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The Time Stick[1] is a weapon used by the Time Variance Authority to incapacitate and/or prune Variants.


Multiversal War

He Who Remains and his Variants used Time Sticks to fight against each other during the Multiversal War.[2]

Time Variance Authority

The Time Stick is used as the main weapon for the TVA's primary line of defense.[3]


The baton is capable of altering a target's flow of time. Loki was forced into 1/16th speed so a Time Variance Authority unit could apply a chronokinetic collar to him. The baton can also quickly disintegrate a target, whether organic or inorganic, in order to "prune" it to get rid of any Variants. The targets are then transported into a location known as the Void.

It seems to be collapsible, as it can lengthen to a longer bladed staff-like shape.

The baton was able to disintegrate the Infinity Stones inside Casey's filing cabinet when Hunter B-15 attempted to prune Loki.



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