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"The temporal singularity discovered by Cagliostro, manipulation and alteration of timelines."
Doctor Strange[src]

The Time Stone was one of the six Infinity Stones, the remnant of a singularity that predated the universe, representing the element of time. It was contained inside the Eye of Agamotto and placed under the protection of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. In 2017, Doctor Strange took possession of the Stone and used it to defeat Dormammu.

The following year, during the Infinity War, Doctor Strange relinquished the Stone to Thanos in exchange for sparing Iron Man's life. Thanos then used the Time Stone during the Battle of Wakanda to resurrect Vision after he was killed by Wanda Maximoff, in order to acquire the Mind Stone. Following the Snap, Thanos destroyed the Time Stone, along with the other Infinity Stones to prevent his work being undone.

In 2023, the Avengers initiated a Time Heist in order to resurrect the lives Thanos had claimed. Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Ant-Man were sent back in time to Battle of New York to an alternate 2012 where Hulk successfully convinced the Ancient One to relinquish the stone. Following the Battle of Earth, where Iron Man used the Stones to kill Thanos and his army at the cost of his own life, Captain America time-traveled to the alternate 2012 to return the Time Stone.



"From the dawn of the universe, there was nothing. Then... boom. The Big Bang sent six elemental crystals, hurtling across the virgin universe. These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence."

The Time Stone is a remnant of one of the six singularities which existed before the universe. After the universe came to be, the Big Bang forged the remnants of six singularities into elemental crystals, dubbed the Infinity Stones, and hurtled them across the universe. As indicated by its name, the Time Stone holds dominion over the forces of time.[2]

Masters of the Mystic Arts[]

AO Eye

The Ancient One protecting the Time Stone

"We swore an oath to protect the Time Stone with our lives."
Wong to Tony Stark[src]

The stone was found by Agamotto, Earth's first Sorcerer Supreme, who fashioned a containment device to harness its dangerous power. When Agamotto founded the Masters of the Mystic Arts, usage of the Eye became forbidden, though Cagliostro was permitted to study the artifact and eventually wrote how to control the relic in his book.[1] The Masters would subsequently swear an oath to protect the Time Stone with their lives because the Time Stone ultimately became their chief weapon against mystical forces that seek to invade and destroy earth.[2][3]

Battle of New York[]

In 2012, the Ancient One brought the Time Stone with her to New York City as she defended the New York Sanctum from the invading Chitauri.[3]

Used by Doctor Strange[]


Doctor Strange experiments with the Stone

"You weren't manipulating the space-time continuum, you were breaking it."
Karl Mordo to Doctor Strange[src]

During his training at Kamar-Taj, Doctor Strange began to read the Book of Cagliostro and learned of the Eye's full power. Seeking to push himself, Strange donned the Eye and opened it, revealing the Time Stone, first testing its power on his apple before using it to recreate the lost pages from the Book. He was halted by Wong and Karl Mordo who warned that the Eye's powers were contrary to the natural order of things and the slightest misuse could result in an endless temporal loop.[1]

Dark Dimension[]

Doctor Strange EW Screencap 01

Doctor Strange undoes Kaecilius' actions

"Just as you gave Kaecilius powers from your dimension, I've brought a little power from mine. This is time. An endless, looped time."
Doctor Strange to Dormammu[src]

When the Hong Kong Sanctum was destroyed and the Dark Dimension began assimilating Earth, Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to rewind the destructive events and save Wong only to be stopped by Kaecilius before the Sanctum could be fully restored. At wit's end, Strange flew directly into the Dark Dimension to confront Dormammu, trapping the dimensional being in a time loop that Strange would only break if Dormammu acquiesced to the human's bargain. Dormammu eventually withdrew from Earth with Strange returning the Eye to its resting place in Kamar-Taj soon after where Wong causally revealed its true nature.[1]

Infinity War[]

Attack on Greenwich Village[]

AW Trailer 2 pic 12

Doctor Strange shows off the Time Stone

"Our oath to protect the Time Stone cannot change. And this stone may be the best chance we have against Thanos."
"Yeah, so conversely, it may also be his best chance against us."
Doctor Strange and Tony Stark[src]

In 2018, Bruce Banner returned to Earth to warn the planet of Thanos' imminent arrival. After meeting Doctor Strange and Wong, the three sought out Tony Stark for his aid who simply proposed destroying the Time Stone to derail Thanos' plans, to which Wong told him of the oath to protect it while Strange postulated it might be their greatest weapon against Thanos. As the four debated which action to take, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian arrived demanding the Time Stone. While they managed to defeat Obsidian, Maw managed to abduct Strange who revealed he had placed a spell around the Time Stone so that it could only be taken from him if he wished it so.


