later went to the Stein Mansion along with Robert to find out that Janet had shot Victor to protect their son Chase. They were soon followed by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, and Geoffrey briefly thought that Minoru had shot Victor. Minoru instructed him to calm down as Chase was still present, and told Chase that they could not afford to call the police, as it would lead to Janet's arrest since she had shot her husband with a gun registered to her lover. Once Chase left with Janet, Minoru insisted that they should call the Yorkeses for help.

Minoru watches Frank Dean's attempt at Victor Stein's revival

Dale and Stacey Yorkes eventually arrived, and they proceeded to treat Victor while Minoru and the rest of PRIDE watched in disgust. Minoru told them that they had not called Dean since she could alert Jonah. However, Dean still arrived shortly after Victor fell into a coma. Due to Frank Dean, who had been called by his wife, failing to heal him with his newly acquired Healing Gloves, Minoru elected to call Jonah herself, arguing that they had no other choice.

Therefore, Minoru learned about Jonah's intent to sacrifice Janet with the Dematerialization Boxes so they could resurrect Victor. Minoru agreed with this plan, claiming that PRIDE could affort to lose Janet, who she despised long before learning about her affair with Robert. However, things quickly escalated as Janet refused to give her life, prompting Jonah to threaten PRIDE and their children if they did not decide quickly, which in turn caused Dale to aim a gun at PRIDE and admit that he was willing to see Minoru sacrificed.

Minoru destroys a Dematerialization Box

When the situation was defused thanks to Geoffrey, Jonah once again ordered Janet to sacrifice herself, and she ultimately reluctantly agreed to protect Chase. However, Minoru and the others were utterly surprised upon realizing that Robert intended to give his own life instead, claiming that he had brought no good to Minoru. While Jonah agreed with this choice, Minoru actually still had feelings for Robert, and used the Staff of One to destroy a Dematerialization Box, thus rendering the sacrifice impossible.

Minoru listens to her husband's apology

Minoru was heavily criticized by Leslie for this drastic decision, but she refused to listen to that and declared herself ready to fight against Leslie, although they were both stopped by Jonah. Minoru was then approached by Robert, who deeply apologized to her in Japanese. Minoru remained silent, but could not hold back a tear and a faint smile and they briefly held hands, as Minoru was willing to give Robert a second chance.[14]

Rebellion against Jonah

Minoru speaking with her husband

"We've been played, that much is obvious."
―Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]

Due to the recent events, Minoru accepted to have Robert Minoru back in the Minoru Mansion again, although it was still too early to share a bed with him again. Minoru and Robert then went to the PRIDE Construction Site to attend the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine, and on the way, Minoru noticed that Robert was smiling. When Robert explained that he saw this as the end of PRIDE, meaning that they could attempt to live a new life, Minoru sadly retorted that they could never get back what they had lost, especially their daughter Amy. Once on the site, Minoru agreed that Jonah should share details about what he hoped to find beneath the surface of the dig site, but he remained elusive and simply activated the drill without answering.

Minoru realizes the Staff of One is gone

Later in the night, Minoru and Robert were summoned to a PRIDE meeting by Jonah in his room at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. There, Minoru learned that the Runaways were actually aware of PRIDE's criminal activities and that they had been working for days to end their plans. She asked the Wilders and the Yorkeses why they had sent Molly Hernandez away without telling the rest of PRIDE, only to be told that they wanted to protect her from Jonah, and she denied being Jonah's informant about the Runaways' knowledge. Then, Minoru and the rest of PRIDE were asked to check on their children's whereabouts. Therefore, Minoru and Robert rushed to their home, only to find out that both the Staff of One and their daughter Nico were missing.

Minoru faces the Runaways

Having learned that the Runaways were probably on the PRIDE construction site, Minoru joined the rest of PRIDE to go there, and they found the teenagers trying to fill the hole dug by the drill. Interrupting the spell cast by Nico, Minoru summoned the Staff of One into her own hands, commenting that she could have shown Nico how to use it properly. Minoru and the rest of PRIDE then prepared to confront their children who utterly rejected them and their crimes, but they were surprised by the reveal of both Molly's and Karolina Dean's powers.[7]

Minoru tries to stop Jonah

During the ensuing confrontation, Minoru used the Staff of One to protect PRIDE from the Fistigons' blasts as well as Karolina's light beams, although the latter were significantly powerful. When Jonah arrived along with Frank Dean to join the fight, Minoru refused to let him intervene out of fear that he would hurt the teenagers and brandished the Staff of One in his direction, only to be swiftly disarmed by Jonah. Therefore, Minoru helplessly watched as the Runaways were attacked by Jonah before fleeing, leaving only Karolina to fight Jonah, which ended up in her capture. Minoru and PRIDE then looked for their children on the dig site, but to no avail.

