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The Time Twister is a security device used by Time Variance Authority to control and evade their prisoners when necessary.


Used by Time Variance Authority

Hunter B-15 used a Time Twister on Loki upon his arrival to the Time Variance Authority Office. Mobius M. Mobius also used a Time Twister on Loki in the interrogation room. After Loki removed his neck collar and put it on B-15, he was able to use Mobius's Time Twister on B-15, transporting her out of the interrogation room to a hallway.[1]

Ravonna Renslayer used a Time Twister on Sylvie in the Time-Keepers chamber when Sylvie tried to confront them. When B-15 arrived and unlocked her and Loki's collars, Renslayer was unable to use the Time Twister on them.[2]

Used by He Who Remains

He Who Remains used a Time Twister on himself to evade Sylvie's attempts at killing him in the Citadel at the End of Time. He used it in the elevator, transporting himself out of it to his office, and used it again inside his office.[3]


Time Twisters works in close connection with a necklace that the Time Variance Authority puts on the wearer's neck. This allows them to return to their original position by a few seconds.

Time Twisters work also as a means of transportation, as they can send people to different locations in mere seconds.


  • In the comics, the Time-Twisters are collective of beings created by the last director of the Time Variance Authority at the end of time, assigned with the goal of improving the following time cycle. Due to a genetic defect, the Time-Twisters instead traveled backward across the timeline, destroying the Earth countless times.


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