• Hey there :)

    Sorry for the back and forth. Let's just discuss it here:

    As far as I understand, Victoria Alonso confirmed that the bartender cameo was the same role. Could you explain why this is not true or how you know it's disproven?

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    • This has already been discussed, this is not sufficient evidence to suggest that it's the same character.

      Alonso would not be the one deciding to add a cameo for Blackout in Captain Marvel, the timeline doesn't make sense in terms of his age, and her comment was vague at best, it reads to me more that she's surprised that anyone noticed that Brennan appeared in both.

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    • Okay, no problem. That makes sense to me.

      Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry for the confusion.

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    • No worries at all. Thank you for coming to me for confirmation.

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    • You're welcome. Obviously, I only intended to add new information but I understand that we need better confirmation than that.

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