Doctor Strange tries to use the Time Stone

Strange then attempted to use the Stone against Maw only to be overpowered and brought aboard Maw's Q-Ship. Mid-flight, the torturer attempted to force Strange into surrendering the Stone only for him to be slain by Stark and Peter Parker. Though Strange wanted to head back to Earth, Stark convinced him Thanos would follow the Time Stone wherever they took it and that fighting him on Titan, away from any innocents, was the best course of action. Strange reluctantly agreed but warned he would sacrifice them all for the Time Stone if need be.[2]

Battle of Titan[]

AIW - DoctorS (Seeing Through the Future)

Doctor Strange looking at possible futures

"That's the kind of justification our enemies use."
"Is it the one you used when you gave Thanos the Time Stone?"
"That was a war, and I did what I had to do."
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch[src]

Upon arriving at their destination, the three were met by half of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As introductions were made, Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to examine fourteen million six hundred and five possible outcomes of their inevitable battle with Thanos. In all but one, they would lose. In preparation for Thanos' arrival, Strange removed the Stone from the Eye of Agamotto and sent it to hide amongst the stars.

Ate 6940 pubStill raw4k v281

Thanos takes possession of the Time Stone

In the subsequent battle, Thanos, while impressed by Strange's mastery of the arcane, soon deduced that he had parted with the Time Stone given that he failed to use its power against the Titan. When Thanos was on the verge of killing Tony Stark, Strange bartered the Time Stone for Stark's life. Inserting it into the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos promptly took his leave to collect the Mind Stone.[2]

Battle of Wakanda[]

Thanos resurrects Vision

Thanos reverses time to bring Vision back

"To save the universe. Well, half of it."
"Did it work?"
"It did. Until the bad guy rewound time and killed you himself."
Darcy Lewis and Vision[src]

Upon arriving in Wakanda, Thanos effortlessly made his way through the resistance but was too late to stop Wanda Maximoff from destroying the Mind Stone. Unfazed, he simply used the Time Stone to resurrect Vision and recreate the Mind Stone, allowing him to complete the Gauntlet whereupon he was stabbed by a vengeful Thor. In spite of his wound, Thanos managed to use all six Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe.[2]


"I don't have the Time Stone anymore."
Doctor Strange to Peter Parker[src]

Three weeks later, Thanos destroyed all the Infinity Stones, including the Time Stone by using the Stones' powers on itself, in order to eliminate any possibility of reversing what he had done.[3]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Theft of the Time Stone[]

Eye of Agamotto (Avengers Endgame)

The Ancient One reveals the Time Stone

"If I give up the Time Stone to help your reality, I'm dooming my own."
Ancient One to Bruce Banner[src]

In 2023, the Avengers initiated a Time Heist, where they used the Quantum Realm to time travel through the Multiverse and acquire all six Infinity Stones from alternate past timelines in order to resurrect the victims of the Snap. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and Scott Lang were sent to May 4, 2012 during the Battle of New York, arriving in an alternate timeline.

As the stone was inside the Eye of Agamotto at this time, Banner arrived at the New York Sanctum to retrieve the Time Stone from |Doctor Strange. However, he encountered the Ancient One, who revealed that she was the current Sorcerer Supreme and that Strange hadn't become a sorcerer yet. Realizing that she was wearing the Eye of Agamotto which contained the Time Stone, Banner attempted to take it by force, only for him to be ejected out his body and into the Astral Dimension.

Hulk & Ancient One

Bruce Banner obtains the Time Stone

Engaging in a civil discussion, Banner insisted that the Time Stone would be returned before its absence caused any damage to the timeline, the Ancient One refused, citing that if he died and did not return the Time Stone, then the new timeline would be left defenseless against forces they would otherwise need the Time Stone to defeat before Banner revealed Strange had given up the Stone willingly. Convinced, the Ancient One surrendered the Stone to Banner.


The Time Stone is put in the Nano Gauntlet

After successfully transporting the alternate versions of the Stones to their timeline, the Time Stone was placed in the Nano Gauntlet. Using the Gauntlet, Banner harnessed the power of the six Stones to restore the victims enacting the Blip, albeit losing the ability to use his right arm.

Infinity Stones

The Time Stone is returned to 2012

The six Stones were then used by Stark to kill an alternate Thanos and his army. Afterwards, Rogers used the Quantum Realm to return the Time Stone to its timeline.[3]

Seized by the TVA[]

Infinity Stones (Loki)

Multiple Time Stones taken by the TVA

While capturing Variants and pruning timelines, the Time Variance Authority seized Infinity Stones from alternate timelines, including numerous Time Stones.[4]

Saving Christine Palmer[]

"How many nights did we sit in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Time Stone in the palm of our hand, knowing we could go back, gathering the courage? Well, I had the courage. I spent centuries, sacrificed everything for Christine."
Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]

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In Thanos' Possession[]

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Age of Ultron[]

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1602 Anomaly[]

Battle of Wakanda[]
"We were fighting a monster from the skies, armed with a golden glove. I went to strike with my shield and hit one of the stones instead."
Steve Rogers[src]

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1602 Universe[]
"It will reveal the Forerunner and send them back from whence they came. Once, you know, the prized royal stone is inserted."
Tony Stark to Captain Carter[src]

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"Temporal manipulations can create branches in time. Unstable dimensional openings. Spatial paradoxes, time loops! You want to get stuck reliving the same moment over, and over, forever, or never having existed at all?"
Karl Mordo to Doctor Strange[src]

As the Infinity Stone with absolute control over time, the Time Stone is among the most powerful artifacts in all existence. Due to its power, it can only be held by beings of exceptional superhuman ability. The sorcerer Agamotto was only able to safely harness the stone's power after encasing it in a special containment device known as the Eye of Agamotto.

