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"A fully functioning Time-Space GPS."
Tony Stark[src]

A Time-Space GPS is a device created by Tony Stark that allows its wielder to safely and accurately navigate through time and space using the Quantum Realm.



After Scott Lang therefore proposed a theory that it may be possible to navigate through the Quantum Realm in such a way that you enter it at one point in time, but exit it in another, most notably, in the past, before Thanos, Lang, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff therefore seek help from Tony Stark. He was proposed a plan, a so-called "Time Heist", that would involve traveling to the past to recover all six Infinity Stones, bring them back to the present and snapping their own fingers to bring back all of the vanished. Stark, however, argued that there existed no way to execute such time heist and that attempting it would most likely not be possible to survive, disregarding Scott's escape from the Quantum Realm as mere luck of astronomically low chances.

Tony Stark shows off his new Time-Space GPS

Later that day, however, Stark came across a photo of him with Peter Parker, which prompted him to try to find a way to time travel, although he didn't have high hopes. To his shock and surprise, he succeeded. Some time later, Stark met with Rogers, who was disappointed with a recent time travel test lead by Bruce Banner. Stark explained that they had run into the EPR Paradox. He then pulls out his new Time-Space GPS, which fixes such a problem.[1]

Time Heist

Hawkeye uses the Time-Space GPS

The Avengers then got to work and created a new Quantum Tunnel and special Advanced Tech Suits, which, thanks to their nano tech structure, could be housed inside of the GPS and deployed from there. To make sure that the plan could actually be executed, Clint Barton volunteered to be the subject of a test run. He used the GPS to transport him to his home in an alternate timeline and be transported back to the main timeline.

After the Time-Space GPS's success, the Avengers planned the Time Heist and entered the Quantum Realm. They then used the Time-Space GPS to travel to their designated locations in alternate timelines and retrieve the Infinity Stones. However, in an alternate 2014 timeline on Morag, Nebula became unable to use the Time-Space GPS and was captured by an alternate Thanos, who gave an alternate Nebula the Time-Space GPS to return in Nebula's place. By doing so, alternate Thanos was able to travel the Realm to the main timeline and attack the Avengers.

Later on, Steve Rogers used the Time-Space GPS to return the Infinity Stones and Mjølnir to their designated timelines.[1]


  • Time Travel: The Time-Space GPS is a wrist gadget which allows for accurate displacement through time and space. The user inputs the date and location they wish to visit, then the nanotech Advanced Tech Suit housed inside materializes around the wearer's outfit. The user is then shrunk down using Pym Particles, enters the Quantum Realm, is navigated through it by the GPS and emerges in their requested destination.


Original on-set version of the Time-Space GPS

  • Every Time-Space GPS was completely CGI and had a different design from the stand-in device used during filming that resembled more a watch and was strapped around the hand.


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