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"Can you believe we met in Paris? I was on a little bit of a go-find-myself break. And, Davos, you were-"
"I was on my way back from Tibet."
Joy Meachum and Davos[src]

The Tibet Autonomous Region, also referred as Tibet, is an autonomous province of the People's Republic of China.


Wartime Stories

In 1946, during a mission in Belarus with some of his fellow Howling Commandos and the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Peggy Carter asked Junior Juniper if he saw an abominable snowman like the one in Tibet, and Juniper stated that he never said he saw an "abominable snowman". Pinky Pinkerton explained that Juniper specified he saw a "yeti", though Dum Dum Dugan laughed saying that it was hard to understand Juniper while he was sobbing.

Jack Thompson asked the difference between a yeti and an abominable snowman, and Juniper said that one was real and the other was not, making the rest laugh.[1]



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