• Hi. I know you are probably not an expert on time travel but can you try to answer a few questions I have about Endgame?

    1. When the Avengers use the stones in the present, they are all in their original solidified forms. But right before the Avengers returned to 2023 with the exception of Natasha Romanoff, the stones, such as Tesseract, Aether, Orb, and Scepter were all seen containing the Infinity Stones. When Steve Rogers returned the stones, how did he place the stones into their original containment units, such as the Mind Stone into the Scepter, the Power Stone into the Orb, the Space Stone into the Tesseract and the Reality Stone back into the Aether. Or did the film show the Avengers actually extracting the stones from their containment units and putting them back. 

    2. How did Steve liquify the Reality Stone into the Aether and place it back into Foster's body? 3. Is Red Skull in the current timeline free or is he still cursed to be the stone's guardian? 

    4. Since both 2018 and 2014 Thanos died, is he gone for good and does his death in the future make the events of Infinity War irrelevant, or does he still exist in an alternate timeline? 

    5. In the new 2014 timeline, did Ronan never meet Thanos and plot his revenge on Xandar?

    6. Since Loki stole the Tesseract, does that technically mean that all the events from 2012 leading up to Infinity War, such as the Destruction of Asgard never happened?

    7. Shortly before the Battle of Morag, weren't Gamora and Nebula both on Ronan's ship instead of being on Thanos's? And wasn't Korath behind Star-Lord on Morag around the time War Machine and Nebula stole the Orb?

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