Minoru confesses her knowledge of the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez

Due to these events, Minoru held another PRIDE meeting in her office without Leslie Dean to discuss the fact that Jonah had fooled them all along, lying about what lied beneath the surface. Minoru was accused by Geoffrey Wilder of having murdered Gene and Alice Hernandez, but she denied it, instead revealing that the Hernandezes had actually been killed by Leslie. She apologized for not having disclosed it earlier, especially since Molly was present during the lab's explosion. PRIDE then agreed to conduct their own investigation to find both their children and the truth about Jonah's purpose.

Minoru threatens to kill Leslie Dean

Later, Minoru joined another PRIDE meeting, this time held in the Yorkes Residence on Leslie's request, and Minoru made it clear that she no longer trusted Leslie due to her ties with Jonah. Minoru insisted that Jonah was their true enemy and that they had to get rid of the control he had been exerting on them for years. Minoru and Robert were then shocked when Leslie revealed that their daughter Amy had not committed suicide: instead, she had been murdered by Jonah who feared that she had found recordings of their rituals when hacking into Wizard's servers. Enraged by this reveal, Minoru threatened to kill Leslie for having kept the truth for so long, but eventually agreed that PRIDE needed Leslie if they wanted to reach their new goal: assassinating Jonah.[8]

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"She's a lot scarier when she's quiet."

Tina Minoru is a cold, stern and ruthless woman. As the CEO of Wizard, she displayed considerable authority and was described as incredibly intimidating by all those who knew her, including her own family. Her cold pragmatism made her a valuable member of PRIDE who Jonah and Leslie Dean could count on, to the point that many in PRIDE, including Geoffrey Wilder, outright suspected her of having murdered Gene and Alice Hernandez, when really it was Dean who perpetrated the crime. Even Minoru's own daughter Nico Minoru admitted that she would not be surprised should her mother be revealed as a criminal.

Minoru remained cold-blooded in almost every circumstance, even the harshest ones, and was described by the Magistrate's Daughter possessing her as a "control freak" and a very difficult host to manipulate. One of the rare things which could cause her to lose control was the Staff of One and its tremendous power, with Minoru being sometimes overrun by the artifact, leading her to brutally attack Karolina Dean, which could have tragically ended had Nico Minoru not found the right words to stop her mother.

Beneath this icy demeanor, Minoru has a softer side she is very unwilling to show, and she actually loves her family in her own way. The loss of her daughter Amy Minoru devastated her, reinforcing her already stern behavior, to the point that she forbade anyone in the Minoru Mansion to enter Amy's room. Minoru also loved her husband Robert, but was unable to really show it, causing him to find affection in Janet Stein's arms. The reveal of this affair left Minoru deeply heartbroken, and it was the first time that Nico Minoru saw her crying. Nevertheless, she still loved Robert and refused to let him give his life to resurrect Victor Stein, ultimately restarting a relationship with him.

Minoru also hoped to build a solid bond with Nico Minoru, despite their numerous differences and the growing distrust she had towards her mother. Minoru insisted that she loved Nico Minoru and that she wanted to protect her, especially against Jonah, teaching her how to use the Staff of One and giving it to her so the Runaways could protect themselves while being on the run. During this time, she showed concern about Nico Minoru and was determined to bring her home. Eventually though, their relationship was seriously damaged when they fought against each other during the Chase of the Runaways, as Minoru ultimately decided she was willing to hurt her daughter to force her to come back.

After being freed from her possession, Minoru’s overall personality and attitude towards Nico Minoru was drastically altered. She became far more mellow and accepting than she had been before, notably playfully bantering with Nico Minoru at times and commending her on her impressive combat skills, noting that the karate lessons she had paid for had been “worth every penny”. She also reconciled with her former PRIDE colleagues during this time, specifically Leslie Dean, who, on a previous occasion, was ready to angrily engage her in a physical fight. With them, she sought to atone for PRIDE’s mistakes, determined to save Molly Hernandez from the Coven as one good act to truly protect their children. Minoru’s reforged love for Nico Minoru was made evident when she willingly shortened her own life to banish Morgan le Fay back to the Dark Dimension to save Nico Minoru and the Runaways.

