"You want a room?"
"I don't suppose you got a bathroom back there I could use, do you, Debbie?"
"No, we don't. But there's all the facilities you might need in the rooms if you rent one. That's what we do here."
Debbie and Amy Bendix[src]

The Tides Motel is the motel located in Larkville, Ohio.


"You're gonna try and get some sleep?"
"Okay, well, I'm gonna wake you up. And I'm gonna wake up everybody else in this motel, too."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

Running from Marlena Olin's mercenaries, Frank Castle and Amy Bendix drove out of Michigan and eventually crossed the state line into Ohio. At Bendix's insistence, Castle stopped at the Tides Motel in Larkville to rest. Giving her some blood-covered money, Castle said Bendix to speak with Debbie and book a room for them. Settling in, Castle went to the bathroom to patch himself up. Seeing that he had been shot in the buttocks during the fight, Castle asked for Bendix's help to remove the bullet and stitch the wound.

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Amy Bendix discusses the recent events with Frank Castle

Having driven all night, Castle then decided to get some sleep, but not before tying Bendix to the bed to prevent her from leaving and gagging her with duck tape. Later, Castle demanded Bendix to told him why she was being hunted, though Bendix refused to talk, even after Castle found some suspicious film canisters in her pocket.

Knowing more mercenaries would be upon them soon, Castle tied Bendix back to the bed and went to ask Debbie for an extra room across from their current one. She begrudgingly agreed, but charged him extra for it, to his irritation. Returning to his room, Bendix questioned Castle's motives, but he simply grabbed a crowbar, opened the closet, and began punching a hole into the second room.

At night, Olin led Davy and another crew of mercenaries at the Tides Motel. Preparing for an ambush, Castle and Bendix covered in a hole to another room that Castle made beforehand. While Davy covered his allies from the car, three mercenaries broke into Castle's room, shooting up all places where their targets could hide. However, Castle's cover was not discovered, as he managed to kill hostiles with the single shots.

While Bendix stayed in the room, Castle emerged into the gunfight with Davy who was armed with a rifle, killing him after several unsuccessful attempts. As shootout ended, Olin attacked Bendix, however, she was knocked down by Castle. Castle and Bendix put the unconscious Olin in the van to interrogate her later, but she suddenly woke up and managed to grab Castle's gun, shooting him in the arm. Castle shot her in the leg and attempted to force Olin to talk.

However, Bendix took her opportunity to steal Castle's van and run away, leaving him with Olin behind. However, Larkville Police Department officers, called by Debbie, arrived at the hotel and put Bendix, Castle, and Olin under custody and brought them to the Larkville County Sheriff Station.[1]


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