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    01:33, July 20, 2019

    How do you add pictures to a page and select exactly where they go. I was doing work to the Att-Lass page, and the picture could only appear below the infobox. I can't place it near the information.

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    • Well, sometimes with images, they display directly under the infobox when there isn't enough content on the page. In cases like this, it is best to alter the image's orientation to the "left", so it is on the opposite side of the infobox. That can be done by using this text:

      This example: [[File:Hala (1995).png|thumb|250px|left|Skrull propaganda spread around [[Hala]]]]

      Outputs this:

      Hala (1995)

      Skrull propaganda spread around Hala

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