Powers and Abilities


"The doorway to darkness, behold the transom. Open it now, with a spirit to ransom."
―Tina Minoru[src]
  • Magic:

    Minoru casts a spell against Morgan le Fay

    After relinquishing the Staff of One to her daughter, Minoru turned back to traditional magic, just as she did before she obtained the staff in the first place. She is notoriously skilled in a variety of different spells and under the right circumstances, has been shown with the ability to go up against Morgan le Fay. She notably quickly ended both Robert Minoru's and Molly Hernandez's enthralment, blocked the arrival of le Fay's soldiers from the Dark Dimension and eventually cast a spell which banished le Fay back to the Dark Dimension. She was also knowledgeable in blood magic, successfully imbuing salt with her blood to make it more powerful against le Fay even though it cost her years of life expectancy and she admitted that she had never done such a thing before. Despite not being a practitioner of dark magic, she was also able to read the sigils used by le Fay for her spell to merge the Dark Dimension and Earth.
    • Dimensional Travel: With the help of her daughter, Minoru was able to open a violet portal to be transported to Earth.
    • Spell Casting: Using a Darkhold spell, Minoru was able to send Morgan le Fay back to her dimension.

Former Powers

"Stop the ship! What's wrong? Why won't it work?"
"Because it's Nico's now. Completely."
―Tina Minoru and Robert Minoru[src]
  • Staff of One Capabilities:

    Minoru using the Staff of One

    Minoru, along with her daughter, could activate the Staff of One, a powerful weapon that allows the user to do almost anything by psychic means. Unlike her daughter, Minoru did not need to speak her commands for her spells to be cast, and conversely could use spells based on the pronunciation of a full sentence while Nico thought that she was limited to a single word. However, during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, Minoru realized that she could no longer use the Staff, which as of this moment fully belonged only to Nico.
    • Force-Field Generation: Minoru is capable of constructing various barriers of light, such a soundproof barrier and an indestructible glass-like crystal barrier to prevent her family from entering her deceased daughter's room.
    • Disintegration: Minoru used it to prevent her husband's death by disintegrating one of the capsules that was to sacrifice him.
    • Strangulation: Minoru used the Staff of One to cause Graciela Aguirre to choke.
    • Weapon Calling: Minoru summoned the staff from Nico's hand while she was in the middle of a spell.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Minoru used this ability to prevent Nico from calling the police when Nico's sister supposedly committed suicide.
    • Thermal Manipulation: Minoru was able to freeze pool water Molly fell into. It was strong enough that even Karolina and Molly were unable to break it.
    • Fire Manipulation: Minoru used this ability to burn Nico's staff when she thrust it into the Staff of One.


"The muscle memory of her physical skills, though? That's still here."
Magistrate's Daughter to Nico Minoru[src]
  • Expert Martial Artist: Minoru is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and was able to gain an upper hand against her daughter.
  • Staff Mastery: Minoru is proficient in using a staff in melee combat. She was able to use the Staff of One as a melee weapon against Nico Minoru, Molly Hernandez, and Karolina Dean, and was able to hold her own against the three.
  • Expert Businesswoman: Minoru was the CEO of Wizard, a tech company she founded with her husband, and her management of the company led it to be widely recognized thanks to high-quality products which were massively used by customers.
  • Bilingualism: Minoru is fluent in English, and can speak and understand enough Japanese to understand her husband's apology to her.


"Oh, you didn't think the drones were the only thing with a Subsonic Wave Generator, did you?"
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Former Equipment

"I gave Nico the Staff. I've already lost one child. I'm sure as hell not gonna lose another."
―Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]
  • Staff of One: A powerful weapon that allows the user to do almost anything by psychic means. Minoru primarily used it to create barriers of different properties, once to seal the doorway to her deceased daughter's room and again to create a soundproof barrier during the PRIDE ritual to sacrifice Destiny Gonzalez. Minoru has also used the staff as a melee weapon against the Runaways. Minoru eventually relinquished the staff to Nico; as such, Minoru can no longer harness its power.
  • WizGlass: Minoru used the glasses of her deceased husband Robert to read the Darkhold spells he had recorded with the glasses, later wearing them and reciting the displayed incantation to banish Morgan le Fay back to the Dark Dimension.






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  • In the comics, Tina Minoru was a dark wizard along her husband Robert.

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