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"I don't expect you to understand the things I've done or the reasons that I have done them, but do not ever question whether I love you."
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Tina Minoru is the co-founder and CEO of Wizard and a member of PRIDE. She is the wife of Robert Minoru and the mother of Amy and Nico Minoru. Tina assisted Leslie Dean in the management of the organization and took part in the rituals intended to revive Jonah, wielding the Staff of One. She was devastated by the death of her older daughter Amy, which caused her to distance herself from the rest of her family, especially her daughter Nico. However, they were able to slightly bond when Nico discovered the Staff of One and Tina taught Nico how to wield it.

Tina faced further collapse of her personal life when she learned about the affair between her husband Robert and Janet Stein. Still, she remained in love with Robert, to the point that she destroyed a Dematerialization Box to prevent him from sacrificing himself to resurrect Victor Stein. Like the rest of PRIDE, Tina confronted the Runaways at the PRIDE Construction Site, confiscating the Staff of One back from Nico. She was eventually informed of the truth behind the death of Amy, who had actually been murdered by Jonah, and swore to kill him in revenge. With Dean relinquishing leadership of PRIDE due to her past relationship with Jonah, Tina became the leader of the organization, planning the search for the missing Runaways and looking for a way to assassinate Jonah. She also gave the Staff of One back to Nico during a tense confrontation.

In the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, Tina was possessed by the Gibborim Magistrate's Daughter. This caused her to periodically lose consciousness as the Gibborim's personality took over. Despite this, Tina remained an active member of PRIDE. She took part in the Chase of the Runaways, controlling several PRIDE Drones but failing to actually capture one of the teenagers. Eventually, Tina was entirely controlled by the Gibborim possessing her.


Early Life

Joining PRIDE

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Threat to Family

"I thought you were sick."
"Feeling much better, thanks to all of you. But mostly to you."
―Tina Minoru and Jonah[src]
Tina and Amy (Runaways1x09)

Minoru and her eldest daughter, Amy Minoru.

Tina Minoru had settled her youngest daughter, Nico, to bed when she discovered Jonah interacting with her eldest daughter, Amy. Though Tina was surprised that he had replaced the babysitter Tina had earlier hired, as he was sick, he expressed gratitude to her for keeping the recordings on the Wizard servers and standing up to PRIDE's fellow members. Before leaving, Jonah warned Tina of the possibility of Amy betraying her as a teenager.[1]

Losing a Daughter

Tina Minoru - Runaways1x04

Minoru knocks Nico with the Staff of One

In 2015, Amy hacked into Wizard in order to learn more about Wizard's secrets, causing a fearful Jonah to kill her.[2] Nico stumbled upon Amy's room, and, seeing Amy's corpse, called her parents. While grieving, Nico yelled at her parents, but Tina interrupted Nico, ordering Wizey to seal the house. Tina later caught Nico calling 911 to report Amy's death and used the Staff of One to knock Nico unconscious.

Soon after, Tina called Detective Flores to investigate Amy's death, but he soon determined that Amy had committed suicide. Unknown to Tina, Nico, who had come to, spied on her with Wizey's assistance, and suspected something was up with Tina.[3]

Destiny Gonzalez's Sacrifice

Nico and Tina Runaways

Tina and Nico Minoru in Amy's room

Two years after Amy's death, Tina noticed through hidden cameras that Nico, having ripped her tights, was in Amy's room to borrow hers. Tina entered Amy's room and reminded Nico not to take Amy's things, but Nico simply ignored her and left, breaking one of Amy's trophies. Despite Nico's attempts to apologize, Tina ordered Nico to leave.

Robert Minoru, who had listened to Tina and Nico's argument, went to fix Amy's shattered trophy while Tina went to get the Staff of One and use it to permanently seal Amy's room. Robert criticized such a drastic decision, but Tina began sealing the room with Robert still inside to prove her point. Eventually, Robert convinced Tina to let him out and to use a less drastic way of sealing Amy's room.[4]

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Tina Minoru is a ruthless and stern individual. She is frequently dominant over her husband Robert, and is cold towards her own daughter Nico, pushing for Nico's academic success. Her presence and actions make her feared in PRIDE, such as when she scared the Yorkes from leaving the group when they attempted to flee to Yucatán. She is also prone to focusing on herself and her emotions, and is upset that no one cares about her as much as she does.

Tina's heartless demeanor hides a grieving side. Following the death of her eldest daughter Amy, she has become emotionally distant, separating herself from Robert and Nico. Despite her attempts to reconnect with Robert, her feelings towards him changed with the knowledge that he was cheating on her.

Despite her strict attitude, Tina can be sympathetic at times. She desires to mend her relationship with Nico, training her in using the Staff of One. Her splintered relationship with Robert has grown stronger since Janet broke off her tryst with Robert, leading to Tina stopping Robert's attempt to sacrifice himself.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

"Stop the ship! What's wrong? Why won't it work?"
"Because it's Nico's now. Completely."
―Tina Minoru and Robert Minoru[src]
Tina staff

Minoru creating a barrier with the Staff of One

  • Staff of One Manipulation: Tina, along with her daughter Nico, could activate the Staff of One, a powerful weapon that allows the user to do almost anything by psychic means. Unlike her daughter, Tina did not need to speak her commands for her spells to be cast. However, during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, Tina realized that she could no longer use the Staff, which as of this moment fully belonged only to Nico.
    • Barriers: Tina is capable of constructing various barriers of light, such a soundproof barrier and an indestructible glass-like crystal barrier to prevent her family from entering her deceased daughter's room.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Tina used this ability to prevent Nico from calling the police when Nico's sister supposedly committed suicide.
    • Disintegration: Tina used it to prevent her husband's death by disintegrating one of the capsules that was to sacrifice him.
    • Weapon Summoning: Tina summoned the staff from Nico's hand while she was in the middle of a spell.
    • Strangulation: Tina used the Staff of One to cause Graciela Aguirre to choke.
    • Freezing: Tina was able to freeze pool water Molly fell into. It was strong enough that even Karolina and Molly were unable to break it.
    • Fire Manipulation: Tina used this ability to burn Nico's staff when she thrust it into the Staff of One.


  • Bilingualism: Tina is fluent in English, and can speak and understand enough Japanese to understand Robert's apology to her.
  • Staff Mastery: Tina is proficient in using a staff in melee combat. She was able to use the Staff of One as a melee weapon against Nico, Molly, and Karolina, and was able to hold her own against the three.


"Oh, you didn't think the drones were the only thing with a Subsonic Wave Generator, did you?"
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Former Equipment

"I gave Nico the Staff. I've already lost one child. I'm sure as hell not gonna lose another."
―Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]
  • Staff of One: A powerful weapon that allows the user to do almost anything by psychic means. Tina primarily used it to create barriers of different properties, once to seal the doorway to her deceased daughter's room and again to create a soundproof barrier during the PRIDE ritual to sacrifice Destiny Gonzalez. Tina has also used the staff as a melee weapon against the Runaways. As the staff is designed to respond to Tina's DNA, Tina and her daughter Nico are the only people who can use it. Tina eventually relinquished the staff to Nico; as such, Tina can no longer harness its power.






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  • In the comics, Tina Minoru is an evil sorceress along her husband Robert.

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