"Are you speaking for the Council or for yourself?"
"I am speaking for you, for your well-being."
Maximus and Tibor[src]

Tibor was the new head of Attilan's Genetic Council, following the execution of Kitang during Maximus' coup against his brother. Disillusioned with Maximus' plan of undergoing a second Terrigenesis and willingness to sacrifice Inhumans in the process, Tibor joined a conspiracy against Maximus, which led to his execution by the new King of Attilan.


Early Life

"You, like everyone else, abandoned me. No one had become a Human before. But you were my friend! And I was all alone."
Maximus to Tibor[src]

Tibor used to be a good friend of Prince Maximus in their youth. However, once both underwent Terrigenesis and Maximus was left with no power while Tbor was granted a seat in the Genetic Council, Tibor distanced himself from Maximus and their friendship withered.[1]

A Former Friend as King

"You were my friend! And I was all alone."
"And I'm still your... Your friend."
"For how long this time? Time will tell, won't it? It always does."
Maximus and Tibor[src]

Once Maximus ascended to the throne of Attilan after the exile of the Inhuman Royal Family, Tibor was summoned by the new King of Attilan along with the rest of the Genetic Council. Maximus instructed Tibor to issue a new decree putting an end to Attilan's caste system. Although Tibor advised Maximus against it, the King insisted and claimed that he had the support of Princess Crystal.

Maximus Tibor MWFM

Maximus confronts Tibor about his betrayal

Crystal joined the throne room and prepared to make her statement to the Genetic Council. While Tibor watched, however, Crystal publicly disavowed her brother-in-law and fled Attilan thanks to Lockjaw.[2] Tibor later discussed Crystal's escape with Maximus, but the conversation quickly went about how Tibor forsake his friendship with Maximus. Although Tibor claimed to still be Maximus' friend, Maximus doubted it and choked Tibor against a wall before leaving in anger while Tibor heavily breathed.[1]

Maximus' True Motive

Genetic Council MWFM

Tibor learns Maximus' plan

"Can you forgive me for betraying you when we were younger?"
"I always thought forgiveness was overrated."
―Tibor and Maximus[src]

Tibor was later summoned again in the throne room by Maximus with the rest of the Genetic Council. There, Maximus explained his plan of splicing his DNA and inserting whatever genes could enable him to undergo a second Terrigenesis. Tibor advised Maximus against it and argued that the process was too dangerous to try, but Maximus requested that Tibor proved his loyalty to him in response.

To fulfill Maximus' wish, Tibor tried to convince his fellow members of the Genetic Council to obey Maximus. However, Maximus felt that the Genetic Council would always hinder him and decided to execute its remaining members, only sparing Tibor. After learning about Maximus' actions, Tibor asked for his forgiveness for having abandoned him, but Maximus only answered that he considered forgiveness to be overrated.[1]


I105 Maximus ordering conscription

Tibor meets Maximus in the Inhuman Royal Palace's Control Room

"Forgive me, but some Inhumans might wonder if this is for the good of Attilan or for the good of Maximus."
"What? How dare you suggest that this was all for me."
"I'm speaking to you as a friend."
"I don't need friends who constantly tear down my plans. Go."
―Tibor and Attilan[src]

Due to Auran's repeated failures at capturing and killing the Inhuman Royal Family, Tibor was ordered by Maximus to recruit more Inhumans among the population of Attilan to be sent to Earth. Although Tibor told Maximus that this was not the freedom the people expected, he agreed to follow Maximus' commands. Tibor identified several Inhumans among the lower castes, including Loyolis.

Tibor Maximus Conscription

Tibor reports the results of the conscription

Tibor reported to Maximus and informed him that his decision had brought discontent among the people, who started to doubt Maximus was really acting in their best interest. Infuriated, Maximus ordered Tibor to leave.[3]

Conspiring Against Maximus

"He's sending us off to Earth to die one by one. If we don't act soon, there won't be any of us left. Maximus must die."
―Tibor to the Rebel Leader[src]

As he was walking down the palace's corridors, Tibor was found by several Attilan Royal Guards. He feared that they had been sent by Maximus to arrest him for having expressed doubts about the King. However, it turned out that they were actually rebels who were plotting against Maximus and requested Tibor's assistance for their plan.[3]

Tibor Conspiracy

Tibor conspires against Maximus

Tibor attended the departure of the reinforcements sent to Auran. He tried to warn Maximus about the danger of sending miners to fight against the Inhuman Royal Family, but Maximus showed little concern, stating that if the Inhumans died, all he would have to do is send more. Tibor left and informed the rebel leader that Maximus was willing to sacrifice all Attilan to remain in power. He insisted that Maximus had to die, although killing him would be difficult as Maximus was always surrounded by guards.

In an attempt to have an occasion to kill Maximus, Tibor informed him about the rumors of a conspiracy against him and that he and Maximus should handle it on their own.[4]


Maximus Executes Tibor

Tibor is executed by Maximus

"You will fail."
"You came after a King!"
―Tibor and Maximus[src]

Maximus ultimately discovered the conspiracy against him and that Tibor had a role in it. He captured Tibor in Attilan's Control Room and had the other conspirators come as well and drop their weapons. When Tibor claimed that Maximus' reign would eventually collapse, Maximus angrily executed Tibor by slicing his throat.[4]


"I'm not sure I would have been able to maintain my composure if my family had disgraced me so publicly. But that is why you are you, and I am simply a member of the Genetic Council."
―Tibor to Maximus[src]

Although he was a close friend to Maximus, Tibor shared the prejudices of his fellow Inhumans towards the Humans. Thus, when Maximus became a Human after his Terrigenesis, Tibor's prejudices and loyalty to Attilan's caste system became stronger than his friendship and he eventually distanced himself from Maximus. Once his friend became King, however, Tibor tried to redeem himself and asked for Maximus' forgiveness. Tibor also tried to resume their past friendship by calling his by his name, but quickly changed his ways as Maximus insisted on being called King.

Despite this, Tibor was not a blind and compliant follower. When he discovered Maximus' true motives and saw Maximus being ready to sacrifice everyone to fulfill his plans, Tibor chose to turn against his former friend and joined the conspiracy against him, claiming that Maximus had to die.

Powers and Abilities


Tibor is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.





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