When contained in a vessel such as the Eye or the Infinity Gauntlet, the Stone's power manifests as green runes of energy surrounding the user's arm and wrist. Manipulation of time then occurs primarily through the conjuration of a green, circular mandala of energy in the user's hand. The mandala acts as a rudimentary "dial", and the manual turning of the mandala with the user's hand enables them to "scroll" both backwards and forwards through time.

Through manipulation of the mandala, the user is able to physically control and redirect the flow of time, and can specifically select the exact area to manipulate without affecting those outside its selected range. The stone can alter targets as small as an apple or as wide in scope as the timeline of the universe, to the point where Doctor Strange used the Stone to reverse the destruction of the Hong Kong Sanctum before it was consumed by the Dark Dimension, while specifically subtracting himself, Mordo and Wong from its effects.

Due to the selective nature of the Time Stone's power, it could be used to individually alter the timeline of individual objects or events, reversing them to a previous state or sending the object forward into a future state. This occurs regardless of any potential breaches in causality - when Doctor Strange practiced the use of the Stone on a half-eaten apple, sending it forward in time, the apple converted to a fully-eaten, moldy state, despite Strange never physically eating the entire apple afterwards. This implies that the Stone could send objects forward to a potential future state that does not necessarily have to occur in the current timeline.

Notably, this disregard for causality also allows for the spontaneous formation or erasure of matter in order to conform with the established timeline. As shown when Strange reconstructed the torn pages of the Book of Cagliostro, duplicates of the pages reconstituted from thin air, without the actual pages, or the one who currently possessed them being physically present, although it quickly vanished after Strange stopped using it as it was not real and only a copy. When reversing the flow of time around the half-eaten apple, the Stone reconstituted the eaten parts of the apple with no ill effects to Strange himself.[1]

When added to the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos displays a strong level of mastery and familiarity with the Stone's capabilities, as he was able to harness its unique energy interface to reverse the destruction of the Mind Stone and death of Vision at the hands of Wanda Maximoff without affecting Maximoff herself. He was also able to perfectly recreate the Mind Stone rather than only making a copy of it, as the Mind Stone retained all its powers, showing that a sufficiently proficient and knowledgeable wielder can truly recreate even extremely powerful objects that were completely destroyed. This can be attributed to Thanos' skill being considerably more advanced than Strange due to having extensively researched the Infinity Stones for centuries and thus understanding the Time Stone's powers and workings more than Strange ever did.

Even then, the Time Stone's control over causality and probability can easily prove too much for anyone who does not have the required knowledge and ability to use it, potentially resulting in the user's death and a danger to the natural order. Misuse of the Stone's abilities could potentially result in unstable openings and breaks in the space-time continuum, spatial paradoxes, time loops, or even risk completely erasing the user from existence.

However, this can be used to the wielder's advantage - the Stone can be used to deliberately loop segments of time through the formation of a literal energy loop over the wielder's wrist. Upon the wielder's death, the timeline will revert to the initial formation of the energy loop, allowing the wielder to begin a new iteration with the memory of all previous timelines. This was used by Doctor Strange during the Skirmish in the Dark Dimension[1] and before the Battle of Titan.[2][9]

Notably, beings from, or that draw power from, the Dark Dimension, a universe without time, are to an extent, immune to the effects of the Time Stone. The Zealots were able to use their powers to subtract themselves from the reversal of the Hong Kong Sanctum's destruction in order to duel Strange and Mordo, and Dormammu himself retained his memory and awareness between iterations of Strange's time loop.

After the Infinity Gauntlet was completed, the power of the Time Stone combined with the other Stones allowed Thanos to wipe out half of all life in the universe with a single snap of his fingers.[2]


  • In the comics, the orange Time Gem manipulates time, can amplify or reverse aging, and allows the user to see, travel into, and/or change the past or the future. After the multiverse was recreated from its destruction in the 2015 Secret Wars, the recreated Time Stone was green as it is depicted in the films.
  • The Time Stone is the only one of the six Infinity Stones to project a Tao Mandala-shaped light when used, regardless of the user being a Master of the Mystic Arts or not.
  • Loki is the only character that has physically touched the Time Stone, as it was usually guarded by a force field when being held.[4][10]
  • The Reality Stone and the Time Stone were the only Stones that Thanos got in the exact order they were introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War. The Reality Stone was the third Stone to be introduced (after the Space Stone and the Mind Stone) and the third Stone that Thanos got (after the Power Stone and the Space Stone). The Time Stone was the fifth Stone to be introduced (after the Space Stone, the Mind Stone, the Reality Stone and the Power Stone) and the fifth Stone that Thanos got (after the Power Stone, the Space Stone, the Reality Stone and the Soul Stone).


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