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"Have a look. Home sweet home."
Mobius M. Mobius to Loki[src]

The Time Variance Authority Office is the headquarters for the Time Variance Authority. Created by He Who Remains, the TVA's headquarters exists out of space-time, where time flows differently.


Founding of the TVA

"Someone created the Time-Keepers. They created this whole place."
Ravonna Renslayer to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

At some point after the Multiversal War, He Who Remains began building the Time Variance Authority's office using resources from his citadel. Finding variants in other timelines, wiping their memories, and rewriting the entire Multiverse into a single, uninterrupted timeline, He would establish the Time Variance Authority and become its shadow leader, using the Time-Keepers as His voices.[1]

Arresting Sylvie Laufeydottir

During her childhood on Asgard, Sylvie Laufeydottir was playing with some toys until a group of Minutemen, led by Ravonna Renslayer, appeared through a Timedoor and arrested her. Sylvie's timeline was pruned as she was prepared for her trial. However, once the two made their way to the stand, Sylvie assaulted Renslayer, took her TemPad and escaped.[2]

Loki's Trial

After causing a nexus event by taking the Tesseract, Loki was arrested by the Minutemen, led by Hunter B-15, and went through multiple procedures before his trial. Appearing in front of Ravonna Renslayer, Loki tried to make his case, blaming the Avengers and their Time Heist for his position. However, Renslayer established that the Time Heist was supposed to happen while Loki's actions were not. The two continued to debate as Loki tried to use his magic and escape, though it did not work. However, seeing potential in Loki, Mobius M. Mobius tried to debate for Loki's freedom in return for his aid in kidnapping the variant they were looking for. Renslayer eventually gave in to Mobius as he escorted Loki to his office.

As Loki looked out and saw the office, the two made their introductions and made their way. Mobius showed Loki important moments in his life including his arrest with the Avengers as well as moments his main universe counterpart experienced such as the events leading up to his mother's death. As Loki tried to understand his situation, he tried to escape and managed to obtain the Tesseract, though he found multiple Infinity Stones in Casey's desk. Realizing the TVA's power, Loki was stunned, but was eventually snapped out by the Minutemen. Loki returned to the interrogation office and tried to use the TVA Holoprojector to see the rest of his life including the events of Ragnarök and his death at the hands of Thanos. B-15 found Loki, though Loki used her Time Twister to send her out of the room. Loki, realizing his purpose, sat back down as Mobius found him and told him that they needed him to track down a Loki variant. Loki decided to join Mobius and the TVA to track down the variant.[3]

Search for the Variant

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Attack on the Time-Keepers

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In Search Of Free Will

Following the Attack on the Time-Keepers, Hunter B-15 was arrested by Ravonna Renslayer for her involvement in aiding the variants. As Renslayer confronted her, B-15 demanded that Renslayer tell everyone about the truth, though Renslayer reminded her that stability was needed and wanted to know what Sylvie Laufeydottir's plans were. In truth, Renslayer also wanted to know who was in control of the TVA, though B-15 only told her that she only wanted to find them while Sylvie needed them. Leaving B-15, Renslayer called for Miss Minutes and pursued her own mission to find the true leader of the TVA, telling Miss Minuted that they were not safe.[4]

While going through her search, Mobius M. Mobius intercepted Renslayer, surprising her. Mobius confronted Renslayer as she tried to appease to him. She tried to call for backup, but Mobius, with the help of B-15 revealed that everyone in the TVA knew that the TVA was made up of variants. Renslayer argued with Mobius and continued to pack her belongings, both angry at the fact they betrayed each other. Opening a Timedoor and taking down Mobius, Renslayer told him of her mission and left.[1]

A New Leader

After the Attack on the Citadel at the End of Time, Loki was pushed by Sylvie Laufeydottir through a Timedoor back to the TVA's office. With the TVA in chaos, Loki rushed to find Mobius M. Mobius and warn him of what He Who Remains had said. Finding him alongside Hunter B-15, Loki told the two about what he and Sylvie had found at the end of time, though Mobius and B-15 did not understand him. Turning around, Loki was stunned to find a statue of one of He's variants as Mobius called for backup.[1]




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