The Threshers were large bladed wheel-like vehicles used by the Black Order during the Battle of Wakanda.


Battle of Wakanda

Proxima Midnight ordered the deployment of the Threshers from the Outrider Dropships in order to draw the Scarlet Witch onto the battlefield. The Threshers ripped through the Wakandan forces, causing them to fall back. Their appearance on the battlefield forced War Machine, Falcon and a squadron of Dragon Flyers to divert their firepower against the Threshers. Subsequently, as a second wave of Threshers was about to run over Black Widow and Okoye, the Scarlet Witch intervened and telekinetically threw the Threshers onto a group of oncoming Outriders.

As Corvus Glaive was attacking Vision, Scarlet Witch was cornered by Proxima Midnight, but was aided by Black Widow and Okoye. Together, they were able to hold back Midnight until Maximoff was able to telekinetically throw her into the path of an oncoming Thresher, killing Midnight. The remaining Threshers were eventually destroyed by the end of the battle.[1]


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