I need an admin's input on this.

    The argument is to figure out the name for the unnamed air-based Elemental in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is never seen, or given an official name, other than "Air Elemental" and "Air" (I for one would know this, because I've watched the movie). Our proposal (myself and TheRadion) was, in accordance with the Naming Policy, to name the article "Air Elemental", since it is conjecture and it is given no other name, because the Air Elemental is never credited with a name, such as Whirlwind, Cyclone or Zephyr.

    The opposing side of the argument (made up currently as of right now, TreeForceLightningTurbo) is to rename the article to Cyclone, in homage to the comic counterpart; while this would make sense as it would be in tandem with the rest of the Elemental articles, doing this would actually be illogical, since - like I said earlier - that name was never given to the Air Elemental in the movie or in promotional material.

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    • I'm just suggesting, but it's possible that the Elemental Air is based on Cyclone because the other 3 Elementals are based on Spidey's enemies and as New Rockstars demonstrates at 19:14:

      In addition to a reference to Molten- Man, the Plate TASM 143 is an illusion to a comic book where Spidey confronts Cyclone, demonstrating that it served as inspiration for the creation of Air Elemental on the part of production.

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    • While that may be so, the argument is for whether or not the Air Elemental is Cyclone, i.e if that's his official name.

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    • God are we still going on about this, it was only called air by mysterio when he was explaining how they formed in black holes, heck the air elemental wasn't even shown it was mentioned to have attacked Morocco and the one in London was th elemental fusion

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    • ...yes, that has already been established.

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